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Sheffield Twenty20 Sprint Champs at Sheffield City

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Sun 11th Jul 2021

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Hopefully finalized results, plus Winsplits and Routegadget for prologue now available above. 

Winsplits for final unfortunately are incorrect for the A course butterfly controls.  Sorry, unable to split gaffles.

Routegadget for final

Chasing start events are excluded from the national rankings, so the results loaded to British Oriententeering are just for the prologue. 

Yorkshire Urban League

Controller's Comments

Thank you to all competitors for coming today and making SYO's T20 Sprint event a great success. I hoped you all enjoyed your day in Sheffield's parks and surroundings.

Thanks to Paul for planning some excellent courses. There were plenty of route choices to be made and also some tricky control sites. He also had to replan the courses at very late notice when permission was withdrawn for the university buildings due to the Octagon building being used as a Vaccination site.

Special thanks to Dom for his excellent organisation. It was a complex event with two different sites, complex SI, a chasing start and some last minute OOB in the Botanical Gardens. He made significant mapping changes as well. 

Apologies for any confusion over the "missing" control at one of the mandatory crossing points. It was there but wasn't clearly visible. It has been removed from the courses. Hopefully this has had very little effect overall.

Finally, thank you to the SYO helpers (especially the SI team) who made the event possible.

A great event and a nice way to remember Melinda who did so much for SYO.

Clive Wilson

Organiser's Comments

As a Planner, Controller and Organiser team, a key aim was to give a 'big event' vibe, despite actually just being a regional! The event's biggest claim to fame was that it counts in the YHOA Urban League, but by terming the assemblies as Arena's, putting a bit of thought into their layout, and then adding things like bibs and prizes, I hope that you felt we achieved this aim! At this point, I should definitely thank my Mum (official title for Jacky was '...assisted by') for putting up with me throughout my various panics about things - too often covid related - whether they were 2 months before the event, or 2 minutes before we opened the Finals starts!!

Briefly with my other hat on for this event (mapper), I hope you appreciated my attempt to bring these extracts of map - that are from the Sheffield City master map, that has evolved over many years - to ISSprOM 2019 spec (or at least close enough that I felt it could be classed as that!) Must admit I rather enjoy a bit of graphic design, so had great fun designing the layout, logo etc.

I posted varios photos throughout the day on the T20 Facebook Group - if you took any, feel free to share them in there.

If anyone feels they deserved a prize (for whatever reason!) then get in touch and plead your case :)

But finally, it's big thank you time!! Thank you to Sheffield Hallam Uni for letting us use Collegiate, and Uni of Sheffield for their campus (even if the in-bounds area kept shrinking due to Covid vaccinations!) Thank you also to the Botanical Garden staff and Weston Park Museum staff for being so accomodating (on gate unlocking and toilets respectively) And then finally a big thank you to Chris Burch and Jodie Thake from Birkdale Prep School for allowing us to use it as a sneaky cut through to Collegiate. We decided to keep that bit a secret, so we hope you enjoyed that little suprise in the start lanes (for those who know the area). Starting at a different point to usual in Botanicals I hope made it feel a bit different.

As Clive said, a big thank you to the SI team for coping admirably with my last minute (or should I say night!) organisation, and complicated setup, with butterflies, a specific Junior B course for the prologue only, and having to produce overall results from that (coming in due course...) Forgetting to print out the helper rota meant I wasn't entirely sure where all the helpers were at all times - some I feel I never even spoke to, so apologies for that. But especially when setting up the arenas under time pressure, it was wonderful to have so many people pitching in, so thank you! Whether they stood on Road Crossings, in the start lanes, patrolled the Prep school, stood at the Finish, sat at Download, or handed out prizes (particular shout out to Rob who only offered to help last night, and got landed with that one, sorry!), you were all such a great help, and I really appreciated your support in bringing such a lively buzz to the event!

We will have raised well over £500 for St Lukes, and as Clive said, seeing everyone enjoying themselves today was a lovely way to remember Melinda by.

Time to put our feet up for a bit before you-know-what at 8pm!!

Dom Dakin

The view from Call-up of the Finals Start

Event Information

Finals Start Lists

Fixed Interval Start Times   |    Chasing Start Times

SYO warmly invites you to our Prologue and Chasing-start Final Sprint Championships, part of the 2021 YHOA Urban League. Originally billed as the 2020 YHOA Sprint Champs, we’ve revived the event from the year that never was, to bring you a day of quality sprinting action!

Were the event not to have been postponed, Melinda Riley would have been the Organiser. Sadly, later that year she became unwell and died in September 2020 after a short illness. In memory of Melinda, and in recognition of the roles she played in SYO over many years, half of the proceeds from the event will be donated to St Luke’s Hospice, Sheffield.

Information Overload? Here's what to do before Sunday...

  • Consider joining the T20 Facebook Group to recieve updates/notifications
  • Check out the Google My Map for how to avoid stepping in OOB 'embargoes'
  • Dig out some safety pins for your Finals bib
  • Check your Prologue start times on Fabian4
  • Get hyped! And if still got time spare, read on...


Facebook Group

Consider joining this T20 Facebook Group. We'll post updates in the run up to and throughout the event to notify you of updates, especially with it being a split site event.

Pre-race OOB

Please obey the on the day ‘embargoes’ prior to running, to allow a fair competition (these are marked this Google My Map). In particular, please do not approach the arenas through Botanical Gardens (Prologue) or Weston Park (Final), use the roads around the perimeters instead.


With the day being split-site, there isn’t a single best place to park. Best free one is Oakholme Road, 200m walk to Prologue arena, and closest to the Final is the Durham Road Q-Park, 200m walk to Final arena, open 24/7, £5 for the full day. We advise walking from the Prologue to Final arenas, 1.3km (gently downhill!)

Check out this Google My Map of locations for the day, including parking suggestions, as well as arenas, start locations, toilets, shops, and other attractions.


Have been updated twice now in Covid times by Dom Dakin, it has been fascinating to see how much changes in an urban environment in just a year (thanks to Sheffield Uni’s endless building projects!!) Maps have been updated to ISSprOM 2019 specification - the golden rules: thick black walls/fences and olive green must not be crossed. Flower beds (Olive Green) are strictly OOB. The continued use of the Botanical Gardens and Weston Park for orienteering depends on everyone obeying this.

For both Prologue and Final, A & B have 1:4000 maps, C & D have 1:3000. All are A4, waterproof.

Previous maps from Sept 2020 can be seen here: Prologue and Final.


Controls will be SIAC enabled. We will also have a SIAC enabled finish – so no excuse not to go flat out on that run in! Please don’t escape after finishing, remember to download! Note that you need to move away from the finish boxes immediately, to prevent re-punching and extending your run-in time!

Clothing & Footwear

Both areas are a mix of park and urban terrain, therefore shorts and vests are perfectly legal. Shoes wise, we recommend trainers with good grip, especially if wet - it's Sheffield, so of course theres a few grassy slopes! No dobs or spikes.

Tent for Belongings

We will have tents in the arenas for belongings to be stored in during your run. Please give others space when fetching belongings.


Both the Prologue and Final areas feature a mix of park and urban. The Botanical Gardens and Weston Park are popular with the public, so be courteous and give them a wide berth (show off your best social distancing – for the penultimate weekend ever?!?!) Whilst we’ve done our best to marshal the most dangerous road crossings, competitors on A B C are reminded to keep their wits about them in the urban sections.

First Aid

There will be an SYO first aider in both arenas, close to Download. Should you need medical attention, please ask for them. If hospital attention is required, the Northern General Hospital is the closest A&E, 15mins drive away.


We’ve made every effort to ensure competitors are spread out throughout the event, with a decent range of start times, and large arenas. Please do spread out, and ensure we don’t form clusters of more than 30 – we encourage the use of picnic blankets, especially at the Final arena where there is ample space to sit and spectate. The whole event is being run in line with the BOF guidance, published 18th May – Step 3 government rules.

Kicking your heels?

In between the Prologue and Final, you'll be free to go an explore Sheffield. Cliffhanger (Sheffield's Outdoor City Festival) will be taking place all weekend, so there should be lots to go and have a look (and go?!) at Devonshire Green where the British Bouldering Champs stage will be located (10mins walk from Weston Park). As well as this, the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival is also taking place from the 9th - 11th.

Of course for those playing Beat the Streets, there’s plenty Beat Boxes up for grabs in the streets surrounding the arenas. But no running intervals between the two Botanical ones (335 & 339) , or visits to the Crookes Valley one (384), until after you’ve run!

The friendly staff at Weston Park museum have very generously offered the use of the toilets, but have said competitors are most welcome to visit the museum (free of charge), anytime 11am-5pm, no booking required.


Organiser – Dom Dakin – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

…assisted by – Jacky Dakin

Planner – Paul Taylor

Controller – Clive Wilson



Arena///wool.vibe.evenGmaps – Enter via the turnstile gate by the junction of Endcliffe Vale Rd and Brocco Bank.

Start & Finish – in arena, see diagram.

Toilets – portaloos, sited just outside the turnstile gate.

Caution - Course A have a run through control partway through their course. Take note of the warning signs – Elites will be passing at speed close to the entrance to the arena! Also see diagram.

Start times - can be seen on Fabian4. To make our life easier, please stick to the start time you chose – the lanes will be pretty rammed, in particular 11:00 onwards. Botanical Gardens only open at 10:00, so please don’t arrive much before your start time – there’ll be nothing to do (other than watch us set up!), and there’s not masses of space.

Loose descriptions and blank maps – available in start lanes. Textual for Course D.

Arena Diagram - Click on image to enlarge

Courses A and B – cross Broomgrove and Southgrove Road close to where they meet Ecclesall Road. Controls have been added to force runners to the marshalled crossing points. Marshals will only instruct runners if it is unsafe to cross – heed their advice! No timeouts.

Junior B Course – in addition, the Junior B course has 2 additional crossings, again with a control to force use, and supervised by marshals. This makes it slightly different from B for the Prologue (different maps and descriptions), but in the final all Jun B competitors will just be on the standard Course B.

Course D – stays entirely within the confines of Botanical Gardens (there are only 3 exists)

Recent OOB - There is a section of un-bounded OOB marked in the SE part of Botanical Gardens, denoting the area where barriers, staging etc. may be placed for theatre performances taking place this weekend. Competitors on Course D will pass alongside it, and those on courses A and B may encounter it, though no legs cross it. Regardless of what’s in front of you on the ground, please respect the OOB to make it fair for all.


Arena///enjoy.milky.basicGmaps – Enter via the SE Weston Park gate, by the junction of Clarkson St and A57.

Start for Courses A B C – 250m walk across and alongside A57, at the NW end of Hounsfield Rd.

Start for Course D – Only 80m walk staying on the North side of A57, in front of Firth Court.

Finish – in arena, see diagram. At the foot of Ebenezer ELLIOTT’s statue - a Sheffield poet and campaigner with a love of nature – we hope he’d be delighted to play host to an orienteering event!!

Toilets – in Weston Park museum – you must exit the park, walk alongside the A57, and re-enter via the SW gate opposite Damer St/A57 junction to reach the museum toilets. FACE COVERINGS MUST BE WORN, and track and trace completed at the entrance either via the NHS app or old school pen and paper.

Start Times – will be made available by 13:00 on this page of the SYO website. We will also post to the event Facebook group when these are available. If you prefer paper, then hard copies will be available at bib collection.

Bib Collection - Bibs for the Final race can be collected from 13:00 in the Weston Park arena. PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN PINS. These are to make the start marshals’ jobs easier. Loose descriptions and blank maps – available at bib collection, not the start. Textual for Course D. Course A descriptions will be picked up at the start.

Arena Diagram - Click on image to enlarge

Road Crossings: Courses A B C – use an underpass to cross under the A57 (OOB), and have a control to force the use of it – so you do not return via the pelican crossing you took to the start. Note that this (very wide) underpass may contain the unmappable feature of a long queue of eager 20-somethings waiting to get their first covid jab. In this event, please follow marshals’ instructions, keeping to one side. A B C competitors also cross Mushroom Lane, marshals will be in place, again only instructing runners if not safe to cross.

Course A – to add to the excitement (and confusion?!) you will have gaffles and butterflies – you have been warned! Double sided map.

Course D – starts by Firth Court, and returns to Weston Park by control 5, after which it stays within the park. Juniors only cross one minor service road (with an electric barrier) – they do not use the underpass, cross roads or carparks.

Chasing Starts

To comply with Covid requirements, and to be able to run the event responsibly, only the top 6 or so in the Prologue from each class will have a real-time chasing start (fastest off first). Those who don't qualify (at the organiser's discretion) for the chasing start will be started at fixed intervals in reverse order of the Prologue results for each course (fastest off last).

Course D (Young Juniors) will all have a real-time chasing start, with the fastest from the morning off at 13:30. They will finish in the confines of Weston Park, there will be adults around to keep a gentle eye on them!

So we can keep to schedule, and make it an exciting race, the maxium time interval between consecutive starters in a given class' mass start will be 30 seconds. Overall results and prizes will be based on total running time from the two races, so these adjusted/truncated chasing starts will not impact on the final results.

Hypervet Women (W75+) C 14:00
Hypervet Men (M75+) C 14:04
Ultravet Women (W65+) C 14:08
Ultravet Men (M65+) C 14:12
Supervet Women (W55+) C 14:16
Supervet Men (M55+) B 14:20
Junior Women (W14/16) B 14:24
Junior Men (M14/16) B 14:28
Vet Women (W40+) B 14:32
Vet Men (M40+) A 14:36
Open Women (W18+) A 14:40
Open Men (M18+) A 14:44

Prizegiving - To comply with government restrictions, we plan to have a Rolling Prizegiving as results become available for each class - Swedish style! Prizes will be awarded for each of the classes listed in the course details table. Note that the Open and Junior classes will be merged for YHOA Urban League Results.



Safety & risk

A comprehensive risk assessment will have been carried out by the organiser, but participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event. If a competitor has a pre-existing medical condition that they think should be declared, please complete a medical form at enquiries. The sealed envelope will only be opened in an emergency.


SYO has an agreed policy on the taking of photographs at events, based on national guidance. This provides a sensible balance between the benefits and risks associated with the taking and use of images. If you are unsure about acceptable practice, please speak to the event organiser. Read our photography policy.


When entering our events your personal details (name, gender, age class & club) will appear in the results section of this website. Read our privacy policy to see how we look after your personal data.