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SYO Club Champs & Annual Awards

Friday, 09 December 2016 18:03

Lou Andy

The 2016 annual club champs were held in the glorious Autumnal Ecclesall Woods on Saturday 3rd December. 54 adults and older juniors set off together on a 45 minute mass score event with the aim of collecting as many controls as possible in the time limit. This year there was a secret twist in that an additional 10 point bonus was awarded for each control collected in sequential order. Kim Baxter, Martin Ward, Andy Preston, Tim Tett and Charlie Adams collected all the controls in sequential order but it was Martin Ward who emerged first from the forest in a time of 43:21.

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However, once Peter Gorvett's fiendish handicapping system had been applied it was all change at the top with the overall victory (and 1st junior male) going to Sam Doyle. Louise Adams was 1st female junior, Julian Pieters 1st senior man, Louise Preston 1st senior woman, Arun Sahni 1st vet man and Pauline Wilson 1st vet woman.


Whilst the more experienced orienteers were enjoying the score course, the younger members ran a a challenging 2.4km yellow course. Conrad Reuber flew round the course in 14:41 with James Bryant 2 minutes behind. Fastest female was Charlotte Chapman in 24:32.

Post race members adjurned to the function suite at the Abbeydale Sports Club for (very!) hot showers and a delicious buffet lunch. Lunch was followed by the very brief AGM before it was time for the annual awards ceremony, which honoured our members' best achievements:


Best Relay Team: Euan Tryner, Imogen Pieters & Jamie Lightfoot
Best Individual Relay Performance: Max Mobus
Best Male Junior Performances: Euan Tryner
Best Female Junior Performances: Freya Tryner
Best Overseas Performance: Jenny Peel
Best Senior Male Performances: Andy Preston
Best Senior Female Performances: Kim Baxter
Best Veteran Male Performances: Tim Tett
Best Veteran Female Performances: Hilary Bloor
Most improved junior: Alex Elliott
Most improved senior: Bronwen Doyle


 The final part of the day concentrated on thanking the club's volunteers for the hundreds of hours they dedicate to orienteering. All the major officials and coaches received a small prize and the club's mappers (Ian Cooper, Ray Waight and Tim Tett) were presented with a framed copy of their maps. Melinda Riley won 'offcial of the year' for organising a very successful compass sport cup final and Ian Cooper was awarded the trophy for the 'outstanding contribution to orienteering 'for all his mapping, planning, organising and coaching work.


 Finally a special presentation was made to Colin Best for his contribution to the development of orienteering in South Yorkshire and particularly his work with schools.



Thank you to Charles Hird for planning an innovative and challenging score event that made fantastic use of such a small part of Ecclesall Woods and to Emily Pieters for organising so efficiently and finding such a great venue. 

Sheffield Success at the British Schools Champs

Sunday, 27 November 2016 13:13

20161120 140247 Copy

There were amazing results for many of our junior members at the British Schools Champs at Sutton Park. 70 Sheffield children competed from 16 different schools plus a contingent of home schooled children.

Nether Green Primary

Nether Green Junior School won the trophy for the best overall primary school and Hunters Bar Y5 girls took team silver. In the secondary school category High Storrs Y7 boys took the victory and the Y9 girls were bronze medalists.

High Storrs Y9 GirlsHigh Storrs Y7 Boys

There were plenty of individual successes too for SYO juniors: Freya Tryner 1st Y5 girls, Imogen Pieters 1st Y6 girls, Jamie Lightfoot 1st Y6 boys, Conrad Reuber 3rd Y6 boys, Euan Tryner 1st Y7 boys and Dom Dakin 2nd Y10 boys.

Hunters Bar Y5 Girls 1

CSC Final - A great Success!

Monday, 07 November 2016 12:06

SYO CSC 2016

Well done to everyone who competed and helped at the Compass Sport Cup Final. It was a real club effort and a tremendous success. It is particularly impressive that we managed to finish 2nd in the competition, despite many members having worked on long shifts in the early rain. Huge thanks must go to organiser Melinda Riley and planner Colin Drury, who gave up hours and hours of their time. Thanks also to Peter Guillaume who designed and built an impressive race arena, Lesley Ward for handling all the entries and Mark Dakin for co-ordinating the huge volunteer force.

It was also great to see such a mix of experienced and new members running on behalf of the club and particularly pleasing that all the juniors completed the very challenging orange and green courses. Congratulations must go in particular to the 25 members who scored for the club: Nic Barber, Dane Blomquist, Andy Preston, Nick Barrable, Al Buckley, Michael Adams, Pete Tryner, Cat Taylor, Kim Baxter, Laura Goy, Rachael Rothman, Tim Tett, Charlie Adams, Nick Lightfoot, Colin Smith, Jenny Peel, Lucy Weigand, Juliette Soulard, Peter Gorvett, Bill Hanley, Brian Shaw, Louise Adams, Yasmin Field, Alex Elliott and Euan Tryner.

Burbage Moor Event 6th November

Tuesday, 25 October 2016 11:08

Burbage Moor 1024x768

You could be orienteering here on November 6th!

See Flyer for details.  Please pre enter via Fabian (to guarantee a map) or EOD (there should be enough maps for everyone to do the course they want).

British Schools Score Championships

Saturday, 15 October 2016 17:02

BSSC2016 NetherGreen

A team of 19 pupils from Nether Green Junior School travelled down to Bagworth near Leicester last weekend for the ‘Score Event’ version of the British Schools Champs and came away with a haul of medals, chocolate and smiling faces. Jamie Lightfoot led the way with a comfortable win in the Year 6 Boys class but it was the results of his less experienced team mates that secured overall first place in the Boys Primary and second place in the Girls Primary, with standout performances from Connie Watton and Annabelle Maltby 3rd, Dan Richardson 4th and Ellen Hartog 5th in their respective classes.

In the secondary competition there was a small team of SYO juniors from Tapton School including Max and Seb Mobus and Hamish Mill.

Nether Green’s success says a lot about the impact of SYOs junior development led by Pauline and Colin, with the majority of the team getting their first taste of orienteering at the excellent South Yorkshire Games before moving on to compete in the highly competitive Schools League, and some of the team have also benefited from the occasional SYO coaching session.

SYO are organising a coach (or two) to the main British Schools Champs at Sutton Park near Birmingham on 20th November. Any schools or individuals interested in joining in the fun contact Pauline.

Peter Palmer Relays 2016

Wednesday, 21 September 2016 12:12


For the first time in SYO history, there were 3 SYO teams competing in the Peter Palmer Junior Team Relays. Before heading to the venue, the teams assembled for the traditional first stage of team bonding at Pizza Hut.  Once everyone was sated we headed onto the accommodation and event centre at Groby School.

After SYO had fought for our rightful space in the tightly packed sportshall (space was allocated by club rather than number of people needing room on the floor)! The juniors headed out for a warm up and yet more team bonding in the form of football - luckily no injuries were sustained in our teams! Meanwhile the adults were finding out all the important details for the next day and, after the football, tried (in the dark) to explain the procedures for the 5am start.

After all teams had been declared, LEI added a surprise twist by declaring the course lengths - significantly longer than anyone was expecting! Each team of 6 juniors had to cover in excess of 30km - there was even an added 250m run out for each leg!

Once the team meeting was completed, it was time for the obligatory team photo/opposition psyche out as 22 SYO tops were paraded en-masse around the building. The psyche out culminated in a full team gathering in the lobby when it was announced the free food bar was closing and the ‘wasps’ descended.

There was just time to get into race kit (why sleep in PJs when you can save 2 mins the next morning?) before the 10.30pm lights out to catch some winks.

Thanks to the ‘no alarms before 4 o’clock’ rule, at 4 on the dot there was a chorus of alarms, much to the annoyance of most of the team, who felt an extra 20 minutes of sleep would have done no harm! Those who were awake headed out to the ‘arena’ excited, but not before the glow sticks and war paint had been suitably applied (we were rather sad not to have won the best face paint award).


The 1st legs were lined up and ready to go. At 5am, still pitch black and to the dulcet tone of the M1, they were off into the deep dark woods (Ratby woodlands)!  Even though the courses were longer than expected, the 1st legs were soon through the spectator control by 5.30am the 2nd legs on the leading teams were off! By 6 o’clock it was quickly getting light and more of the team were emerging from the warm sports hall out into the chilly morning to spectate.

 IMG 8905

The spectator control provided much amusement. The planner had expected runners to emerge from the forest along the only path (it had even been taped for this purpose) to give a decent view of competitors as they approached the control. However, many competitors found more imaginative routes which resulted in competitors bursting out of the forest edge from all directons, keeping spectators and team mangers on their toes! Throughout the competition, especially in the dark, there were many cases of mistaken identity!

The format of the competition is such that, as the relay progresses, the legs that juniors are required to run get shorter and shorter until the longest last leg. This means the handover gets faster and more furious and with the added complication of potentially 3 yellow leg runners on each team all dressed rather similarly, the inevitable happened - one enthusiastic yellow leg runner incorrectly handed over to the keen green runner from another SYO team! The organisers correctly adjusted the finish times and even awarded the two teams a prize for ‘best hand over’.

IMG 9303

The results were:

SYOn Fire 2nd Overall, but winning the Joan George (combined orienteering age classes under 90).

SYOung Blood finished in 12th place overall

All SYOver the Place finished a very creditable 17th.

It’s fair to say that a great time was had by all even though everyone was a little sleep deprived by the time morning came. A big well done must be said to all SYO juniors as there were no mis-punches. They also all demonstrated a fantastic attitude throughout the event. The final placings of the teams were particularly impressive as 16 of the 22 juniors were debutants at the competition.

Particular congratulations must go to:

  • Callum and Ryan who bravely tackled the night legs having only had 1 evening of practice and never having run in a night competition before.
  • The Green legs, Thomas and Hamish, who weren’t fazed by the last-minute surprise of having to run 7.1km, both faring very well.
  • Louise for holding her own whilst running the 1st night leg against 21 boys
  • Euan for achieving the fastest time on light green
  • Naomi, Sam and Imogen for cracking yellow times
  • Pippa for holding off the very strong LEI runner on the last leg to ensure we finished 2nd
  • Dom for catching up 6 places on his night leg
  • Max for an excellent run on orange & bringing the team into 2nd place.

Also a big thank you to all the parents (Charlie E, Rosie, Jacky, Pete, Pauline, Emily and Sylvia) who transported and supported us.

Save the date! Next year’s Peter Palmer Relay is on Sunday 10th September 2017 at Sutton Park near Birmingham. (Juniors must be M/W12 to M/W18). If you would like a chance to get a feel for the terrain before then, there is a great opportunity as the area is being used for the British Schools Orienteering Championships on 20th November 2016.

The summer adventures of SYO

Wednesday, 14 September 2016 18:35

5 Furtschellas WKZ

Day 5 Swiss O Week

Members of SYO travelled far and wide over the summer to enjoy their passion for orienteering.

First on the international multi-day event calendar was the Swiss O Week in St Moritz. Only the Tryners and Nick Barrable were there from SYO but there was a fairly large British contingent. The stunning scenery, mostly gorgeous weather, efficient organisation and challenging orienteering combined to produce an excellent (if somewhat costly) multi-day competition. A noteworthy difference to the UK multi-day events was a special evening prize giving for each of the days. Freya was delighted to achieve a podium position in D10 on 2 days; while Nick went a step further with 4 podium positions and a 3rd place overall.

The following week gave a host of different multi-day options. Perhaps the most prestigious multi-day event with 20, 000 competitors is the Swedish O-Ringen. This year it was held in the mountainous ski region of Salen and was unusual in that most of the areas were on open fells rather than the traditional Swedish forest. The Marstons and Coopers of SYO attended and reported back on an enjoyable week of orienteering though there were no podium positions in the very stiff international competition.

Meanwhile, closer to home Wales hosted the Croeso 2016 – 5 days of orienteering competition in beautiful South Wales. Whilst the weather was rather wet at times, feedback on the event praised the friendly event team, stunning views and great variety of terrain.  As this event was closer to home, it is not surprising that there were a fairly large number of SYO members there. Congratulations to overall prize winners Dom Dakin 3rd M16, Nick Barrable 3rd M21L, Tony Udris 2nd M45S and Pippa Dakin 2nd W21L.

Pippa and Nick

Nick Barrable & Pippa Dakin on the podium at Croeso

Another multi-day competition taking place in the same week was the Slovenian OO Cup. This year the event was centred on the ski village of Kranska Gora, although 3 of the 5 events took place out of Slovenia – 2 in Northern Italy and 1 in Austria. The gorgeous alpine scenery, friendly vibe, low key organisation, relatively low prices and fiendishly technical orienteering proved very attractive to our members and there was a large SYO contingent. Well done to Dave Peel (2nd M50), Jenny Peel (1st W45) and Nick Lightfoot (3rd M50 Ultimate, where paths are removed from the map).


Jenny Peel 1st W45 OO Cup, Slovenia

The following week, many SYO members then continued down to the 4 day Bubo Cup on the island of Cres in Croatia. Due to the high temperatures starts were early, allowing competitors to pursue more traditional holiday pursuits for the rest of the day. There were more podium positions for SYO with Dave and Jenny Peel winning their respective classes and 3rd for Kim Baxter in W21E.

The summer of orienteering ended, as tradition dictates, with the White Rose in North Yorkshire. Whilst the weather and terrain perhaps doesn’t quite live up to the standards of some of the other multi-day events, plenty of SYO members were attracted by the opportunity to enjoy a social weekend of camping and orienteering in Dalby Forest. There were podium positions and White Rose mugs galore for SYO.

Immie and Freya

1st & 2nd for SYO in the Young Junior Women Sprint

Sprint: Dom Dakin (1st JM), Alex Elliott (3rd JW), Pete Tryner (1st VM), Pete Guillaume (2nd UVM), Euan Tryner (1st YJM), Imogen Pieters (1st YJW) & Freya Tryner (2nd YJW)

Individual Combined: Megan Hill (1st W10B), Alice Pieters (2nd W10B), Freya Tryner (1st W12A), Yasmin Field (2nd W18L), Jenny Johnson (1st W35L), Clare Baker (3rd W35L), Rosie Field (3rd W50S), Judith Guillaume (2nd W60S), Sheila Sprot (3rd W65L), Monika Cooper (1st W70S), Robbie Lightfoot (2nd M10A), Jamie Lightfoot (2nd M12A), Daniel Hill (2nd M12B), Euan Tryner (3rd M14A), Dom Dakin (2nd M16A), Joe Field (3rd M16A), Jake Field (1st M20L), Tony Udris (1st M45S), Dean Field (1st M50S), Nick Lightfoot (1st M55L).

Night: Dom Dakin (1st JM), Joe Field (2nd JM), Paul Bradbury (2nd SVM).

Joe Dom

1st & 2nd for SYO in the Junior Men night event

If you fancy trying a multi-day event for the first time, then the bi-annual Scottish 6 Days is a good place to start. Deeside 2017 runs from 30th July to 5th August and is centred on the town of Ballater.

Pippa represents GB at EYOC

Wednesday, 24 August 2016 17:50

eyoc sprint

Well done to Pippa Dakin, who earlier in the summer, represented GB at the European Youth Orienteering Championships. Read her report on her experience.......

This year the competition was held in Poland and based in the city of Jaroslaw. There were three races in total; Long, Relay and Sprint.

Before we travelled out the team had spent time familiarising ourselves with the terrain that we would be faced with by looking at maps of the area and planning courses for each other. Only the Long area had a previous map and so one of the GB coaches created a map of the Sprint area for our use! To further help with preparations as what to expect from the terrain, when we arrived we had the chance to walk around the town where the Sprint was to be run and also participate in the model event on the Eastern part of the area where the Long was to be held. We knew after the trainings that it was going to be a tough few days ahead of us with temperatures hitting 30 degrees Celsius as well as the extremely physical terrain.

Being my last year at the competition I had hopes that all my training, both physical and technical, in the lead up to the competition would enable me to post pleasing results, unfortunately this was not exactly the case.

In the Long race I made a number of technical mistakes and was also feeling very physically drained due to the heat and tough terrain. This led me to a 34th place and out of the top 20 finish I had hoped for, 6 minutes behind 20th position.

For the Relay it had been decided that I was to run in a mixed relay and was on first leg, my preferred leg! This race I was much cleaner than the previous day with only one technical slip up and was much happier afterwards.

The Sprint was the last race and I was feeling very tired and not as sprightly as I had hoped. This meant the whole course was a struggle to get up to speed, and even though technically relatively clean I ended up in 36th place.

I had a great time in Poland and I am very grateful for the financial help I received - this helps me to continue orienteering to high levels and rely less heavily on my parents for financial support. I have learnt many lessons from the EYOC 2016 experience about where the faults are in my orienteering, specifically in technique and how to approach racing and can now work on these so that in the future I can achieve that top 20 placing that I have set my sights on!  

Ian Wainwright

Thursday, 28 July 2016 22:04

We are sorry to have to report that Ian Wainwright died in the early hours of Wednesday last week.

Ian was passionate about running, for many years running every day.  He was active in SYO both as competitor and official before he broke his neck in 2009 in an unfortunate accident.  He still completed a section of the Olympic Torch Relay in 2012.

Quoting from Hallamshire Harriers' Facebook page:

"Everyone who encountered Ian will remember his forthright and honest views, his compassion, generosity, support, love of life and his sense of humour. Ian’s philosophy of life is aptly summed up in the words of one of his great heroes, Emil Zatopek: ‘Great is the victory, but the friendship of all is greater.’"

Ian’s funeral will take place at Hutcliffe Wood Crematorium on Thursday 4 August at 12.30 pm.  To anyone attending, could you please follow this link so his family are aware of how many are attending, thank you.

Our thoughts are with Margaret and the rest of the family.


Logo Competition

Tuesday, 12 July 2016 16:20

The process of agreeing SYO's new logo is nearing completion. The 3 finalists of the SYO logo competition are Adam Bradbury, Marcia Bradbury and Julian Pieters. We would like club members to vote for their favourite. The one with the highest number of votes will become SYO's new logo. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your choice by the1st August:

Logo A

Adam's Logo


Logo B

Marcia's logo


Logo C

Julian's logo