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World Schools - Estonia

Published Saturday, 01 June 2019 21:11

The countdown is on to when 12 SYO Juniors will be jetting off to Estonia. Find out more about the World Schools competition by clicking the link below...

SYO's dominance on the Junior Orienteering stage continues, with no fewer than 12 SYO juniors jetting off to Estonia at the end of April to compete at the World Schools Orienteering Championships representing England, alongside juniors from countries around the globe.

The event promises to be a fantastic action-packed week, with a heavy focus on exploring culture as much as the orienteering (which should be particularly excellent, with the World Champs being held in Estonia in 2017).

To get selected was no mean feat, with the juniors having to compete at a special selection race on the Saturday (day before the British Schools). This was held at Tockholes, which boasts mainly extremely runnable woodland (no undergrowth!), with intricately contoured slopes including old mine workings, making for challenging courses with fast winning times. The starts were spread out over a few hours, and so this made for tense waits in Assembly to see if our juniors had done enough to secure a place on the plane.

The Maps & Sample Courses

The sample courses have been kindly provided by Nick Lightfoot (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), who will be travelling with the team to Estonia. He's made some notes here, with input from Rachel Rothman and Oli Johnson, who both ran in the European Orienteering Championships in Estonia in 2006 on the same areas as this year’s World Schools.

Sel = Selected Individuals; Sch = School Teams

Blank Maps of the Areas

Long Distance Middle Distance Team Event

Sample Courses for Estonia

Middle Distance
M2 Sch (1) M2 Sch (2) M2 Sch (3)
Long Distance
M2 Sch (1) M2 Sch (2) M2 Sch (3)

Courses from Palermo, Italy (WSOC 2017)

Middle Distance
W1 Sch W1 Sel W2 Sch W2 Sel
M1 Sch M1 Sel M2 Sch M2 Sel
Long Distance
W1 Sch W1 Sel W2 Sch W2 Sel
M1 Sch M1 Sel M2 Sch M2 Sel

Samples of the Maps can be seen via the links below...

Check out this map of the embargoed areas

April's Team of the Month...

The High Storrs Boys!

To see what they had to say, and to view all the past Junior of the Month profiles, click here...


Bulletin 1

Bulletin 2

The Programme

29th April 

Welcome / Accreditation / Housing of teams

30th April

Meeting Heads of Delegation / Technical Meeting

Opening Ceremony

Training, Model Event

1st May Long Distance Race
2nd May

Cultural Day

Cultural Festival

Technical Meeting for TC and Coaches

3rd May

Middle Distance Race

4th May

Team Event

Prize-giving / Closing Ceremony / Farewell Party

5th May


 The SYO Contingent

Loving the Team Kit!

Imogen and Alex C - Junior Girls

Isabelle H and Alex E - Senior Girls

Max and Sam C - Junior Boys

Dom - Senior Boys

Euan, Dylan, Olmo, Jamie & Alfie - Junior Boys team (High Storrs School)

This means that 30% of the England Team will be from Sheffield - a fantastic achievement that is a testament to the club's development programme

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