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Loxley Common at Loxley Common

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Sat 1st Nov 2008

Organiser's comments can be found after the results.


Name Time Class Club Notes
Yellow (1.6km, 9 controls)
Bethany Ibbotson 32.02 W8 IND Assisted by mum and Becky
Jamie and Robbie Lightfoot 34.01 M4 & M0 SYO Assisted by dad
Kyle Patterson 38.22 M12 IND Solo
Sam & Ewan Donolly 55.59 M4 IND Assisted by mum
Orange (2.3km, 10 controls)
Alex Murray 28.28 M12 SYO
Jill Tozer 57.58 W35 SYO
Kyle Patterson 1.09.51 M12 IND
Becky Ibbotson 32.56 W12 IND Controls missing
Adam Braybook 40.57 M21 IND Controls missing
Light Green (3.4km, 14 controls)
Katrin Thomson 1.02.49 W40 SYO
Alex Kilcoyne 1.23.40 W18 SYO
Nick Ugur 1.34.01 M21 SYO
Doug Thompson 1.09.26 M55 SYO
Green (3.6km, 18 controls)
Bryn Davies 38.30 M21 SYO
Tim Wiegand 43.04 M40 SYO
Willie Kitchen 47.40 M40 SYO
Rob Last 48.20 M45 SYO
Lucy Wiegand 48.28 W40 SYO
Nick Lightfoot 49.47 M45 SYO
Chris Littler 51.12 M40 SYO
Piret Klade 52.31 W21 SYO
David Murry 55.50 M45 SYO
Pauline Tryner 56.51 W35 SYO Lost card/ part punched on map
Jenny Lightfoot 59.24 W35 SYO
Cari Littler 1.10.54 W14 SYO
Adam Braybrook 1.09.01 M21 IND Missing controls
Robert Slater 1.14.41 M45 JOK Missing 5 (re-entrant)
Map memory (2.6km Light Green Standard 7 legs)
Chris Littler 29.28 M40 SYO Previously ran Green
Lucy Wiegand 29.32 W40 SYO Previously ran Green
Tim Wiegand  29.39 W40 SYO Previously ran Green

Organiser's Comments

Loxley is a deceptively complex area, with many paths and gaps which change with the seasons. Perhaps surprisingly the area on the main common and adjacent the golf course is the area of greatest change, whereas the area in the crag area below the trig point had perhaps the most obvious and navigable-by-path features at this time of year (less bracken and heather). The secret of success on Loxley is to slow down (a bit) and make sure rather than speeding up and over-shooting, especially with the scale at 1:5,000. Some of the controls were grouped at close range to test this area, and there was a degree of grouping also planned in to prevent bingo-ing controls if the unwary did not check the numbers first.

The yellow course was a circuit of the main dog walking route on the flat common area. The orange included an incursion to the edge of the contour area in the East and a run along a path below the crags. The light green course took runners further into the contour area and down to features below the crags, and was more of a runner’s course. The majority (Green) runners concentrated in the contours area and the area below the crags with a couple of long run legs across the common to add distance. The Green course was ‘back to front’ to the other courses, so LG and G runners should have passed each other on the open common going in opposite directions but not really aiding control location. The map memory course would have had more effect if run first, and as we can see, with the times so close, it was down to running speed as much as anything else.

With a cold north wind, we aimed to move people from car to registration and start in the shortest possible time (I think the record was four minutes).

30 people ran on the day – the green was the most popular course and three brave souls then went on to have a go at the map memory course as well. On the MM course, the timings were grouped within 11 seconds although Alasdair was withdrawing the final control and map point as Lucy raced up to it, forcing her to divert from her planned optimal route. Did this make the difference of four seconds that Chris Littler had over on her at the finish? It’s a point that will be hotly debated for years to come no doubt.

Thanks to the people from SYO who assisted with the organisation including Brian Shaw and Colin Best (in advance); Pete Tryner, Martin, Melinda on the day. Apologies for one control being in a different re-entrant on the green and light green courses in the early part of the event – a minor positioning error on the day based on the points marked the week before and being the last control to go in on the morning during pre-prep, but had no real effect on the final results.

Venue Details

Loxley Common comprises of large areas of open common land, runnable underfoot with a complex network of paths on grass, heather and bracken common. To the south there is an area of woodland, with a small section very bouldery.  There is some intricate contour detail created by old mine/quarry workings..

The area was used for the Senior Home International relays in 2006 with a resurvey by Oli Johnson; minor updates have been undertaken in 2010 and 2012.

Safety & risk

A comprehensive risk assessment will have been carried out by the organiser, but participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event. If a competitor has a pre-existing medical condition that they think should be declared, please complete a medical form at enquiries. The sealed envelope will only be opened in an emergency.


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