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Schools League Results 2013/14

The 8 events in the 2013-2014 league are over. Thank you to all the SYO helpers, pupils, parents and teachers who have supported the league this year through some wild weather. Without you there would be no schools league. It has been rewarding seeing many competitors grow in confidence & independence since the first race last September.  We look forward to welcoming you back next school year.

Presentations will be made at the Graves Park YHOA Schools Championships Event, Saturday 28th June to the schools and competitors named below.

School Team League

Congratulations to the following schools on winning the team competition after all 8 events in this year’s league. The best 3 scores per school at each event were calculated then totalled across all 8 events.

Year 4 Girls Hunters Bar Year 4 Boys Hunters Bar
Year 5 Girls Dore Primary Year 5 Girls Totley All Saints
Year 6 Girls Dore Primary Year 6 Boys Totley All Saints

Individual League

The 5 best scores from the 8 events were totalled for the individual league from those who scored in 3 or more events. Congratulations go to you all. Well done!


Year 4 Girls   Year 4 Boys  
1= Imogen Pieters Sheffield High School 1. Euan Tryner Hunters Bar
1= Carys Phoenix Sacred Heart 2. William O’Hanlon Dore Primary
3. Isobel McMillan Greystones 3. Conrad Reuber Hunters Bar
Year 5 Girls   Year 5 Boys  
1. Claire Turner Dore Primary 1. Jake Zurek Totley All Saints
2. Rosie Marshall Norton Free 2. Max Mobus Hallam
3. Tilly Jansen Mylnhurst 3. George Butterley Totley All Saints
Year 6 Girls   Year 6 Boys  
1. Rachel Turner Dore Primary 1. Jack Page Totley All Saints
2. Isobel Reuber Hunters Bar 2. Sam Hallam Totley All Saints
3. Roisin McMillan Greystones    
Year 7 Boys Sebastian Mobus Tapton  
Year 8 Boys 1. Ryan Elliot High Storrs  
  2. Callum Veitch High Storrs  
Year 9 Boys Hamish Mill King Ecgbert  


Congratulations also to the following who completed 3 or more events. Come to the Graves Park YHOA Schools Championships Event to receive your certificates.

Ruby Rizzo-Lee         Hunters Bar                            Hannah Mae Dixon   Nether Green Junior

Alice Bagnall             Brookhouse Junior

Samir Bower             Ecclesall                                 Jamie Lightfoot         Nether Green Junior

Alex Buxton                Totley All Saints

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