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Wombwell Woods

Please note the map above is just to give an indication of where the venue is, specific details should be given in an event's details.


Runnable woodland with good path network.  This is a great orienteering area at any time of year, as the area of difficult vegetation is minimal.  New route for HS2 may mean it should stay intact!


Date Event Category
Sun 31st Oct 1999 Past Events
Sun 9th Apr 2000 Past Events
Sat 12th Jan 2002 Past Events
Sun 13th Jan 2002 Past Events
Sun 21st Sep 2003 Past Events
Sun 14th Jan 2007 Regional
Sun 8th Mar 2009 Past Events
Sun 7th Mar 2010 Local
Tue 12th Apr 2011, 18:15 Local
Sun 16th Sep 2012, 10:30 Regional
Sun 28th Sep 2014 Regional
Sun 11th Sep 2016, 10:30 - 12:30 Regional
Sat 23rd Sep 2017, 13:00 Club Training
Sat 20th Oct 2018, 14:00 Club Training
Sun 13th Oct 2019, 10:30 - 12:30 National

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