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Trophy Cabinet

Here you can see all the silverware our juniors have won in the past year whilst running as part of Team SYO, and who individually is a champion for their age. Can these titles be retained this year? 

Then at the bottom of the page, you can discover the successes of our juniors from years gone by in our Hall of Fame of junior competitions and relays...

 Peter Palmer Relays 2018 - Tankersley, YH

Joan George Trophy

SYO had 3 Peter Palmer Relay teams, and 2 teams in the DayBreak Relay. One of our teams came 2nd overall, and won the Joan George Trophy.

SYO Killer Bees: Ryan E, Dom D, Sam C, Imogen P, Freya T, Alexandra G, Euan T

YBT 2018

 Yvette Baker 2018 - Arrow Valley, WM

Yvette Baker Trophy

SYO had 60 runners, who all played a vital role in helping us win.

Our counters were: Charlotte C, Freya T, Euan T, Conrad R, Imogen P, Robbie L, Anna T, Dylan J, Isabelle H, Jamie L, Isabelle H

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 British Relay Champs 2018 - Torphantrick, SCO

Mini Relay Trophy

Robbie L, Oscar P, Conrad R

...pictured here in the top spot on the podium!

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 British Relay Champs 2018 - Torphantrick, SCO

Junior Ad Hoc

Ryan E, Jamie L, Alex E

...seen here running in together with Alex on last leg to take the victory

The SYO Junior Team with the trophy (along with the adult team)

 Harvester Relays 2018 - Tilgate Forest, SE

Junior 'Happy Harvester' Trophy

Louise A, Dom D, Max M, Sam C & Euan T

...pictured here alongside the adult team, after winning their 5-leg relay that started at 2am!

 JK Relays 2018 - Beaudesert, WM

Mini Relay Trophy

Robbie L, James B, Freya T

...seen here on the podium, with the next SYO team in 3rd place

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 JK Relays 2018 - Beaudesert, WM

Junior (M/W40-) Trophy

Sam C, Conrad R & Euan T

...pictured here together after their wintry runs (you can still see some snow on the ground, even though it was Easter!)

National & Regional Champions

These juniors are champions at national (British Champs and the JK) or regional (Northern Champs) level - you can't get much better than that as a junior!

British Champs 2018Jan Kjellström (JK) 2018Northern Champs 2019
SprintMiddleLongSprintOverall Maxwell G (M10)
Robbie L (M10) Euan T (M14) Freya T (W12) Robbie L (M10) Robbie L (M10) James B (M12)
Anna T (W10) Ella B (W10)   Anna T (W10) Freya T (W12) Charlotte C (W10)
  Imogen P (W14)   Imogen P (W14)   Freya T (W12)
          Imogen P (W14)

Hall of Fame

Click on the links below to see who made up the winning teams of the past! Here's a link to the full SYO Hall of Fame.

Yvette Baker

Peter Palmers

British Relays

JK Relays

Harvester Relays

Photos by Wendy Carlyle, Rob Lines, Will Heap & SYO Members

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