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Whirlow Brook Hall & Limb Valley

Please note the map above is just to give an indication of where the venue is, specific details should be given in an event's details.


Limb Valley includes Whirlowbrook Park, Whinfell Quarry Garden and the woods either side of Whirlow Brook.

The woodland is mixed conifer and deciduous.  Much of it is very runnable though partly steep valley sides, but there are patches of bramble and holly. 

Date Event Category
Sat 17th Sep 2016, 13:00 Club Training
Sat 14th Jan 2017, 13:00 - 15:00 Schools
Sat 2nd Dec 2017, 10:45 Club Meeting
Sat 20th Jan 2018, 12:45 - 15:00 Local, Schools
Wed 18th Apr 2018, 18:00 Local
Sat 12th Jan 2019 Local
Sat 11th Jan 2020, 12:30 - 15:00 Local, Schools
Sat 8th Jan 2022 Local

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