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Lees Hall Golf Course

Please note the map above is just to give an indication of where the venue is, specific details should be given in an event's details.


Lees Hall golf course is a recent addition to the SYO night event portfolio, having been secured by a local member who saw its potential while running round there during the first lockdown in 2020. It is situated on the southern edge of the city near Graves Park and adjacent to the Lees Hall and Gleadless Valley woods. It is an interesting and varied golf course, divided into two halves by a public footpath that forms part of the Round Sheffield Walk / Run. The clubhouse and car park are on Hemsworth Road, a couple of hundred metres east of the main entrance to Graves Park. 

The half nearest the clubhouse has two fairly level open areas divided by a wooded slope and is interspersed with small areas of woodland, trees and ditches, offering safe and enclosed orienteering for the shorter courses.  

The half beyond the footpath provides more varied and steeply sloping terrain, with a considerable elevation drop from top to bottom. It is divided into a number of open areas separated by woodland and several steep-sided streams and ditches which feed into the Meersbrook and Gleadless Valley. A golfers' path and maintenance track network link the areas together. This half is quite expansive and offers considerable potential for challenging longer courses, but is also fully enclosed by fences so no chance of running off the map!

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Wed 10th Nov 2021 Local

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