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Schools League Results 2018/19

Thank you to all the SYO helpers, pupils, parents and teachers who have supported the league so far this year, we have seen great turnouts at all the events so far.

The current overall standings are below.  School team results at the top followed by year group teams and then individual results.

School Team League

Scores from all 9 events count for the overall schools competition.


 SchoolPointsEventsEndcliffe ParkMeersbrook ParkEcclesallLimb ValleyBotanical Gardens
1Nethergreen Junior19885398399397398396
3Hunters Bar Junior19735389397396395396
11Woodseats Primary13734 322355362334
14Stocksbridge Junior9395188191190182188
16Home Schooled7765304250628377
17St Marys7704 192192192194
18St Marys (Chesterfield)767515117017486186
19Sacred Heart730595959698346
23Carfield6153 367 16088
24St Wilfrids5993367 74 158
25Bradway5583 74 157327
26Sheffield High School48959798979998
27Broomhill Infants477469166 97145
28Wharncliffe Side4554 858892190
29Totley All Saints3533194 6693 
30St Maries345373  18488
31Dore3374848783 83
32Porter Croft2682185   83
33Birkdale2662 92  174
34Totley Primary2323628684  
35Walkley2211   221 
36DOVEHOL1721   172 
37Upperthorpe1642  8282 
38Grindleford1551 155   
39Holt House14827276   
40St Michaels (Hathersage)951   95 
41Low Edges92192    
42Westbourne851    85
43=Kiveton Park Meadows81181    
43=St Thomas811 81   
45Brookhouse781    78
46Ridgeway Primary70170    
47Pye Bank69169    


 SchoolPointsEventsEndcliffe ParkMeersbrook ParkEcclesallLimb ValleyBotanical Gardens
1High Storrs20005400400400400400
2Notre Dame19805397394395398396
7Aston Academy9375184186189190188
8Sheffield High School869510099198189283
9King Edwards851418319398 377
11King Ecgberts389319697  96
12Bradfield3824939697 96
13Home Schooled3003100100  100
14Hallam2823  959394
15Hunters Bar Junior27739193  93
16All Saints High School1882 9494  
17Newfield1862 92 94 
18=Hope Valley College1851  185  
18=Handsworth1852 91 94 
20Dobcroft961 96   
21Nethergreen Junior951   95 
22Carfield941    94
23=Grindleford931 93   
23=Meadowhead Academy93193    
25Carterknowle911  91  
26=Eckington Comp90190    
26=St Thomas901 90   
28Wharncliffe Side891    89
29Shooters Grove Primary881 88   
30Stocksbridge High School871    87

Year Group League

3 to count in each race with the best 5 scores from the 9 events counting for the league (shown in bold).

Primary G4

 SchoolPointsEventsEndcliffe ParkMeersbrook ParkEcclesallLimb ValleyBotanical Gardens
2Hunters Bar Junior11775253240243190251
6Nethergreen Junior7334279264 9397
7Greystones6603164  258238
8Sacred Heart570595959698186
9Lydgate5254 1699197168
10Westways45446321489 88
11Wharncliffe Side3614 85889296
12Grenoside2963 10097 99
13Mundella25137679 96 
14Carterknowle2332  78155 
16Walkley1501   150 
17Holt House14827276   
18Bradway1462 74  72
19Carfield1452 70 75 
20Porter Croft92192    
21Home Schooled81181    
22DOVEHOL801   80 
23St Wilfrids741  74  
24Ridgeway Primary70170    
25Pye Bank69169    
26Grindleford661 66   

Primary B4

 SchoolPointsEventsEndcliffe ParkMeersbrook ParkEcclesallLimb ValleyBotanical Gardens
1Nethergreen Junior13955290264284279278
3Hunters Bar Junior12265270241263234218
6Dobcroft6824219235128 100
7Ecclesall6633234  185244
9Home Schooled4925116154628377
10Lydgate48647191 75249
11Broomhill Infants477469166 97145
12Greystones463415197 76139
13St Marys (Chesterfield)39656377798691
14St Marys3824 95969497
16Woodseats Primary3254 761196664
18St Wilfrids2502184   66
19Bradway2372   15780
20Totley Primary2323628684  
21Carfield1732   8588
22Upperthorpe1642  8282 
23=Carterknowle162291 71  
23=St Maries162273  89 
25Hathersage1472  6879 
26St Michaels (Hathersage)951   95 
27Wharncliffe Side941    94
28Birkdale921 92   
29Dore831  83  
30=Kiveton Park Meadows81181    
30=St Thomas811 81   
33Brookhouse781    78
34Sacred Heart731    73
35Walkley711   71 
36Totley All Saints661  66  

Primary G5

 SchoolPointsEventsEndcliffe ParkMeersbrook ParkEcclesallLimb ValleyBotanical Gardens
1Hunters Bar Junior14575292294292292287
2Nethergreen Junior6303267270  93
3Abbeylane51942489196 84
4Greystones514325583  176
5Sheffield High School48959798979998
6Stocksbridge Junior46959392949694
7St Marys (Chesterfield)3714889395 95
8Hallam364387 98 179
9Lydgate29039697 97 
10Hathersage28239984  99
11Woodseats Primary2683  919285
12St Maries1832   9588
14Carfield1771 177   
15Ecclesall921    92
16=Dobcroft871 87   
16=Sacred Heart871    87
18Porter Croft831    83

Primary B5

 SchoolPointsEventsEndcliffe ParkMeersbrook ParkEcclesallLimb ValleyBotanical Gardens
1Nethergreen Junior14725297294294293294
2Hunters Bar Junior12095183184276286280
3Dobcroft756427394194 195
5Stocksbridge Junior47059599968694
8Oughtibridge26338890 85 
9Dore25438487  83
10Abbeylane1782 85 93 
11Hallam1761    176
13Carfield971 97   
14St Wilfrids91191    
15=Grindleford891 89   
17Birkdale861    86
18Westbourne851    85
19Bradway841    84

Primary G6

 SchoolPointsEventsEndcliffe ParkMeersbrook ParkEcclesallLimb ValleyBotanical Gardens
2Hunters Bar Junior7775962919919299
4Nethergreen Junior662490 28319297
5Oughtibridge47341829697 98
6Hathersage3862   195191
7Ecclesall368489 959193
8St Wilfrids179287   92
10Westways951 95   
11=Porter Croft93193    
11=Totley All Saints931   93 
13=DOVEHOL921   92 
13=Low Edges92192    

Primary B6

 SchoolPointsEventsEndcliffe ParkMeersbrook ParkEcclesallLimb ValleyBotanical Gardens
1Nethergreen Junior11565195291195193282
2Hunters Bar Junior11305269183195191292
3Woodseats Primary10294 246264270249
4Westways8084173179187 269
7St Marys3884 97969897
9Dobcroft270381 89100 
10Home Schooled260216496   
11Totley All Saints1941194    
12St Wilfrids1891189    
14Hallam1712 86  85
15Carfield931 93   
16Bradway911    91
17Birkdale881    88

Secondary G7

 SchoolPointsEventsEndcliffe ParkMeersbrook ParkEcclesallLimb ValleyBotanical Gardens
1High Storrs14805297297294296296
2Silverdale4783  19694188
3Mercia294397  9899
4King Edwards27238795  90
5Hallam1882  9593 
6Notre Dame18629492   
7Sheffield High School1782   9286
8Dobcroft961 96   
9Nethergreen Junior951   95 
10Carfield941    94
11=Hunters Bar Junior931 93   
11=Meadowhead Academy93193    
13=Eckington Comp90190    
13=St Thomas901 90   
15Wharncliffe Side891    89
17Stocksbridge High School871    87

Secondary B7

 SchoolPointsEventsEndcliffe ParkMeersbrook ParkEcclesallLimb ValleyBotanical Gardens
1High Storrs14645296292286295295
2Aston Academy46158992959392
3Birkdale3954 99989999
5Bradfield3824939697 96
6Notre Dame37031829494  
7King Edwards285296   189
8=Hope Valley College1851  185  
8=Handsworth1852 91 94 
11Hunters Bar Junior931    93
12=Carterknowle911  91  
12=Silverdale911    91
14Shooters Grove Primary881 88   

Secondary G8/9

 SchoolPointsEventsEndcliffe ParkMeersbrook ParkEcclesallLimb ValleyBotanical Gardens
1Tapton10674293191 289294
2Notre Dame976529119719719695
3High Storrs79159919899197198
4Sheffield High School69151009919897197
5King Edwards981    98
6Hallam941    94

Secondary B8/9

 SchoolPointsEventsEndcliffe ParkMeersbrook ParkEcclesallLimb ValleyBotanical Gardens
1High Storrs14935298299298299299
4Aston Academy47659594949796
5Tapton4722193   279
6Notre Dame385495 979697
7King Ecgberts28939697  96
8King Edwards1962 9898  
9Penistone1891  189  
10All Saints High School1882 9494  
11Newfield1862 92 94 
12Grindleford931 93   
13Hunters Bar Junior91191    

Secondary G10/11

 SchoolPointsEventsEndcliffe ParkMeersbrook ParkEcclesallLimb ValleyBotanical Gardens
1High Storrs6965100100100199197
2Home Schooled3003100100  100
3Notre Dame2973  9998100

Secondary B10/11

 SchoolPointsEventsEndcliffe ParkMeersbrook ParkEcclesallLimb ValleyBotanical Gardens
2Notre Dame4955100979910099
3Tapton3993 199100 100
4High Storrs38949993 9998
5King Ecgberts1001100    

Secondary G12

 SchoolPointsEventsEndcliffe ParkMeersbrook ParkEcclesallLimb ValleyBotanical Gardens
1Notre Dame4004100100 100100

Secondary B12

 SchoolPointsEventsEndcliffe ParkMeersbrook ParkEcclesallLimb ValleyBotanical Gardens
1Silverdale2002   100100

Individual League

The best 5 scores from the 9 events count (shown in bold).

Year 4 Girls - White Course

 NameSchoolPointsEventsEndcliffe ParkMeersbrook ParkEcclesallLimb ValleyBotanical Gardens
1=Imogen BoultonEcclesall484510093989598
1=Matilda EmmettSacred Heart484595959698100
3Abigale HowsamAbbeylane43857590929487
4Amisha WatkinsonDobcroft377491989989 
5Sophie BackhouseWharncliffe Side3614 85889296
6Harriet HamiltonLydgate3574 86919783
7Sophie HowsamAbbeylane3504 91868192
8Hannah BendreyDobcroft3494859494 76
9Naomi RobinsonAbbeylane3464 78908890
10Isabelle DiaconDobcroft327471878782 
11Esme CraggsHunters Bar Junior3264946873 91
12Grace RobinsonAbbeylane3004 77717280
13Georgina ThomasDobcroft29839999100  
14Imogen RobinsonAbbeylane2974 75727179
15Olivia SmithGrenoside2963 10097 99
16Imogen LilleyAbbeylane2663 9279 95
17Paige StottWestways2574mp8089 88
18Lucy-Laura MillerHunters Bar Junior2503 8477 89
19Daisy AdamsGreystones249384  8481
20Iris JefferiesHunters Bar Junior241366 8491 
21Alice BendreyDobcroft240382 84 74
22Naomi ShearnDobcroft1932  93100 
23Matilda WainwrightNethergreen Junior1902   9397
24Ella HinchliffeNethergreen Junior18829197   
25Bethany PeachNethergreen Junior18528996   
26Madeleine DiaconDobcroft1844mp8995mp 
27Jasmine RiversAbbeylane1752  80 95
28Polly TaylorGreystones1692   8584
29Sophie MorganDobcroft1672 8186  
30Ada LindenstruthGreystones166280  86 
31=Maisie CoatesHallam1652   8382
31=Isabel OliverHallam1652  7590 
33Alice GreenHallam164283 81  
34Isobelle ProctorCarterknowle1551   77 
35Megan ParnellDobcroft14927772   
36Aneesa ChowdhoryHolt House14827276   
37Hannah GoodwillBradway1462 74  72
38Eliza BrookNethergreen Junior13926871   
39Anna HoltWestways12826365   
40=Flora FarrantNethergreen Junior99199    
40=Eva CologneHunters Bar Junior991   99 
42Libby HortonDobcroft97197    
43=Katherine MeddDobcroft96196    
43=Sophia SpeedMundella962  mp96 
45=Holly BrittDobcroft93193    
45=Katie KiddEcclesall931    93
47Iris BaxterPorter Croft92192    
48=Maya KothariHunters Bar Junior881 88   
48=Ilana AndersonNethergreen Junior88188    
50=Beatrice BurtonGreystones871   87 
50=Eva SmithHallam87187    
52=Sibeal HolmesSacred Heart861    86
52=Hermione PenmanHunters Bar Junior86186    
54Imogen KempLydgate851    85
55Eva WaltonLydgate831 83   
56=Isla NortonHunters Bar Junior821  82  
56=Iris KingDobcroft821 82   
58Poppy EastHome Schooled81181    
59Connie GoswellDOVEHOL801   80 
60=Emily FinlayEcclesall791   79 
60=Phoebe StanleyMundella791 79   
60=Lily SimsOughtibridge79179    
63=Isla BarronCarterknowle781  78  
63=Esther AndrewsEcclesall781    78
63=Lucy AshtonOughtibridge78178    
66Saffron HammonDobcroft771    77
67=Isla CraigHallam761  76  
67=Esther LawWalkley761   76 
67=Carys RistMundella76176    
70=Amelie NobregaHallam751    75
70=Erin GrimesCarfield751   75 
72=Lucy HomeSt Wilfrids741  74  
72=Milena OrmandyDobcroft74174    
72=Bethan LawWalkley741   74 
75=Daisy ArblasterHallam731 73   
75=Juliet OakleyHunters Bar Junior73173    
75=Stella ScottAbbeylane731   73 
75=Karin MiyamotoGreystones731    73
79Libby BlackHunters Bar Junior711    71
80=Martha HeskinCarfield701 70   
80=Maddie SpeareRidgeway Primary70170    
82=Jocelyn LegonWestways691 69   
82=Katy ReidPye Bank69169    
84=Eva VennaHunters Bar Junior67167    
84=Lola Rose MartinAbbeylane671 67   
86Esme HennessyGrindleford661 66   
87Esther ClinesNethergreen Junior65165    
88Emily SlomanNethergreen Junior64164    
89=Eleanor GilderLydgate01mp    
89=Ella MorrisseyGreystones01   mp 
89=Penny HoodWestways01  mp  
89=Clem BurkeHunters Bar Junior01mp    
89=Ella SpenerGreystones01mp    
89=Ava DibbenNook Lane01    mp
89=Georgina ConollyCarfield01   mp 

Year 4 Boys - White Course

 NameSchoolPointsEventsEndcliffe ParkMeersbrook ParkEcclesallLimb ValleyBotanical Gardens
1Lawrence HodgsonNethergreen Junior49859910010010099
2William PrestonHallam481510096949695
3Stanley PrestonHallam43757889908793
4Nathan PeelNethergreen Junior41656085919189
5Joseph WhiteSt Marys (Chesterfield)39656377798691
6Maxwell GroomOughtibridge3915mp95999998
7Jack BaxterHunters Bar Junior39059587746767
8Freddie GuySt Marys3824 95969497
9Benjamin MuggeHome Schooled35955780628377
10Ewan BarnesOughtibridge3354767895 86
11Hakin AliWoodseats Primary3254 76596664
12Jago ReynoldsRenishaw32455867726859
13Felix OliverBroomhill Infants32146973 9782
14Ansh PandurangiHunters Bar Junior2864866676 58
15Noah SturdeyEcclesall283394  9396
16Jacob ShrimptonNethergreen Junior2715mpmp938890
17Henry WilsonAbbeylane26239788 77 
18Euan ThomasAbbeylane2513 848780 
19=Ruben PicalliHallam2493  818187
19=Jacob WilliamsEcclesall249365  9292
21=Thomas TaylorLydgate24337191  81
21=Alex HandleyHunters Bar Junior2433858375  
23Spike FullwoodTotley Primary2323628684  
24Rory KeenHunters Bar Junior203372  7061
25=William DunbarWestways1862  8898 
25=Felix Di BonaDobcroft18638799mp  
27Felix BassindaleMeersbrook18129190   
28Zach ThompsonMeersbrook18038298mp  
29Elias JonesHunters Bar Junior175289 86  
30Otis DeeHallam174284 90  
31Samuel WalkerCarfield1732   8588
32=Seth RobertsonUpperthorpe1642  8282 
32=Finn StewartBradway1642   8480
34Tom NorthCarterknowle162291 71  
35=Joe SherwinLydgate1582   7583
35=Thomas PooleNethergreen Junior1582 79  79
37Lucas Conteras-TomasellaHunters Bar Junior1572 6592  
38=Leo HartHunters Bar Junior1523  7874mp
38=Finley HollingerGreystones15235597mp  
40=Max ThompsonAbbeylane1472  6978 
40=Malachi Wells LyusHunters Bar Junior1472   9057
40=Malachi Wells LyasHunters Bar Junior147370mp77  
43Jack DennerHunters Bar Junior1463 71mp 75
44Harley CoatesHallam1432   7271
45=Abigail SavageHunters Bar Junior141277 64  
45=Aidan BeebyGreystones1412   7665
47Thomas GrahamHallam1392  70 69
48Douglas HusbandHunters Bar Junior13726770   
49=Andrew HowellsDobcroft135268 67  
49=Noah DysonHallam135275   60
51Hugh ShipleyHunters Bar Junior1342 6965  
52=Edward HeyesAbbeylane1332   6568
52=Muhammad-Yus ShahDobcroft1332 7261  
52=Oliver EastHome Schooled13325974   
55Hugo Bower-HatchardDobcroft12826464   
56Joseph RundleSt Wilfrids118252   66
57Thomas ThakeDobcroft1001    100
58=Freddie McDermottHallam981  98  
58=Toby HoldridgeNethergreen Junior98298 mp  
60Harry PhillipsHallam971  97  
61Ajay WilsonGreystones96196    
62James StanfordSt Michaels (Hathersage)951   95 
63Alex HessWharncliffe Side941    94
64=Jago WilsonBroomhill Infants931 93   
64=Toby HollidayNethergreen Junior93193    
66=Noah BroomMeersbrook92192    
66=Thomas PhillipsBirkdale921 92   
68Joseph ByrneSt Maries891   89 
69Toby WesterWestways88188    
70=Edwin FraserLydgate851    85
70=Ernesto GarciaHunters Bar Junior851  85  
72Daniel StothardHallam841    84
73=Joseph McGowanDore831  83  
73=George HoggardHunters Bar Junior83183    
75Toby WesternWestways821 82   
76=Zeph NunnSt Thomas811 81   
76=Oliver KnightKiveton Park Meadows81181    
78=Lorenzo FedericoHallam801  80  
78=Oliver MoffatGrenoside80180    
80=Patrick KnaptonSt Wilfrids79179    
80=Fintan RogersHathersage791   79 
82Joshua BagnallBrookhouse781    78
83Edward ConnorHunters Bar Junior761    76
84=Frederick CliterowEcclesall75175    
84=Zack Winslade-KhanNethergreen Junior752mp75   
86Owen McSweenyGreystones741    74
87=Patrick CoefieldSt Maries73173    
87=Zachariah SemanAbbeylane731  73  
87=Kiran HornBradway731   73 
87=Samuel LakeSacred Heart731    73
91Andrew WilkinsonHallam721    72
92Eli MannixWalkley711   71 
93Kabeer DholaAbbeylane701    70
94Joshua FosterNethergreen Junior691   69 
95=Fry ThackerHathersage681  68  
95=Lucas EastonMeersbrook681 68   
97=Flynn DymondHunters Bar Junior66166    
97=Bradley HowardTotley All Saints661  66  
99=Tilly ShammaBroomhill Infants631    63
99=Qin WongHallam631  63  
101Isaac BriggsHunters Bar Junior621    62
102Joseph BowerNethergreen Junior61161    
103=Herbie AndersonEcclesall561    56
103=Sam BellDobcroft56156    
105Sebastian BergerNethergreen Junior54154    
106Will CorcoranSt Wilfrids53153    
107Sam ConlonNethergreen Junior51151    
108=Eddie PowlsAbbeylane01   mp 
108=Jude RougnieLydgate01mp    
108=Barney IresonPipworth01 mp   
108=Hunter IresonCottingham Croxby01 mp   

Year 5 Girls - White Course

 NameSchoolPointsEventsEndcliffe ParkMeersbrook ParkEcclesallLimb ValleyBotanical Gardens
1Ella BaxterHunters Bar Junior5005100100100100100
2Alice PietersSheffield High School48959798979998
3Ellen AshHunters Bar Junior47859495999496
4Thea Stavert-DobsonStocksbridge Junior46959392949694
5Beth SykesHunters Bar Junior387498999298 
6Hannah WhiteSt Marys (Chesterfield)3715889395mp95
7Jessica LewisLydgate29039697 97 
8Penelope BellNethergreen Junior27949294 mp93
9Lily MarrinerAbbeylane2713 9196 84
10=Lydia MillerHunters Bar Junior2683 8693 89
10=Zahra AliWoodseats Primary2683  919285
12Charlotte ChapmanHathersage198299   99
13Hannah WhittakerHallam1952  98 97
14Madeline BallNethergreen Junior18729196   
15Orla SpeakmanSt Maries1832   9588
16Imogen BeebyGreystones176290   86
17Enid RyanHunters Bar Junior16738582  mp
18Maddie PucciNethergreen Junior16428480   
19Verity SaichGreystones16127883   
20Evie BroomMeersbrook95195    
21Jessica WilliamsHunters Bar Junior931   93 
22Millie ClemmowEcclesall921    92
23Sophie SmithHunters Bar Junior911    91
24=Ruth WillonerGreystones901    90
24=Megan NortonHunters Bar Junior901 90   
26=Oona MillerCarfield891 89   
26=Lila BullettAbbeylane89189    
28Lyra KhoazCarfield881 88   
29=Olivia RigbyHallam87187    
29=Aoife HomesSacred Heart871    87
29=Evie MillmanDobcroft871 87   
32Pia Smith-WesterguardHunters Bar Junior86186    
33Lily Jo BassindaleMeersbrook851 85   
34Celia WalkerHathersage842 84  mp
35=Helen MadinGreystones83183    
35=Kaede MiyamotoPorter Croft831    83
37=Niamh ShannonGreystones82182    
37=Erin FergusonHallam821    82
39=Hannah GriersonGreystones81181    
39=Polly RyanHunters Bar Junior811 81   
41Charlotte DaltonAbbeylane80180    
42Ella CalowAbbeylane79179    
43Sophie CywinskaSt Thomas of Canterbury01 mp   

Year 5 Boys - White Course

 NameSchoolPointsEventsEndcliffe ParkMeersbrook ParkEcclesallLimb ValleyBotanical Gardens
1Oscar PeelNethergreen Junior491598959910099
2Oliver BeautymanNethergreen Junior4905100100989498
3Jake AshpoleNethergreen Junior47759998849997
4Flynn RogersStocksbridge Junior47059599968694
5Rhys CaudwellHunters Bar Junior46459093929891
6Pasco ReynoldsRenishaw45059488909088
7Freddie HoldsworthGreystones44658192889590
8Boris VasilevHunters Bar Junior357493918687 
9George BallNethergreen Junior2883979695  
10Rafferty ScrimshawDobcroft285396 94 95
11Wilson FaulknerHunters Bar Junior2843  919796
12Walter FaulknerHunters Bar Junior2773  939193
13Andrew SpeedMundella2643 868989 
14Zachary BlackOughtibridge26338890 85 
15Alex McDonaldDore25438487  83
16Ethan FosterNethergreen Junior252383 8584 
17William WestawayNethergreen Junior1893  97mp92
18Joe HortonDobcroft18629294   
19=William FarrellDobcroft1001  100  
19=Joseph ThakeDobcroft1001    100
21Sidney WernerCarfield972 97 mp 
22Oscar ClarkGreystones961   96 
23Harris EggarAbbeylane931   93 
24Ben TricklebankNethergreen Junior921   92 
25Louis HindmarchSt Wilfrids91191    
26=Sam JordanEcclesall89189    
26=Dylan HeasonGrindleford891 89   
26=Harry Scott-WalkerHallam891    89
29Frankie BurgoinHunters Bar Junior882   88mp
30=Alfie GriffinLydgate87187    
30=Zach RobinsonGreystones871  87  
30=Ben HartleyHallam871    87
33=Jakob HelledayBirkdale861    86
33=Oliver LongMundella86186    
35=Harry MartinAbbeylane851 85   
35=Sid MenakuruDobcroft85185    
35=Joshua GilbertWestbourne851    85
38Alex StewartBradway841    84
39Tilen WhitworthLydgate82182    
40Lawrie RistMundella80180    
41Chloe BettesGreystones79179    
42=Charlie IresonCottingham Croxby01 mp   
42=Alfie LoweAbbeylane01mp    
42=Harvey Gibson-BlackNethergreen Junior01    mp
42=Alfie FitzgeraldHunters Bar Junior01mp    
42=Harvey BattyAbbeylane01mp    
42=Holden BurkeHunters Bar Junior01mp    
42=Rory HillEcclesall01mp    
42=Arthur BurgoinHunters Bar Junior02   mpmp

Year 6 Girls - Yellow Course

 NameSchoolPointsEventsEndcliffe ParkMeersbrook ParkEcclesallLimb ValleyBotanical Gardens
1Sofia StephensonHunters Bar Junior491596100999799
2Victoria SmithGrenoside44958592919091
3Anna ToddDobcroft4004100 100100100
4Zoe BarnesOughtibridge3854949697 98
5Annabelle MaltbyNethergreen Junior383490 989897
6Sylvia FaggEcclesall368489 959193
7Charlotte SmithGrenoside2873 9796 94
8Martha EllisonHathersage1952   9996
9Matilda Wells LyusHunters Bar Junior1933 98 95mp
10=Martha RogersHathersage1912   9695
10=Amber AvgoustiDobcroft19139794mp  
12Margaux HodgsonNethergreen Junior1872  9394 
13Eliza RundleSt Wilfrids179287   92
14=Grace KingDobcroft991 99   
14=Suzanna ParnellDobcroft99199    
16Emily MorganDobcroft98298mp   
17Anna OsborneCarterknowle96196    
18Ella BarberWestways951 95   
19Eleanor FarrellDobcroft941  94  
20=Megan HillTotley All Saints931   93 
20=Charlotte BaxterPorter Croft93193    
20=Edie HusbandHunters Bar Junior932 93mp  
23=Annie HoldridgeNethergreen Junior921  92  
23=Fleur GoswellDOVEHOL921   92 
23=Erin SimmonsLow Edges92192    
26Eva BrittDobcroft91191    
27Sophie MorleyOughtibridge88188    
28Elizabeth MeddDobcroft86186    
29Layla HartGreystones01mp    

Year 6 Boys - Yellow Course

 NameSchoolPointsEventsEndcliffe ParkMeersbrook ParkEcclesallLimb ValleyBotanical Gardens
1Robbie LightfootNethergreen Junior49851009910099100
2Oliver MaaranenNethergreen Junior46859592959492
3James HamiltonLydgate45458987929393
4Ben AshHunters Bar Junior3905mp98979699
5Joseph GuySt Marys3884 97969897
6Caspar ReynoldsRenishaw378592959992mp
7Raphael LangWestways3574869094 87
8Kai HarrisonWestways3554878993 86
9Duncan RobinsonAbbeylane3515838490mp94
10Sergiusz DeskaWoodseats Primary3444 81889184
11Ehsaan AliWoodseats Primary3434 mp889083
12Amir AliWoodseats Primary3424 83888982
13Toby TownsendHunters Bar Junior2914mp 989598
14James WilsonAbbeylane286498mp9197 
15Joseph DiaconDobcroft1893mp 89100 
16=Joshua EastHome Schooled18028496   
16=Mark YeomansonHunters Bar Junior1802 85  95
18=Toby MorrisonLydgate17929188   
18=Isaac EllisCarterknowle17928594   
20Sam BuckleyNethergreen Junior1001 100   
21Joachim MurphySt Wilfrids99199    
22=Jacob ParrTotley All Saints97197    
22=Hugo DeeksTotley All Saints97197    
24Luca TyasWestways962mp   96
25Kourin Yamada-RiceHunters Bar Junior94194    
26=Tomas HeskinCarfield931 93   
26=Sander KossakHunters Bar Junior93193    
28=Jack GoodwillBradway911    91
28=Max WilsonNethergreen Junior911 91   
30=Louie ShammaNethergreen Junior901    90
30=George TaylorSt Wilfrids90190    
32Stanley HammondNethergreen Junior891    89
33=Danny WhitelandBirkdale881    88
33=Noah VarleyLydgate88188    
35William ArblasterHallam861 86   
36Toby HockingHallam851    85
37Alex PenmanHunters Bar Junior82182    
38Isaac RossonDobcroft81281mp   
39Toby BizzellHome Schooled80180    
40=Jago MusgroveHunters Bar Junior01mp    
40=Willem Butler-LeeHunters Bar Junior01mp    
40=Lewis ByrneCarfield01 mp   
40=Oscar WardCarfield01 mp   
40=Sam HavenhandHallam01 mp   

Year 7 Girls - Yellow Course

 NameSchoolPointsEventsEndcliffe ParkMeersbrook ParkEcclesallLimb ValleyBotanical Gardens
1Maria VasilevaHigh Storrs48659697989699
2Freya TrynerHigh Storrs4005100100100100mp
3Lotte SykesHigh Storrs39449998 97100
4Isla CaudwellMercia294397  9899
5Ciara KeenSilverdale2883  999495
6Olivia WhiteDobcroft2863 9697 93
7Isabel MillerHigh Storrs2813 9396 92
8Lily StottKing Edwards27238795  90
9=Connie WattonHigh Storrs195298   97
9=Ruth YeomansonHigh Storrs1952 99  96
11Lola MeadHigh Storrs191292  99 
12Abbie OliverHallam1882  9593 
13Louisa MeadNotre Dame18629492   
14May RyanHigh Storrs18229191   
15Daria VasileSheffield High School1782   9286
16=Sophie MadinHigh Storrs95195    
16=Lucy AshpoleNethergreen Junior951   95 
18=Julia ContrerasHigh Storrs941 94   
18=Ana MartinezCarfield942 mp  94
20Bella BullettMeadowhead Academy93193    
21Amy CarmenHigh Storrs911    91
22=Harriet CookEckington Comp90190    
22=Harriet ClaxtonSt Thomas901 90   
24=Francesca HessWharncliffe Side891    89
24=Ruth EllisHigh Storrs89189    
26=Anna LuttingTapton88188    
26=Marnie AndersonHigh Storrs881    88
28Alice Stavert-DobsonStocksbridge High School875mpmpmpmp87
29=Emily StocktonSilverdale01mp    
29=Sandy McGrathNewfield01 mp   
29=Suzy HallNewfield01 mp   

Year 7 Boys - Yellow Course

 NameSchoolPointsEventsEndcliffe ParkMeersbrook ParkEcclesallLimb ValleyBotanical Gardens
1James BryantHigh Storrs5005100100100100100
2Matthew BagnallAston Academy46158992959392
3Samuel TaylorBirkdale3954 99989999
4=Isaac OliverHigh Storrs39149997 9897
4=John Joe DoyleMercia391598989996mp
6Cameron BarnesBradfield3824939697 96
7Haaris Shafi-RobinsonHigh Storrs365491899095 
8Oliver CraggsHigh Storrs2894 9596mp98
9Evan JenkinsonHigh Storrs28749793 97mp
10Beppe TyasKing Edwards191296   95
11Ben HeleyNotre Dame18829494   
12Cameron ChristianHandsworth1852 91 94 
13=Nick HeslopHigh Storrs18229290   
13=Benjamin MorrisonTapton18229587   
13=Luke PhoenixNotre Dame182288 94  
16Nathan DruryHigh Storrs179290 89  
17Daniel McCreathKing Edwards941    94
18=Edwin HoggardHunters Bar Junior931    93
18=James DaintonHope Valley College931  93  
20Ewan DonaldHope Valley College921  92  
21=Dan ElliottCarterknowle911  91  
21=Freddie WillowsSilverdale911    91
23Jackson McSweeneyHigh Storrs901    90
24Alex Yeardley-MonachShooters Grove Primary881 88   
25=Aron KingTotley All Saints01 mp   
25=Raqeeb MillerBirkdale01mp    
25=Harry WeeksHope Valley College01  mp  

Year 8 Girls - Orange Course

 NameSchoolPointsEventsEndcliffe ParkMeersbrook ParkEcclesallLimb ValleyBotanical Gardens
1Millie NormanHigh Storrs49259998999898
2Alexandra GarnettNotre Dame47959497979695
3Hannah TaylorSheffield High School3914 99989797
4Rania MaaranenTapton38249895 9396
5Imogen PietersSheffield High School3003100 100 100
6Rosie ShrimptonTapton29139596 100 
7Isabelle HamptonTapton290396  9599
8Harriet PhillipsTapton187393  94mp
9Olivia HeleyNotre Dame1001 100   
10Alice StephensonHigh Storrs991   99 
11Annabel FarrantNotre Dame97197    
12Amy HartleyHallam941    94
13Daisy HallHigh Storrs01 mp   

Year 8 Boys - Orange Course

 NameSchoolPointsEventsEndcliffe ParkMeersbrook ParkEcclesallLimb ValleyBotanical Gardens
1Conrad ReuberHigh Storrs49851009910010099
2Benjamin TownsendHigh Storrs48159496959898
3Daniel HillAston Academy47659594949796
4Matthew DiaconSilverdale386498959796 
5Benjamin BedfordBirkdale3734 91929595
6Sam ToddSilverdale2953  999997
7Jamie LightfootHigh Storrs2002 100  100
8=Ethan MorganSilverdale19629997   
8=Joseph SmithKing Edwards1962 9898  
10Joseph BarberTapton190296   94
11Isaac WesternTapton97197    
12Ewan MackiePenistone961  96  
13Herbie WernerNewfield942 mp 94 
14=Bryn HeasonGrindleford931 93   
14=Harrison BrittSilverdale93193    
14=William HalsteadPenistone931  93  
14=Jack SherwinTapton932   mp93
18=Miles TattersallTapton921    92
18=Fin AvgoustiSilverdale92192    
18=Finlay PontonNewfield921 92   
21=Matthew FurnissTapton911    91
21=Ashvin PandurangiHunters Bar Junior91191    
23Matthew AtkinsonHigh Storrs90190    
24Eli DawKing Edwards01 mp   

Year 9 Girls - Orange Course

 NameSchoolPointsEventsEndcliffe ParkMeersbrook ParkEcclesallLimb ValleyBotanical Gardens
1Carys PhoenixNotre Dame3003100 100100 
2Josie ConduitHigh Storrs2002 100  100
3Amelia PhillipsTapton198299   99
4Lauren WattonKing Edwards982mp   98
5Rose WelfordKing Edwards01mp    

Year 9 Boys - Orange Course

 NameSchoolPointsEventsEndcliffe ParkMeersbrook ParkEcclesallLimb ValleyBotanical Gardens
1Euan TrynerHigh Storrs5005100100100100100
2Matthew MorrisBirkdale49259998999799
3Dylan JenkinsonHigh Storrs48759895989898
4Olmo CombleyHigh Storrs391597999699mp
5Frederick EmmettNotre Dame385595mp979697
6Benjamin EvansHigh Storrs380594969595mp
7Henry McDonaldKing Ecgberts28939697  96
8Conor AtkinAll Saints High School1882 9494  

Year 10 Girls - Light Green Course

 NameSchoolPointsEventsEndcliffe ParkMeersbrook ParkEcclesallLimb ValleyBotanical Gardens
1Naomi ThorntonHome Schooled3003100100  100

Year 10 Boys - Light Green Course

 NameSchoolPointsEventsEndcliffe ParkMeersbrook ParkEcclesallLimb ValleyBotanical Gardens
1William GarnettNotre Dame4955100979910099
2Alfie HallHigh Storrs38959993mp9998
3Max MobusTapton3003 100100 100
4Hugh MackiePenistone2904 96mp9896
5John HalsteadPenistone28939894  97
6James FryersPenistone1962 9898  
7Rohan HardyTapton991 99   
8Tom ShewringPenistone951 95   

Year 11 Girls - Light Green Course

 NameSchoolPointsEventsEndcliffe ParkMeersbrook ParkEcclesallLimb ValleyBotanical Gardens
1Isobel ReuberHigh Storrs3984100100 9999
2Claudine HodgsonNotre Dame2973  9998100
3Alex ElliotHigh Storrs2002  100100 
4Hannah DixonHigh Storrs981    98
5Ellie DaltonWestbourne01mp    

Year 11 Boys - Light Green Course

 NameSchoolPointsEventsEndcliffe ParkMeersbrook ParkEcclesallLimb ValleyBotanical Gardens
1Jack PageKing Ecgberts1001100    

Year 12 Girls - Light Green Course

 NameSchoolPointsEventsEndcliffe ParkMeersbrook ParkEcclesallLimb ValleyBotanical Gardens
1Isabelle HodgsonNotre Dame4004100100 100100

Year 12 Boys - Light Green Course

 NameSchoolPointsEventsEndcliffe ParkMeersbrook ParkEcclesallLimb ValleyBotanical Gardens
1James WillowsSilverdale2002   100100
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