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British Orienteering has published updated guidance about coronavirus and orienteering, requiring that all orienteering events be cancelled at this time. SYO has therefore followed this advice and cancelled all events within the next few months.

MapRun - Virtual Orienteering

Virtual Orienteering Courses (VOCs) use smartphone technology to enable you to physically go orienteering without there being real controls to find. The Maprun App enables you to explore the outdoors as a family or individual at a time convenient to you. Download the map, choose your route and then run, jog or walk at your own pace to the control points and the app will notifiy you when you reach the correct location! 

More information for first-time users is given at the bottom of the page - these courses are FREE and open to all! If you have any questions, comments or want technical advice, please don't hesitate to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Safety - Please note that this is not a British Orienteering insured activity so it is undertaken at your own risk. Take care crossing roads, especially on the Urban courses. If you go alone, please let someone know the details. Please be really courteous to any member of the public you come across, giving them right of way. Enjoy!

MapRun Locations

The map and table below shows the Start locations of all the available courses in the 3 subfolders of the 'UK'>'South Yorkshire' folder on MapRun. Click the course name in the table for a printable PDF.

Pan left for our Peak District courses!

'Sheffield Parks' folder
Bingham Park Park & Woodland - Orienteering Map Yellow - 1.4km
Forge Dam Park & Woodland - Orienteering Map Yellow - 2.1km
Graves Park Park & Woodland - Orienteering Map Yellow - 1.7km
50mins Score
Limb Valley & Whirlowbrook Hall Woodland - Orienteering Map Yellow - 1.8km
Millhouses Park Park, Score goes into Hutcliff Wood - Orienteering Map Yellow - 1.9km
45mins Score
Parkwood Springs Park & Woodland, Score goes into Housing - Orienteering Map
Beware of Mountain Bikers!
White - 1.1km
Yellow - 1.8km
45 mins Score
'Sheffield Urbans' folder
City Centre (2018 - Old Queen's Head) Urban - Orienteering Map 45mins Score
City Centre (2018 - Showroom Cinema) Urban - Orienteering Map 60mins Outdoor City Score
SW Sheffield (2019 - Francis Newton) Urban - Orienteering Map 60mins Score (2019)
SW Sheffield (2020 - Old Grindstone) Urban - Orienteering Map 60mins Score (2020)
Worral (controls on Grit Bins) Rural streets & fields - OpenOrienteering Map 40mins Grit Bin Score
'Peak District' folder
Burbage Moor Rocky moorland with some wooded areas - Orienteering Map 60mins Score
Hathersage Countryside around the village - Ordnance Survey Email us for the 60, 90 & 120 min Score Map
Control Descriptions

Top Tips

  • Make sure your phone has enough charge (GPS can be quite thirsty!), and sleep settings won't close the app/GPS during your run
  • Ensure you have your sound nice and loud - so you know when you've got to a control
  • You could use the map in the app to navigate - it can be useful as it shows your location if you get lost! But if you'd prefer the authentic experience of a real paper map, you can print your own via the right-hand column in the table above
  • Sometimes there is a bit of delay in the 'beep' once at a control site - GPS can lag slightly, and it may not be entirely accurate. If you went to a control but the phone claims you haven't, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll happily add it in.
  • Start at the Triangle, then go to the controls (either in the fixed 'linear' course order, or in any order if doing a 'score' - see 'Which type of course?' below), and then Finish at the double circles!

Course symbols on the map

Getting Started

MapRun is FREE and easy to use.

To start your adventure, install the 'MapRunF' app for iOS or Android:

MapRunF Home screen

View whilst running

See how other people got on in the Results

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