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YBT 2019 - The Report

Friday, 26 July 2019 23:14

Yes, it’s that time of year again. When Juniors from England and Wales compete in this inter-club competition, giving them the opportunity to represent their club at a national level. The Yvette Baker, named after Britain’s first World Champion who won Gold in the Short Distance event in Scotland at WOC 1999, allows Juniors of any age (18-) to take part, entering whichever course (Yellow, Orange, Light Green or Green) they feel confident running. Points are then awarded to runners in the 8 classes (eg. Yellow Men, Green Women), and then the top 9 results make up a club’s overall score.

This year there was an additional Trophy on the wobbly plastic table: the Yvette Baker Shield! This is a competition for smaller clubs with at least 5 Junior entries, this means that no matter the size of the Junior division of your club you still have a chance to compete! This added to excitement and numbers of Juniors we saw at Sandringham this year.

Sandringham Park – home to the Queen (who was incidentally in residence) - is a network of interlocking paths, shady pine forest, pockets of open land and a hill sloping off towards the road that encircles the park. Not to mention the head-high bracken which had Juniors carving out paths like Indiana Jones. Needless to say the park provided a sufficient challenge worthy of a final.

The competition was well attended by the top Junior teams (15 this year) from across England and Wales; who after qualifying in their regional heats back in April/May, came together for 2019 Final on Sunday 7th of July to battle it out (donning war face-paint and in SYO’s case - nail varnish), to see who would crowned best Junior team.

SYO (after getting up way too early for a Sunday) arrived to a blistering hot day with temperatures peaking at 25+°C. However the heat was nothing that a mad rampart around the playground, a cool run under the trees and several ice creams could not dispel away. Despite the heat, each course saw fast finishing times with the 2.3km yellow being won in 13:27, the 2.7km Orange in 23:08, the 3.8km Light Green in 32:47 and the 4.5km Green rapidly completed in 30:29.

After a lot of loitering around the download tent, the results were announced!

The Shield was won by SOS with a total of 499, closely followed by PFO in 2nd with 497 and HOC in 3rd with 488.

The Yvette Baker Trophy out of a maximum of 899 points was announced in reverse order, HH were 3rd with 848 points, SO in 2nd with 877, and SYO were in 1st place with 897, taking the title for the 3rd year running!

Thanks go out to West Anglican Orienteers for holding the final and all the clubs who held the heats it is a huge commitment requiring so much effort; but hopefully worth it for this great competition allowing Juniors to become more confident as ‘national orienteers’!

Next year the YBT Final is being held on July the 5th by BOK (South West). Hope to see you there!

Full results and photos can be found on the WAOC website

More details of our Hatrick can be found in this article from the Junior News

Isabelle Hodgson - SYO

Orienteering in the News - Holiday Reading

Monday, 22 July 2019 21:31

Whilst you enjoy a well-earned rest this holiday, don't forget to take us with you! Below is a fab list of holiday reading/watching/listening (compiled by Nick L) that should keep you entertained...

  • The JOK Chasing Sprint, featured on BBC Scotland's The Adventure Show is an excellent attempt to make orienteering look like a serious sport, but something anyone can have a go at. Watch the live coverage from it on BBC iPlayer (link ending soon)
  • 'The Run In' Podcast is hosted by former ShUOC (Sheffield Uni) students Katherine Bett and Will Gardner. The first episode featured former SYO coach Kris Jones and a more recent episode features our very own Cat Taylor.  
  • Whilst listening to the podcasts its worth looking at the relevant maps (Episode 2 - World Cup / Episode 3 - Jukola)
  • There's a nice interview with Cat in Athletics Weekly
  • The On The Red Line website covers the GB Elite team who compete on the international stage
  • The SLOW 'Think Fast, Run Hard' videos featuring many of the GB team members including local post-grad student Charlotte Ward
  • SYO itself even makes the news from time to time - here for its Junior Development programme

Have a great holiday (maybe with some Summer Multidays and adventures abroad?), and see you all in September for a jam-packed Autumn of Orienteering!

Yvette Baker 2019 - We made it a Hatrick!

Monday, 08 July 2019 19:26

Winning Junior Team

On Sunday 7th July our 50 strong team of juniors travelled to Sandringham, home of the Queen, to compete in the final of the 2019 Yvette Baker Trophy. 

It was an early start from Sheffield but the coach made good time and by 10.30am the team were setting up camp in the assembly field ready for the competition. While the juniors chilled and prepared for the races with nail and face painting, the adults rushed straight to the start to complete their runs prior to the start of the competition. Sandringham is a lovely woodland with very little bramble cover but the heavy rain followed by warm sunshine over the past few weeks has provided very fertile conditions for bracken growth! What would be a very easy control normally is significantly harder when you need to navigate your way through head high bracken and a number of the adults recorded some rather long times! At least we could console ourselves that we were creating elephant tracks for the juniors!

Our first juniors started just after 12.30 and it wasn't long before our yellow runners began streaming confidently into the finish, followed shortly by the first of our orange runners. As time passed we had lots of yellow, orange and even green course finishers but no light green competitors! Eventually though, to our relief, they started to return. The light green course was incredibly challenging in the bracken and early light green runners did not have the elephant tracks that the green competitors had. Towards the latter end of the competition the times speeded up thanks to the early runners forging the trails to the controls!

By 2.30pm all our runners were safely back and there was just time for ice-cream before the start of the prize giving. The Shield competition for smaller clubs was won by SOS with PFO in 2nd and HOC in 3rd. Then it was time for the trophy results......HH were announed 3rd in with 862 points, SO in 2nd with 880 and......for the 3rd year in a row.....SYO were announced as champions with a score of 897 (out of a possible 899)! 

As soon as the prize giving was over we bundled onto the coach for the long journey back to Sheffield. However, the celebrations continued on the coach with lollipops (thanks Dave) and the purchase of a new club mascot - Billie the Bee!

New SYO Mascot

Congratulations to our 9 scorers:

Isabelle H - green girls - 100 points
Imogen - light green girls - 100 points
Freya - orange girls - 100 points
Charlotte - yellow girls - 100 points
James - orange boys - 100 points
Caspar - yellow boys - 100 points
Euan - green boys - 99 points
Anna - orange girls - 99 points
Freddie E - orange boys - 99 points
Ella (yellow girls) and Isaac (yellow boys) also scored 99 points but we did so well their scores weren't needed!

However, a huge well done must go to the whole team because even if they didn't score directly for SYO they helped push down the score of our competitors. Perhaps the most impressive statistic was that we didn't have a single retiral or mispunch and every single junior completed their course! 

Thank you to all the parent supporters and particularly team captain Jacky. Next year's final will be held in the South West on Sunday 5th July 2020.

Check out the Trophy in our Trophy Cabinet!

High Storrs at the World Schools Champs

Monday, 01 July 2019 21:33

Here's Part 2 of our reports from the World Schools Champs in Estonia back in May. Our thanks to Nick Lightfoot and the Team for putting this together...

Pictures can be seen on the High Storrs Website


Orienteering, the sport that combines map reading and running, is becoming increasingly popular with school children across South Yorkshire with thousands getting a taster in school, and hundreds competing regularly in the popular schools league. Earlier this year a team of 40 youngsters, 12 of them from Sheffield, travelled to Estonia to represent England in the World Schools Orienteering Championships. Six of the team were from High Storrs and they’ve been describing their experiences including how team member Euan managed to win two Gold medals!


Following encouraging results in the British Schools Orienteering Championships in 2017 a group of High Storrs pupils set out to see if they could qualify for the 2019 World Schools Championships in Estonia. The boys team of Euan, Jamie, Olmo, Dylan, Alfie and Benjamin were joined by Alex who was aiming for an individual place in the senior girls team. This is their account.


Although Euan, Jamie and Alex were experienced orienteers, the rest of us had rarely competed outside of Sheffield so the selection race at Tockholes in Lancashire was going to be a challenge. We are all members of the local club South Yorkshire Orienteers who run weekly club nights with a mixture of running training and map exercises based at High Storrs in the winter and local parks in the summer, and monthly coaching sessions practising more advanced map reading skills in local woods. In the run up to the selections we got together for extra coaching from Jamie’s Dad (Nick), and Alex’s brother (Ryan), a High Storrs Sixth Former. We had indoor sessions looking at relevant maps and playing a new orienteering simulation game called Virtual O, plus some forest training. The practice paid off we all managed to finish the selection race and this combined with wins for Jamie and Euan at the British Schools Championships were just enough to see off challenges from Torquay Grammar and Ulverston High, so we were selected to represent England in the Junior Boys School class. Alex also did enough to win a place in the Senior Girls Select class along with 4 other girls from schools throughout England. Unfortunately we found out that only 5 of the team could travel to Estonia so Benjamin generously offered to step aside as his music commitments meant he didn’t have as much time for training.

Estonia was going to be an even bigger challenge so as part of our preparations we met with former GB internationals Rachel Rothman and Oli Johnson who’d competed in the same forests at the European Championships in 2006. They told us all about the terrain in Estonia and international competitions generally and gave us tips for training and competing. Sheffield has a surprising variety of woodland so we were able to practice in terrain with similar challenges to Estonia as well as resuming the indoor map sessions this time looking at Estonian maps. Alfie became a bit of a beast at Virtual-O, which added to our confidence!

Ahead of the competition we met up at Sheffield station wearing our smart new England tracksuits and travelled down to Birmingham Airport to meet the rest of the team for a 6am flight to Estonia. The team kit was useful for the coaches to keep track of us and a good advert for orienteering as people asked us what we were doing. The tracksuits inspired the name of our WhatsApp group – ‘Team Penguin’. We just managed make it through Frankfurt airport despite Euan getting stopped in security with a bottle of iced tea in his luggage and when we bumped into the Austrian and Spanish teams on our connecting flight we realised this really was a real World Championships. On arrival in Estonia we piled into a coach for the two hour journey from Tallinn the capital to Otepaa the ski capital of Estonia and the venue for the competition. Estonia is similar to Sweden, the home of orienteering, quite flat with loads of forests and the occasional lakes. Otepaa was a bit hillier and there were a few patches of snow, which excited the Brazilians, but no mountains – turns out they do cross country skiing and ski-jumping. The journey turned into a race to our hotel with the Austrian and Spanish coaches which we lost but made up for it by getting into dinner first – a feat which we mastered for the rest of the week.

Our first full day in Estonia included a model event in forests adjacent to the competition where we could check out the maps and terrain. Some bits seemed vaguely familiar from our map sessions back home but now we could really check out runability of the forests and marshes and which features were included on the maps. Later on all the teams assembled in the local sports stadium for the opening ceremony – 600 competitors from 24 countries including teams from China, Russia, New Zealand, Israel, Brazil and all over Europe. The flag parade was followed by some traditional local dancing, which is a big thing in Estonia and was actually pretty cool especially when viewed on the big screen from the overhead drone. Finally after a few speeches an Olympic style torch formally opened the event. Turns out even the opening ceremony was being streamed live on the internet so Mums and Dads could check we weren’t picking our noses or anything!

After nearly a year of planning and training the morning of the first big race finally arrived – the coaches kept telling us to relax, which we seemed much better at than them, although Euan was a bit quieter than usual – apparently he was getting into the zone or something. Before the start we all had to hand in our phones and go and hang out in the ‘quarantine’ area at a local school so late starters can’t get advice from early finishers (orienteering is a time trial and for big races you start at 2 minute intervals to discourage following). Jamie was the first of the team to start and at the finish he had the fastest time of the early starters so got interviewed on the TV – something we hadn’t practiced but he was pretty good. The rest of the team finished one by one with tales of tricky control points but all enjoyed the challenge of running in foreign terrain - we joined the spectators waiting for the climax of the race and the later starters which included Euan.

Due to a technical hitch Euan had no early split times from radio controls but just when we started to worry he appeared in the distance and finished in just under 31 minutes – fast enough to take the Gold medal by 45 seconds. Euan managed to dodge the post-race interview and we all went to get our lunch before Euan had to go and drown in flowers and flags at the medal ceremony. Jamie ended up in a creditable 19th position out of 75 competitors and with Olmo, Dylan and Alfie all posting good times the team was in 6th place with just the Middle distance to come. Alex was happy to complete her first international competition with a mostly clean run and without getting distracted by other runners finishing 56th place.

The next day was supposed to be a ‘rest day’ but after the usual 7.00 knock on the door and hurried breakfast we piled into the coach and headed to the university town of Tartu for a bit of culture. It was actually quite fun with a couple of hours in a really cool science museum after which they gave us an iPad with a special orienteering style app which took us on a rain drenched tour of the city asking questions as we went – the coaches also took part but cheated by taking our Estonian guide with them to help with the answers. After lunch each country set out stalls and shared traditional snacks, orienteering maps and other information so we could learn a little about each other’s countries. The cultural day ended with a 5 minute performance by each country including the French lads doing the can-can, some cool Belgian chanting, Finnish jenka, New Zealand haka, and a mass Macarena. The Scots insisted on wearing skirts as usual and we managed to pull off some quite intricate dance moves and stick bashing thinly disguised as Morris Dancing.

The temperature dropped dramatically for the Middle Distance race and there were flurries of snow, presumably arranged by the organisers to impress the Brazilians. The courses were shorter but trickier than the Long Distance. Jamie and Olmo had a few more problems but Dylan managed to avoid any big mistakes and finished before the fast Fin who started 2 minutes behind him. Alfie had another confident run with just one big mistake and although Alex couldn’t better her Long Distance result she enjoyed her first international race and proving her skills in the challenging foreign terrain.

Once again it was Euan who was last of the team to start, and if anything seemed even more quiet and focussed before the start. This time he was picked out by the commentators with fast times at the radio controls, but could he hold on for the win. With the technical challenges and mental pressures in orienteering it’s rare for the same runner to win twice in a row in major championships, but Euan pulled it off sprinting in to take double Gold – a first for the English Schools team. Despite Euan’s heroics the team slipped back a place to 7th but still an excellent result from a young and inexperienced team. Afterwards Coach Nick congratulated us all, especially Alfie who in just a year had progressed from novice courses in Sheffield parks to racing at a World Championships.

With the serious competitions out of the way, the last day was the highlight of the week for most of us, kicking off with the Friendship Event where we teamed up with runners from other countries for a mass start race in which teams of three had to visit all the controls between them as fast as possible meeting up at two intermediate checkpoints and the finish along the way. It was great fun work together with people from different countries instead of competing against them. Afterwards there was a mass kit swap with much haggling led by Jamie who managed to secure one of the coveted black New Zealand tops from the guy he’d met at the Long Distance race.

Back at the hotel there was time for a sauna and swimming in the lake and we played football and basketball against some of the other teams. It was especially sweet to beat the Fins after they’d dominated our class in the orienteering! In the evening the Estonians unveiled yet another venue, a massive brand new sports hall at our hotel complex which hosted the closing ceremony and party. We had to endure more speeches and dancing (this time modern stuff) but got to cheer the England Senior Boys team who beat the Scandinavians to take the overall Gold medal – respect! Eventually we all piled, shoes off, onto the dance floor with 600 other kids with Dylan and Euan were crowd surfing whilst the rest of us leapt about using up our last bits of energy. A memorable end to what had been a fantastic week.

We brought home memories of orienteering challenges, sharing in Euan’s success, meeting people from all over the World, learning a little about other cultures, and, of course, having fun. We’d like to thank all the organisations who supported us including South Yorkshire Orienteers, YHOA, Jack Bloor Fund, BSOA and Orienteering Foundation and especially Dave, Mel and Pauline for organising things, and Nick and the other coaches for help along the way.

Summer Training Camp Selections

Friday, 07 June 2019 18:13

Well done to all the SYO Juniors who have been selected for Summer Orienteering Training Camps!

At the start of the summer, around the Scottish 6 Days, the JROS Lagganlia and Deeside camps will take place up in Scotland. The juniors off to those are:

Lagganlia - Alex C, Imogen & Jamie (with Ryan & Dom coaching!)
Deeside - Alex E & Max

Particular congratulations to Euan who has been selected for the BOF Talent Squad Badaguish Camp.

Then at the end of summer, Ryan & Dom will head off on the JROS Gothenburg tour, but will be joined a week later in Sweden for the YHJS Squad Tour to Stockholm, that 17 SYO Juniors will be part of.

Success at Yorkshire Schools Champs for SYO Juniors

Tuesday, 04 June 2019 23:13

SYO juniors picked up plenty of silverware at the recent Yorkshire Schools Champs held at Canklow near Rotherham. Congratulations to the medal winning club members:

Y4B - 1st Maxwell, 2nd Lawrence, 3rd Will P
Y5G - 1st Penny, 2nd Alice, 3rd Ellen
Y5B - 1st Oscar, 2nd Oli, 3rd Jake
Y6G - 1st Anna, 2nd Margaux
Y6B - 1st Robbie, 2nd Ben A, 3rd Toby
Y7G - 1st Isabelle, 2nd Ciara, 3rd Ruth
Y7B - 1st Isaac, 2nd James, 3rd John
Y8/9G - 1st Imogen, 2nd Millie, 3rd Alexandra
Y8/9B - 1st Euan, 2nd Matthew, 3rd Conrad
Y10/11G - 1st Isobel, 2nd Naomi
Y10/11B - 1st Max, 2nd Will G, 3rd Sam D
Y12/13B - 1st Dom


World Schools 2019 Report

Thursday, 13 June 2019 20:33

At the end of April, 12 Juniors from SYO jetted off to Estonia to compete as part of the 40-strong England Team at the World Schools Orienteering Championships 2019. The week-long event was based at the Tehvandi Sports Centre close to Otepää in the South-East of the country, with the arena for all days at the Athletics Stadium – complete with run-in along the track! The forests we were running in were adjacent to the sports centre, and all the races had a few final controls amongst the ski slopes and jumps.

Live TV coverage and results were available for all of the races, so supporters could watch back home as we competed. There was even coverage of the Opening Ceremony, complete with a drone to catch the action from overhead. Check out this aftermovie to see some of the highlights from the week!

Below are reports by the Select SYO runners (7 SYO members were individuals in Select teams, whilst 5 boys made up the High Storrs Schools Team)...

WSOC 2019 Aftermovie

Model Event – Tuesday 30th April   (Dom D)

Before travelling to Estonia, all the team were able to look at maps online (map-geeking), but it was difficult to judge what the areas for the races would be like, with the biggest unknown being the vegetation, and how it was mapped. The day before the official races began, we had the opportunity to check out the terrain in a specially organised Model Event. As well as a chance to run on very similar terrain, we could also see how things such as the start and finish would be set up. We went round the ‘score’ style course both in groups and individually, allowing us to meet up with our coaches to discuss what we found along the way, which helped us to develop our plans for the Long and Middle. We quickly realised the importance of avoiding even “light green” forest due to its density, and this was the main point we took away to bear in mind for the following days. There was a real mix of vegetation with coniferous and deciduous forest – some incredibly runnable, and other parts, such as the marshes, less so! For some members of the team these were the first controls they’d ever found abroad, and it was to be the start of what was a great week of orienteering and memory-making!

Opening Ceremony – Tuesday 30th April   (Alex E)

After the model event it was time for us to relax and enjoy the opening ceremony in the sunshine that we would soon start to miss over the following days. The event began with the procession of flags from each nation, followed by a series of traditional Estonian dances representing unity and friendship. We then had some brief speeches from the Presidents of Estonian school sports and IOF, and the deputy president of ISF, as well as the oaths of fair play for the athletes and coaches. Last but not least was the ceremonial lighting of the flame: an Estonian athlete strode along with the torch - followed by an entourage of dancers - to officially begin the competition.

The Arena at the stadium - complete with big screen to watch the action live, and giant blow up water bottle!

Long Race – Wednesday 1st May  (Alex C)

After months of excitement, preparation and waiting, I was finally at the start line of the long distance race – my first run at the World Schools Championships 2019. After the previous day’s training on similar areas, I had already got a feel for the terrain and the map although, as prepared as I was, I was very nervous. The course started straight up a huge hill, which was both a technical and physical challenge but I navigated well and managed to keep running (pretty much) all the way to the top. The rest of the course went pretty smoothly and I made few mistakes, the terrain wasn’t very runnable but I really enjoyed my course. Running into the arena was an amazing experience and nothing like anything I’d ever done before, with live coverage of the whole event and an amazing atmosphere.

Cultural Day – Thursday 2nd May  (Imogen P)

The cultural day was extremely exciting, it first involved a trip to the Tartu Science Museum which was amazing. We spent 4 hours in the museum going on the various interactive attractions including a spinning tunnel, various water exhibitions (which involved us getting quite wet!) and riding on a bike suspended in the air. After this it was time for a very wet but fun orienteering quiz course around the city of Tartu where we were sent out in groups of 10 to find various checkpoints around the town and answer a question at each one. Eventually this led us to the University which was where the cultural day celebrations took place later that day. The cultural evening certainly exceeded our expectations with every country performing their own national dance or song. My personal favourite was the Austrians at the start because we all ran down to join in at the end. England performed Morris dancing which was very hard and took me a while to learn but was definitely worth it and we got to dress up in costumes with England hats and tattoos. In addition every country provided a stall with different foods or items from their country. (The New Zealand sweets were really good!) All in all it was a very good day and I had a great time!

After a little bit of rehearsing the Morris Dancing went pretty well!

Middle Race – Friday 3rd May  (Max M)

On Friday, the Middle Distance took place. Unfortunately, the weather changed dramatically from 21 degrees on the Long to 2 degrees and snow for the Middle. Luckily the quarantine was indoors. The wood was filled with small paths crisscrossing between small hills. It was really enjoyable but needed concentration. I had a great run coming in 1st after around half the competitors! After a nice risotto for lunch, I just had to wait to see how I had done. Amazingly I came 6th – which is on the podium. England also had 3 more podiums with Euan winning M2 School, Jim taking 5th on M1 Select and Flurry taking a 2nd on M1 select. Overall it was a great day for the English team! And as we were all tired, the rest of the day was spent relaxing.

Friendship Relay – Saturday 4th May  (Sam C)

On Friendship Relay day we, as normal got up and got breakfast, then went to the event arena. England arrived early and we watched the rest of the teams slowly arrive. The teams of three, each from a different country begin to assemble.  At 11 the maps were given out and despite language barriers teams had to decide the route they would take each. I had an Estonian and a Russian on my team and it was hard to sort out who was going where but after a while we managed. Next was the start. There was a giant pen and after 15 minutes the tape was dropped and everyone started running. Once everyone started and got all the close controls teams had to meet up at point A which was on a large hill. The same happened from point A to B and B to C. On the run-in everyone had to hold hands and afterwards there was the traditional swapping of kit as there are no more races. I managed to get the highly prized New Zealand top, a Polish top and a Spanish top too. It was a great day I will always remember.

3, 2, 1, GO! The crazy start to the Friendship Rvent

Closing Ceremony – Saturday 4th May  (Dom D)

Sadly, all good things come to an end, and so following the inter-country top swapping we headed back to our accommodation to get ready for the closing ceremony… and farewell party! The other members of my team had put in some fantastic runs in the Long and Middle Races, placing our M1 Select team 1st overall. The overall prizegiving was incorporated into the closing ceremony, along with the expected speeches, and a slightly less traditional performance by a dance troop, including one where the dancers portrayed a snooker game! Alas, it was the end of World Schools 2019 – but there was just time for the Farewell Party – complete with a live Estonian singer and band, who performed a mix of originals and covers (thankfully!)

A huge amount effort was put into the World Schools Orienteering Championships 2019 – complete with Opening and Closing Ceremonies, and live results and streaming to those back home – and so we’d like to thank the organisers for putting on such a great event, and our England team managers for making it all happen.

Equally our thanks go to the Jack Bloor Fund, Yorkshire and Humberside Orienteering Association, and SYO for their financial support.

Overall a fantastic experience, making memories that will last a lifetime!


Link to archived World Schools - Estonia page

The entire England Team on the last night

Medal success at BOC 2019

Sunday, 26 May 2019 07:55

Mini Relay Mass Start

The May Day bank holiday weekend saw the British Orienteering Champs visit Yorkshire for 3 days of top quality racing.

The British Mixed Sprint Relays were a new addition to the weekend and kicked racing off to an exciting start. Bradford University offered challenging urban orienteering on surprisingly hilly terrain. SYO’s mixed sprint teams performed incredibly well, particularly in the junior categories as we were missing many of our older juniors at the World Schools Orienteering Champs in Estonia. There were two fabulous wins – our vets team of Andy, Kim & Oli and our under 12s team of Robbie, Anna & James. There was a well-deserved silver for our under 16s team of Matthew, Freya & Will and there was bronze for our 2nd under 12s team of Oscar, Lawrence & Charlotte, who all still have another couple of years in this category!

Sunday saw proceedings move to the Yorkshire Dales and the limestone pavements of Kilnsey. There were some fabulous performances from our members with a whopping 7 British Champions crowned. Congratulations to Robbie (M12), Tim T (M55), Peter G (M70), Charlotte (W10), Freya (W12), Kim (W40) and Amanda (W45). There were silver medals for James (M12), Ella (W10) and Judy (W65). Well done also to Freddie G who took his first victory on M10B.

The final day of racing was the forest relays at Middleton Park in Leeds. The athletics stadium made a super arena with excellent spectating. Courses were surprisingly challenging with lots of runners getting caught out by the numerous thickets and paths. Relay day also saw the return of our WSOC juniors which bolstered the numbers in the junior classes. With 5 class wins and 4 other podium positions it is safe to say that SYO had a very successful relay day! Congratulations to:

1st Women’s Open – Kim, Mary & Cat
1st M40 – Andy, Nick B and Oli
1st M50 – Martin, Bill & Tim
1st W18 – Isabelle, Isobel & Alex E
1st M14 – Jamie, Olmo & Conrad
2nd W14 – Imogen, Freya & Alex
2nd Mini – Robbie, Anna & James
3rd Mini – Oscar, Ella & Charlotte
3rd M18 – Dom, Max & Euan
3rd W40 – Jenny J, Lucy & Amanda

Next year’s BOC will be held in the South East over the weekend of 19th & 20th March with both races to be held on a new area names Marley Heights. Get the date in your diary – we need to make sure we retain all those titles we picked up this year!

SYO sail through to the final of the YBT

Friday, 03 May 2019 19:20

Well done to the 50 SYO juniors who took part in the heat of the Yvette Baker Trophy yesterday. The competition was hosted by HALO at Mausoleum Woods near Grimsby. The runnable terrain and good path network suited our runners well and we scored the maximum points possible - 899! Congratulations to our scorers:

Euan - Green Boys - 100
Isabelle - Green Girls - 100
Matthew - Light Green Boys - 100
Alex C - Light Green Girls - 100
Ben T - Orange Boys - 100
Anna - Orange Girls - 100
Caspar - Yellow Boys - 100
Charlotte - Yellow Girls - 100

The 9th counter scored 99 points and was one of Will G, Freya, Conrad, Ciara, Oscar, Ella & Rafferty who all came 2nd in their classes.

Well done to everyone who took part and thank you to Jacky for her fabulous captaincy of the team. The final is on 7th July at Sandringham in Norfolk - please put the date in your diary.

JK 2019 - The results!

Saturday, 04 May 2019 19:20

Mini Relay Team Winners

Well what a weekend the JK 2019 was. No-one will forget the gorgeous sunshine, good areas, great maps, interesting courses, super organisation, lovely socialising and fabulous assembly areas. Sadly though, for many, the overriding memory will be the great results fiasco! On a positive note though, the (more or less) finalised results have been published today so at last we can celebrate the successes of the 100 plus SYO members who competed over the Easter weekend.

Kim Winner of W40L

The weekend began at Aldershot Barracks on Good Friday with the JK sprint. Racing was fast and furious and although courses were not particularly technically difficult, keeping up the speed in the heat was certainly challenging. Eight SYO members achieved a well-earned podium finish. Well done to JK sprint champions Ella (W10) and Peter G (M70). Congratulations also to silver medallists Rachael (W35), Kim (W40), Anna (W12) and Lawrence (M10) and bronze medallists Judy (W65) and Alice (W10).

1st and 2nd place in M55L

The heat continued for day 2’s middle race at Old Windmill Hill. The area’s many spurs, re-entrants, pits and knolls meant technically challenging courses. For Sunday’s long race we all travelled a little further afield to Cold Ash. The extensive path network and runnable forest meant a good result was about excellent route choice and keeping the speed up over the full distance of the course. The main JK results are determined by combining times for day 2 and 3 so our podium finishers had to race superbly over both days. Congratulations to our four overall JK Champions Charlie (M55L), Kim (W40L), Peter G (M70L) and Charlotte (W10A). Well done also to our silver medallists Lawrence (M10A), Bill E (M50L), Tim T (M55L), Rachael (W35L), James B (M12A) and Freya (W12A) and our bronze medallist Lucy (W50L). Mo also had a good weekend, winning W45S, as did Stanley who won M10B age only 7!

Silver medal winners in M W12

Easter Monday saw the turn of the relays at Minley – a runnable woodland with numerous confusing thickets. The day began overcast but soon turned into another scorcher. The mini relay got the event off to a very exciting start with excellent commentary. Sadly, however, as the main relays got underway very little information got through to the commentary team so it was difficult to follow proceedings. Many of our final leg runners spent over an hour queuing in the download tent to resolve timing issues and there was considerable confusion in the results with teams being disqualified unfairly left, right and centre. Eventually some relay prize givings took place but most were postponed (now to be presented at BOC 2019). When the results were published a few days later teams that had apparently been correct on the day were now disqualified! Whilst we have submitted an official protest regarding the disqualification of one of our Junior relay teams, we do fortunately have plenty of excellent relay results to celebrate. Well done to all our relay teams that achieved a podium place:

Mary Pippa Cat 2nd place in womens trophy

1st Mini Relay – SYO Mini Bees – Oscar, Ella & Charlotte
1st Junior Relay – SYO Beestrong – Will G, Alice & Sam T
1st Senior Women – SYO Beewitched – Rachael, Amanda & Kim
1st Senior Men – SYO Bee Stings – Andy, Nick & Oli
2nd Women’s Trophy – SYO Honey Bees – Mary, Pippa & Cat
2nd Mini Relay - SYO Busy Bees – Robbie, Anna & James
3rd Intermediate Men – SYO Bee Awesome – Max, Sam C & Euan

2nd mini relay team

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