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SYO Win the UK Orienteering League 2013

Friday, 08 November 2013 14:14

SYO have won the club competition in the UK Orienteering League for 2013.  The League awarded points for the major championships plus a variety of other events around the country including our own British Nights and Middle Distance races at Tankersley.  To win the league you need to be prepared to travel and also excel in a variety disciplines and different types of terrain.

The overall individual winner was our own Jenny Peel, and other class winners included Louise and Michael Adams, Martin Ward, Bill Hanley and Pete Gorvett. 

The other team point scorers were Jill Gorvett, Lesley Ward, Tim Tett , Nick Lightfoot, Zachary Field, Ian Cooper, Mark Chapman , Marcia Bradbury and Janet Adams 

See here for more details of the league.

Urban Nights back for another year

Monday, 14 October 2013 16:45


What better way to spend those cold miserable (sometimes) winter nights running on the roads than to do it with a sense of purpose – oh and something to look forward afterwards

SYO juniors win Peter Palmer Relays

Monday, 09 September 2013 16:58

 On Saturday night and Sunday morning last weekend, SYO Juniors won the premier national junior orienteering relays.

The team of Aidan Smith, Zac Field, Michael Adams, Pippa Dakin, Louise Adams (running with new member Imogen Clowes) and Dane Blomquist won with a nine minute lead. Click on the "More" link below to read Junior Captain Charlie Adams’ full report.

Two World Masters bronze medals for SYO

Monday, 05 August 2013 23:49

At the World Masters Sprint finals today, in Sestriere, Italy, Nick Barrable (M35) and Bill Hanley (M60) both won bronze medals.  Congratulations to them both.  Nick is continuing with a run of successful results at World Masters events; for Bill I believe this is the first time he has had a medal at this level.

WMOC Sprint Final Sestriere 610

Scottish 6 Days - Moray 2013

Sunday, 04 August 2013 09:04

The 2013 Scottish 6 Days finished yesterday, after a great week of orienteering in the sand dune terrain and rolling morraine hills of the Moray coast.  SYO had three class winners - congratulations to Al Buckley (M35L), Peter Gorvett (M65L) and Jenny Johnson (W35L).

Top-6 overall results from SYO members were:

M10A 5th Euan Tryner       W16A 6th Pippa Dakin
M21L 2nd Mike Sprot       W21L 5th Hazel Tant
M21L 4th Rich Guillaume       W35L 1st Jenny Johnson
M35L 1st Al Buckley       W35L 6th Jamie Buckley
M35L 3rd Andy Preston       W35S 6th Louise Preston
M40S 3rd Tony Udris       W40S 3rd Mo Chapman
M45L 2nd Bill Edwards       W40S 4th Jenny Lightfoot
M45L 3rd Charlie Adams       W45L 2nd Jenny Peel
M50L 4th Tim Tett            
M65L 1st Peter Gorvett            

Harvester Relays

Saturday, 13 July 2013 22:10

SYO had a very successful outing at the Harvester relays, the annual night into day relay, which this year took place at Longmoor Camp in Hampshire on 30thJune/ 1st July. The premier (A) class was won by SYO Zimmer Stars (Mark Chapman, Dave Peel, Charlie Adams, Martin Ward, Tim Tett, David Harrison and [the youngster only 39 this year] Nick Barrable) and the Junior Class and B class winners overall (by more than 30 minutes) were SYO Young Guns(Zac Field, Jake Field, Louise Adams, Michael Adams and Dane Blomquist).

The other two teams had excellent results with 4th in the women’s class for SYO Shining Stars (Jenny Peel, Lesley Ward, Yasmin Field, Janet Adams and Lucy Wiegand and 5th on the B course for SYO B-back soon(Nick Lightfoot, Dean Field, Ian Cooper, Paul Bradbury and Roger Lewis).


Friday, 05 April 2013 21:29

To Martin Ward on his appointment as chair to British Orienteering.

Also to Kim Baxter,Amanda Leo and Rachael Rothman for their victory in the womens open at the JK, and Andrew Preston, Mark Chapman and Tim Tett for winning the M120+ class.

At the JK sprint (day 1) Kim Baxter (1st), Jenny Peel (2nd) and Tim Tett (2nd) had podium finishes. 

Adian Smith (1st & 1st), Katherine Hall (1st & 1st), Euan Tryner (1st), Lousie Preston (1st), Jenny Peel (3rd), Tim Tett (2nd) and Judith Guillaume (1st) all achieved a podium finish on days 2 and/or 3 of the JK - well done!

Andy, Mark and Tim won Men 120+ class

SYO leads the UK Orienteering League club competition

Tuesday, 19 March 2013 16:44

UKOL logoRounds 3 and 4 of the UK Orienteering League were held last weekend, in Scotland.  Having led after rounds 1 and 2 (held on home terrain - the events at Tankersley in February), SYO has maintained its lead in the club competition.  Individual and club scores are available on the competition website:

The next rounds (5 and 6) will be at the JK competition, to be held over the Easter weekend centred on Reading, Berkshire.

ShAFF Urban Event

Sunday, 03 March 2013 19:40

SHAFF arena - 2012

Well done to everyone who came and ran at the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival orienteering event earlier today especially those who were trying the sport for the first time.

There will unfortunately be no results published from this event but we hope to see you at one of our full events in the future (Rivelin next Sunday perhaps?).

We hope you enjoyed it! {jcomments on}

Eric Shimmin

Thursday, 13 December 2012 12:09

We were sorry to hear that Eric Shimmin died last week. Eric, who originated in the Isle of Man, was a long-standing member of SYO and was highly involved with South Yorkshire Schools Orienteering Association when it existed. He could always be relied on to step up as planner, controller or organiser, including regularly organising the Scouts championship.

Eric’s many orienteering successes included being British Champion in 1992 (M65, Sheringham), 1997 (M70, Clumber) and 2002 (M75 Magilligan Sands, N Ireland). He regularly trained by running around Graves Park twice even when into his sixties and seventies

He had an infectious enthusiasm, was friendly and helpful at all times.

His funeral is to be held next Tuesday (18th) at Greenhill church.