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The Junior Captain's Speech

Published Monday, 31 December 2018 00:00

With us nearing the end of another year of orienteering, we thought it would be nice to look back at the successes this year has brought for the SYO Juniors. 

Here's a message from not quite the real Queen, but our 'Queen Bee', Jacky (SYO Junior Team Captain)...

With us nearing the end of another year of orienteering, we thought it would be nice to look back at the successes this year has brought for the SYO Juniors. 

Here's a message from not quite the real Queen, but our 'Queen Bee', Jacky (SYO Junior Team Captain)...

"Well Done SYO Juniors! 2018 has been a fantastic year for the SYO Junior Squad members, with many team and individual successes nationally. We've also had fun whilst competing, with our 'Grand Days Out by coach' being very popular. Below are the successes we have enjoyed this year, which can be seen in our Trophy Cabinet & Hall of Fame. There's also lots of info (particularly about the team events at the bottom) in our Junior News Feed

We currently have around 120 Juniors, who are all part of the SYO Junior Squad. It has been wonderful to see so many of you attending the monthly coaching sessions, the weekly Clubnight, and then putting your training into practice at the local Saturday Series events. Lots of you have also travelled to events around the country. This all helps to make SYO Juniors perhaps the best Junior Club in the country, and I hope you are all looking forward to the 2019 Competitions.

The Junior Team Captain's Speech, 3pm, BBC 1


Whole SYO Junior Squad successes

Yvette Baker Trophy Heat - Back in May around 60 juniors headed to EPOC's Oakwell Hall event, where we took a convincing win, qualifying us for the final

Yvette Baker Trophy Final - Then in July, again 60 juniors represented SYO in the scorching heat of Arrow Valley Country Park in the Midlands. Strong performances all round saw us take the Yvette Baker Trophy for a 2nd year.

CompassSport Cup - held at Cannock Chase in the Midlands, the Juniors were very instrumental in helping SYO to take the cup for the first time in many years. A fantastic achievement, showing you can't underestimate the power of Juniors!

Peter Palmer Relays - held on home turf at Tankersley, our SYO teams put in strong runs, with one team winning the Joan George Trophy. In 2019 we'll be challenging for the main Relay trophy, which SYO last won in 2013.

The SYO Juniors hold up the YBT Trophy at the Schools League Prizegiving at CLiffhanger back in July


SYO Junior Relay Team successes

JK Relays - it seemed like ages ago, but back in the Easter holidays on a cold (and snowy!) morning on Cannock Chase, our Juniors enjoyed quite a few successes, with 2 teams taking the top spots on the podium:

  • Mini Relay - Robbie, James and Freya
  • M/W40- - Euan, Conrad and Sam

British Relays - then in June up in Scotland, we saw more success, despite the long drive required to get up to the competiton:

  • Ad Hoc - Ryan, Jamie and Alex
  • Mini Relay - Robbie, Oscar and Conrad

Harvester Relays - Just when you think orienteering has wound down for the summer, you remember there's one more overnight relay to go! 5 SYO juniors (Louise, Dom, Sam, Max and Euan) joined the senior team to travel down to Tilgate Park in the Southdowns to compete, and won the 'Happy Harvester' Junior Trophy.

The Ad-Hoc Podium at the British Relays


Individual SYO Junior Successes

There have been so many fantastic performances put in by our juniors over the year, so apologies if we miss some out!

National Champions 2018

British Championships

Sprint: Robbie (M10) and Anna (W10)

Middle: Euan (M14), Ella (W10) and Imogen (W14)

Long: Freya (W12)

Jan Kjellström (JK)

Sprint: Robbie (M10), Anna (W10) and Imogen (W14)

Overall: Robbie (M10) and Freya (W12)

Northern Championships: Conrad (M12), Euan (M14), Anna (W10) and Freya (W12)

The Junior podiums at the British Sprints were dominated by SYO!

Regional & National Selection/Representation

Interland - 4 SYO Juniors were selected to compete on the English team at Interland in the Netherlands this year: Euan, Sam, Max and Ryan. 

JIRCs - At the Junior Inter-Regional Champs, held this year at Chatsworth in the East Midlands, 15 juniors of the 24-strong Yorkshire team were from SYO, all helping to place YHJS 3rd overall:
M14 - Max M, Matthew M, Euan T, Conrad R
M16 - Sam D, Will G, Jamie L, Sam C
M18 - Dom D, Ryan E 
W14 - Alex C, Imogen P, Freya T 
W16 - Alex E, Isabelle H 
JHIs - Just like the JIRCs, but the Junior Home Internationals are held between the 4 home nations - England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. 5 SYO Juniors helped to make up the English team of 24. Sadly the continued outstanding performaces of the Scots on home terrain meant that England finished up in 2nd:
M14 - Max M, Euan T, Sam C
M18 - Dom D
W14 - Imogen P
The Yorkshire Team at JIRCs this year


Key Dates for your Diary - 2019

Team competitions (open to all SYO Juniors)

  • Yvette Baker Heat - Mausoleum Woods - Sunday 28th April 
  • Yvette Baker Final - Sandringham, Family Camping Weekend? - Sunday 7th July 
  • Peter Palmer (M/W12  & upwards) - Southdowns - 7/8th September 
  • British Schools Score - Heaton Park, Manchester - Saturday 12th October
  • British Schools Orienteering Championships - near Basingstoke - Sunday 17th November


I look forward to seeing you ready and raring to go in 2019! 

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