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Baslow Edge and Big Moor


The Baslow Edge orienteering area consists of an area of gently sloping moorland (Eaglestone Flat), mostly moorland below Baslow Edge and a wooded slope to the South. Eaglestone Flat is much easier going than nearby moorland areas; the remaining areas have mixed runnability. It was used for Northern Championships in 2010 with Big Moor.

Longer courses cross the road onto Big Moor, which includes open moorland, the gritstone edges of Froggatt and Curbar and the steep, wooded slopes below the edges having good rock and contour detail. Runnability is variable, particularly on the open moorland. Although much of the moor is runnable and there is little heather, there are some areas of heavy-going tussocks in the middle of Big Moor. Deer and cattle trods can often be found to speed going.

Date Event Category
Sun 22nd Jan 2017, 10:30 Regional

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