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British Orienteering has published updated guidance about coronavirus and orienteering, requiring that all orienteering events be cancelled at this time. SYO has therefore followed this advice and cancelled all events within the next few months.

Route to Success



Local Events - Without even being a member of SYO, you can attend any of our events (not just the Saturday Series ones. A listing of our events can be seen here.

British Schools - A competition held every year, where you can compete for your school. SYO often organises a coach to help you get there. More info here.


Once you become a member of SYO, you can do a lot more as part of the club:

Club Training & Club Night- They say Practice makes Perfect, and the club's free monthly trainings and weekly Club Night will allow you to do just that! 

You can also compete in annual club competitions. You'll be contacted to see if you want to take part in these. Two of these are just for juniors... 

Yvette Baker - This is a fun event, where you can run any course you're happy to run, and score points for your club.

Peter Palmer Relay - A crazy 6-person relay that starts at 5am... in the dark! The running continues into the daytime, so there are legs to suit all ages and experience.


Regional Events - Other clubs put on events all around the country - and you're welcome to go along to them. See the British Orienteering event list to find one.

Yorkshire and Humberside Junior Squad (YHJS) - Once you're selected for YHJS, you can go to their training days and weekends, that will all help you to improve your orienteering. As a squad member, you might also get the chance to go the Junior Inter-Regional Champs (JIRCs), where all the regional squads around the country compete against each other. There are also Squad Tours to Sweden every two years, which is really good fun, and great practice in the tricky terrain! More info can be found on the YHJS website.

Junior Regional Orienteering Squads (JROS) - YHJS is just one of 12 regional squads from around the country. Juniors from all the squads can get selected to go on one of JROS's summer tours - starting when you are an M/W14, and that continues right up to M/W20, taking you to excellent training areas in Scotland and Sweden.

Orienteering in your summer holiday might not sound too fun... but it really is - the friends you'll make, and the fun you'll have make it all worthwhile... plus you'll really improve your orienteering! Find out more about summer tours on the JROS website


There are quite a few big competitions in the year, some of which are selections for things like the squads and national teams. These events also have a great atmosphere, so are well worth attending! Two of these events are...

JK Weekend - Held over the Easter weekend every year, it's a great event, with a Sprint, Middle, Long and Relay - all in 4 days! Info here.

British Championships - Anyone can attend these races that happen throughout the year. There's Sprint, Middle, Long & Relays... so something for everyone!  

To find out when these events are, have a look at our junior events lists. These lists include events where you compete for your club, as well as other National and fun events you might like to try.

Of course this is just a handful of the many events and exciting things you can do in orienteering - why not chat to some other juniors to hear what they recommend?

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