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Thank you to all the SYO helpers, pupils, parents and teachers who have supported the league so far this year, we have seen great turnouts at all the events so far.

The current overall standings are below.  School team results at the top, scroll down for individual results.

Orienteering in Schools

How can South Yorkshire Orienteers help set up orienteering in your school?


Many schools in Sheffield already have an orienteering map of their school grounds. SYO will track down any existing map. 

We can also update an existing map for £50, or create a brand new map for £150.

Permanent Course and Scheme of Work

We can set up a permanent course in your school grounds.


  • Install 26 Permanent Markers
  • Scheme of work (emailed zip file) containing 16 session plans and all related resources, maps and courses.
  • Providing instructions on using the course.

This package costs £200.


We can provide coaching in school time or after school. A 2hr session, using the latest electronic timing equipment, is £50. We would expect the school to have a teacher present so that the same lesson could be replicated by the school itself on future occasions.

Staff Training

We can provide training for staff. A two hour twilight session for up to 20 staff would cost £125. A full day Teaching Orienteering course for up to 14 staff is £200 plus £25 per person for a certificate of attendance and resource CD.

For more details contact Colin Best (0114 230 2621) or Pauline Tryner (07901 912 113).  Alternatively email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Schools League Results 2013/14

The 8 events in the 2013-2014 league are over. Thank you to all the SYO helpers, pupils, parents and teachers who have supported the league this year through some wild weather. Without you there would be no schools league. It has been rewarding seeing many competitors grow in confidence & independence since the first race last September.  We look forward to welcoming you back next school year.

Presentations will be made at the Graves Park YHOA Schools Championships Event, Saturday 28th June to the schools and competitors named below.

School Registration

If you have already registered, either online or at an event you can download entry forms that can be used at subsequent events:

Registration ID (e.g. 1123)

Online registration is closed for the Millhouses event but you can turn-up on the day and register