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Privacy Policy

Last updated: 26th August 2018

This document contains the Privacy Policy for South Yorkshire Orienteers, also referred to as SYO. It details what information we collect, why we collect it, how we use it and how we look after your data as you interact with the club.

Information we collect

When you visit our website

When you visit our website, whether you are a member of SYO or not, our web server automatically collects certain details from your visit. These include:

  • your IP address,
  • the address of the web-page you visited,
  • the address of the web-page you were previously on,
  • any search terms you used, if the web-page you previously were on was from a search engine
  • the time you visited the web-page,
  • your browser string, which shows what device, operating system and web browser you are using

These details are retained for 2 months. The below is an example of a raw access string: - - [11/May/2018:10:42:39 +0100] "GET /events/venue/24-wombwell-woods HTTP/2.0" 200 7229 "" "Mozilla/5.0 (iPad; CPU OS 9_3_5 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/601.1.46 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/9.0 Mobile/13G36 Safari/601.1"

Using this string, we can infer that someone from Peterborough who has Virgin Media as their internet service provider (ISP) used an iPad 2 running version 9.3.5 of iOS to view the Wombwell venue page of the SYO website, they came to this page from a Google search result.

This raw data is aggregated (and so anonymised) to produce broad insights. This aggregated data is stored for 1 year. An example of would be:

1.45% of visits in May 2018 used Internet Explorer 11

We do not use this data to personally identify you, nor do we share this information with any third-parties. The raw access logs are used to identify suspicious activity, for example if someone is trying to illegally gain access to, or attack, our website. The aggregated data is used to provide insights such as popular pages, common browsers used etc. This allows us to improve our website to match our users. For example, if none of our users used Internet Explorer, it would make developing the SYO website much easier.

Our website, and so all the data it contains, is hosted on a data centre in Bournemouth that is managed by a UK-based company.

When you log in to our website

In addition to the information mentioned above, the following information is collected when you log in to the SYO website:

  • When you most recently logged in
  • What you have done whilst logged in and when
    • e.g. created an article, edited an article, updated and event, downloaded a document

We use this information for audit purposes i.e. to see who did what and when. We keep this information for 30 days. A basic form of this information (e.g. the last person to modify an event or the creator of an article) is automatically collected by the website system we use (Joomla) with no option to control it. This basic information is retained indefinitely.


In internet terminology, a cookie is a small text file that websites save to your device. They are widely used to track you as you browse the internet to, for example, personalise advertisements towards you. However, they are also needed for some fundamental functions of websites, such as logging in and shopping baskets.

The SYO website only uses cookies if you wish to log in. If you do not need to log in to the SYO website, then no cookies will be placed on your device.

 joomla_user_state Used to ensure that the pages you view know that you are logged in and to display content appropriately, depending on your logged in privileges. Removed when you close your browser (unless the 'remember me' cookie is present) or log out.  Session
 joomla session This cookie is created by the system we use for our website - Joomla. It is needed for authentication, preference tracking and other functions. The name of the session cookie is randomly generated. It is removed when you close your browser.  Session
joomla_remember_me  Only present if you check the 'Remember me' checkbox on the login form. Keeps you signed in to the SYO website, even if you close the window/browser (dependent on the browser used). Removed when you log out.  2 months
 plg_system_eprivacy  Used to keep track of your cookie consent if you accept cookies.  2 months

If you wish to log in to the SYO website, you have to consent to us placing some cookies on your device. If you do not consent, then you will not be able to log in to the SYO website, though you will still be able to browse the website. You are able to change your mind at any time. The table above details these cookies.

When you become a member of SYO

When you become a member of SYO, you provide personal details to the British Orienteering Federation who share the details below with SYO:

  • Full name
  • British Orienteering membership number
  • SportIdent (dibber) and/or EMIT number
  • Year of birth
  • Address
  • Gender
  • Telephone number
  • Email address

For more details on how the British Orienteering Federation managers your data, please see the British Orienteering Federation's Privacy Policy, which can be found in the Key Documents section of the British Orienteering Federation’s website at the time of writing.

We use this data to administer membership. Only a restricted number of officials in the club have access to this data. This information is stored in the BOF database, and if downloaded there is a data handling policy. We retain this information for as long as you are a member of SYO and for 4 years after you leave SYO. 

SYO Website Account

When you become a member of SYO, we use your email address and full name to create an account for you on the SYO website. You are able to change the details associated with your account, such as its username, email address and password, through the SYO website.

To delete your account, please contact us using the details below. When you are no longer a member of SYO, your account may be deleted. SYO is currently reviewing the processes around accounts on the website and this document will be updated to reflect the outcome of the review.


When you join SYO, or consent to email marketing at one of our events, we add you to our mailing list so you will receive our monthly newsletter and details of upcoming events. You are able to unsubscribe from these emails at any time using the appropriate links at the bottom of the emails. If you continue to receive emails from us, or there are no such links, then get in touch with us.

We track how you interact with some emails, including:

  • if you opened the email,
  • what links you clicked on,
  • if you unsubscribed,
  • the IP address of the device you opened the email on,
  • what device, operating system and application you opened the email on

We use some this information to see the engagement our emails are having i.e. are people actually reading the emails we send out. This information is retained indefinitely.

When you participate at an SYO event

For you to be able to participate at one of our events, we need to collect some information from you. The core information we collect is your:

  • Full name
  • British Orienteering membership number
  • SportIdent (dibber) and/or EMIT number
  • Age class (which contains your gender and approximate age e.g. W50 would be a female competitor aged 50 to 54)
  • Orienteering club that you are a member of (if applicable)

Additionally, if you travel to an event alone and/or are not a member of an orienteering club we ask for your contact details which includes your:

  • Address or phone number
  • Email address

These are used for safety purposes. For example, if we realise that you have not returned at the end of an event, according to our systems, we will attempt to contact you before sending out a search party - you may have simply forgotten to download your SportIdent card after finishing. If you are already a member of an orienteering club, we will use your contact details supplied by British Orienteering for the same purpose.

If entering the event at the event itself (known as entry-on-the-day (EOD)), you will typically provide this information to us by completing a paper entry slip. The data on the entry slip (excluding your contact details) is then input into our event computers.

If you pre-enter one of our events, you will supply the information above to another company, such as Fabian4 or SiEntries (see their respective websites for their privacy policies). These companies will then pass this data to us and we load it into our event computers. You will also pay your entry fees through their websites - your payment details are not sent to us. SYO will never ask for your payment details on our website.

Both the data entered into the event computers and the entry slips are retained for a period of 6 years for insurance purposes, after which time they are securely destroyed.


In general, photography is permitted at most of our events. For further details, see our Photography Policy.

Information we share

There are two primary ways in which we share the information you have provided to us: in the results of our events and in publicity notices.

We do not sell your data to other organisations such as advertisers. We do not share your contact details, such as your email address, with other organisations. We do not share data pertaining to how you interact with our website to other organisations, such as Google through Google Analytics.


After an event we upload the results of the event to our website and also share these results to several other organisations such as British Orienteering, WinSplits and RouteGadget. We share your results with these organisations for the purposes of providing additional analysis of your results. For example, you can use these organisations to see where you performed well, compared against other competitors. The data in these results contains your:

  • Full name
  • Age class (which contains your gender and approximate age e.g. W50 would be a female competitor aged 50 to 54)
  • Orienteering club that you are a member of (if applicable)
  • Event results (time, splits, course)

Results are stored on the SYO website indefinitely. Refer to the aforementioned organisations for details of how they handle the your data. If you do not wish us to share your results with these organisation you must inform an event official at each event where you compete.

We cannot guarantee that your information, when shared with these organisations, remains in the United Kingdom (UK) or European Union (EU). Results published on the SYO website are stored on data centres based in the UK.


To promote orienteering and South Yorkshire Orienteers, and to celebrate both your and SYO’s achievements, we may mention you and include photos of you in our publications. These could be news articles on our website, posts on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, email newsletters, printed flyers or in traditional media (e.g. local newspapers). The use of photos in such publicity is in line with our Photography Policy.

How we secure your data

Whilst we do our best to secure the data you entrust to us, no method of storage or transmission, whether over the internet or physically, is 100% secure and so we cannot guarantee its complete security.

We strive to keep our website up-to-date to ensure we make use of the latest security enhancements (and features). For accounts on the website, with enforce a password policy to try and ensure passwords are strong. Passwords are stored in an encrypted format in our database. The SYO website uses HTTPS to encrypt data sent between you and our servers. This makes it harder for malicious parties to intercept data sent to our servers, such as your password when logging in, and ensures that malicious parties cannot easily impersonate the SYO website.

Contacting SYO

If you have any questions on this Privacy Policy, then please do reach out to us using the contact page of our website.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

SYO may change our Privacy Policy from time to time, though most changes are likely to be minor. We will notify the membership of significant changes to the policy. A list of changes to the Privacy Policy are summarised below:

  • 2018-08-26: Initial Privacy Policy created