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CompassSport Cup Final at Tankersley Wood

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Sun 17th Oct 2021

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Provisional results published on the links above.

Routegadget is now up but not perfect; I didn't find it possible to get the circles centred spot on,  the timed-out control(s) means gps autofit doesn't work and the georeferencing isn't right either, but I think you'll be able to get gps and manual routes loaded with no difficulty.             Contact petergorvett with any other problems.

Winsplits shows the timed-out road crossings as taking 1 or 2 seconds for almost all competitors. In fact, almost all competitors will have a zero time for these legs (since they crossed the roads within the allowed 60 seconds), but Winsplits cannot cope with a zero leg time, so automatically adjusts it.

Organiser's Comments

This was quite an undertaking for me, the biggest event I had organised and in under 7 weeks. This included 18 days when I was on holiday. My first thanks are to Marcia who had to put up with me spending quite a lot of time on the event. Also, the event could not have gone ahead without the agreement of the Scouts and the other woodland owners. Permissions seems to be more of a problem these days, and thanks to Lucy for managing to obtain these.

I couldn’t have managed to organise the event without the help of Peter Guillaume who acted as Assistant Organiser, but did so much more. I was fortunate to have 2 Controllers, for the event, Charlie & Graham, both of whom helped me tremendously, providing lots of meticulous advice. Also thanks to Karl who due to constraints, such as road crossings and scout camp issues, had to make numerous changes to the planning.

Also, thanks to Ian Cooper who stepped in at short notice to map updates. As usual, thanks to Nick Barrable, coming over from Sweden and presenting the prizes, along with SYO Chair Martin Ward. I was pleased to see the award of The Golden String!

A big thanks also to over 80! SYO helpers.

Finally, thanks to all you competitors for making the effort to attend the final at such short notice. This especially includes those who had to travel long distances, and those who came knowing they couldn’t put out a full team.

Paul Bradbury (Organiser)

Planner's Comments

Firstly, I hope everyone enjoyed their courses and that the event lived up to your expectations. I could write a lengthy essay on the many and varied challenges that we faced in bringing this event to you, but as Planner my main priority was to make the courses as runnable and as fair as possible, despite the undergrowth being denser than any of us would have liked. With this latter point in mind, my thanks to Peter Guillaume who not only co-ordinated the event, also acted as bramble-destroyer-in-chief with his industrial strimmer. I remember one day in particular when I was in the area checking sites and I could hear him in the distance hacking a path through the brambles which many of you will have benefitted from.

Tankersley is a tricky area to plan on due to its linear nature and the road crossings, so perhaps some of the courses had more of a middle distance feel to them with fewer long legs than I would have ideally liked. I can assure you this was to avoid the worst of the undergrowth, which in mid-October is still quite aggressive (rather like the wasp which stung me as I was collecting controls).

My sincere thanks to Charlie and Graham who provided me with a huge amount of Controlling support, with many ideas and suggestions for improvement which made it into the final event. It's a bit of a cliché but this genuinely was a team effort and we exchanged dozens of emails as we fine-tuned the courses with the aim of providing you a quality event.

Thanks also to Ian Cooper for the map updates, of which there were several iterations. New paths have opened up and the undergrowth needed to be updated, and Ian also had the challenge of splitting the overall Tankersley & Hesley area into two separate canvasses to provide the double-sided maps. Which leads me onto Mick Lucking, who went above and beyond the role of simply printing the maps, providing guidance around formatting everything to be as legible as it possibly could be. I can also vouch for the quality of the waterproof paper we used, having spent almost 4 hours in the pouring rain on Sunday morning putting out controls! I kid you not, the rain stopped at the precise moment I hung the last control...

Final thanks to Paul and the generally unflappable SYO organising team, including my small army of control collectors who ensured we got off site by 5pm - just before it started raining again!"

Thanks, Karl (Planner)

Controllers' Comments

SYO agreed to host the CompassSport Cup Final just 7 weeks before the event. At that point the club was planning a standard regional event on Tankersley in the middle of November. All the main officials agreed without hesitation to bring the event forward a month and upgrade it to the level of the CSCup. I'm not sure whether Karl (Planner) and Paul (Organiser) fully realised what they were taking on! Both quickly realised that, not only had the timescale been severely reduced, the workload had increased considerably. Paul had the backing of Peter Guillaume (CSCup Coordinator) and the highly experienced SYO organising team to lean on, but Karl was basically on his own. He deserves massive credit for the work he did to make the event a success. Tankersley isn't the easiest area to plan on due to it's awkward shape and other restrictions but I only heard positive comments about Karl's courses. Well done Karl; enjoy a well earned rest!

Others who deserve a special mention are Peter Guillaume for his extensive strimming of brambles and Mick Lucking for his help in formatting the map (always a difficult task for events using Tankersley and Hesley Woods).

SYO look forward to the challenge of retaining the Cup in FVO territory in 2022 ;-)

Charlie (Controller)

Very little for me to add to the comments made by the rest of the organising team, other than to congratulate and thank them, and the whole of the SYO organisation, for putting on such a successful event at such short notice. Well done SYO, and congratulations on your win.

Thanks, Graham (Overseeing Control)

Arena Coordinator's Comments

The event arena had a good atmosphere and worked well. Nick Lightfoot and his team kept everyone entertained and well informed with the race progress. The traders were pleased with the level of business. First Aid fortunately had only minor injuries to deal with.  Nice to see that people were sensible when viewing the results display and not over crowd the area. Finally thanks for leaving virtually no litter.

Peter Guillaume  (Arena Coordinator)


Officials are :                                                                                                 

Organiser:    Paul Bradbury (SYO)  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Assistant Organiser   Peter Guillaume

Planner:         Karl Marshall (SYO)

Controller:    Charlie Adams (SYO)
Overseeing Controller: Graham Louth (EAOA)


Because of the long delay between qualification and the final, the Cup & Trophy rules regarding people who have changed club may have a bigger impact than usual.  They are:

To take part in the CSC Final competitors have to be a BOF member of the club they are competing for. If a competitor has changed clubs since the qualifier, but did not run in the qualifying round, they can run in the Final for their new club. If they did run in the qualifier for their old club, they are “cup tied” to that club, so cannot compete for their new club.


Venue Details

Tankersley Woods has a rich industrial heritage and once contained factories and railways during the war when it was heavily bombed. It now contains a wealth of detail with many bell pits, bomb craters and myriad of paths created by local people spread across mixed vegetation comprising natural oak woodland with bluebells through reclaimed spoil heaps with maturing shrubs and young trees.

The area has been worked for coal and iron, which has left complex slopes covered by the scars of hand-hewn "bell-pits" and other earth-works from the 19th century and before. These days the area is used by dog-walkers, cyclists and trail-bikers, leaving a large number of paths. In the most active biking areas the path network is very complex. The mapping of these paths is good, but small new paths can be created quickly.

There are brambles in parts of the area, but most are at ankle-length, are pretty runnable and have no bramble screen. There are some areas of thicker brambles in the far south of the map.

Safety & risk

A comprehensive risk assessment will have been carried out by the organiser, but participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event. If a competitor has a pre-existing medical condition that they think should be declared, please complete a medical form at enquiries. The sealed envelope will only be opened in an emergency.


SYO has an agreed policy on the taking of photographs at events, based on national guidance. This provides a sensible balance between the benefits and risks associated with the taking and use of images. If you are unsure about acceptable practice, please speak to the event organiser. Read our photography policy.


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