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Regional Event and YHOA Schools Champs at Canklow Woods

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Sun 12th May 2019

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Many thanks for coming along today to Canklow - hope you enjoyed the courses and weather (is summer finally here to stay?!)

Simple results, as well as Routegadget and Winsplits, can be viewed via the links above. (Uploaded 17:00)

Results for the YHOA Schools Championship can be viewed below.

If you spot any errors with the results, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we'll sort them out.

For the YHOA Schools Champs, medals were awarded to the top 3 in each category (as below). It was great to see so many of you at prizegiving, but if you were unable to stay and your medal wasn't collected on your behalf, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. However in the Team Event, we would like to apologise to Thornton Primary and Bradford Grammar School, who both came 3rd in their respective categories. We had a few technical issues, resulting in some points being miscalculated. We'll be in contact to arrange getting your prize to you. Again if you notice any mistakes, please contact us.

Hope to see you at one of our Upcoming Events - next event is this Wednesday (15th May) at Bolehill Park & Crookes - Come and celebrate World Orienteering Day with us there!

Controller's Comments

Thank you all for coming, and the sun for shining - it makes such a positive difference to an event and enabled you to see Canklow and the bluebells at its best (before the summer brambles take over in a few weeks time!). Apologies for the hanging of control 35, but we realised too late there was nowhere to gripple it to on the knoll.

Amazing to me how all the quick youngsters get round their courses so fast, but also how others sort themselves out and finish their courses - we all learn something from our mistakes. It's a big transition for many youngsters from Saturday Series parkland courses to a real wood.

Thanks to Colin Lynch for his work on the courses, which many people commented favourably on, as well as Dave Peel's map. Thanks to Colin's control collectors, Pete Gorvett and Colin Smith.

Thanks to Paul Bradbury for his quiet organisation, almost in the background but functioning efficiently, and his many helpers.

Thanks to Mike Lucking for his fast and efficient map printing, reliable as always.

Hope to see you again in an 'SYO forest'.

Ian Cooper (SYO)

Planner's Comments

I hope you all enjoyed Canklow in the sunshine.  I feel I made good use of the area with many courses visiting the quarries twice and only briefly entering the uninteresting open area at the north of the map.  The vegetation had grown up considerably in the two weeks prior to the event though hopefully you could still find runnable lines.  I hope moving control 35 a short distance did not cause any major problems.

Thanks to Paul for organising (and collecting and returning the planners kit for me), to Ian for his controlling (including correcting some of my school boy errors in control hanging) and to the SYO helpers (particularly Colin and Pete for collecting controls).  Most of all thanks to you the orienteers for attending and helping make it a very enjoyable day for me.

Colin Lynch

YHOA Schools Championship - Results

Individual Results

Year 4 Girls - White Course

  Name School Time
1 Abigail Howsam Abbeylane 10:53
2 Sophie Howsam Abbeylane 12:20
3 Olivia Forrester and Charlotte Beavers Thornton Primary 16:40
4 Beth Lake Sacred Heart 19:19

Year 4 Boys - White Course

  Name School Time
1 Maxwell Groom Oughtibridge 9:27
2 Lawrence Hodgson Nethergreen Junior 9:33
3 William Preston Hallam 10:54
4 Nathan Peel Nethergreen Junior 13:25
5 Stanley Preston Hallam 14:33
6 Freddie Guy St Marys 15:35
7 Rory Keen Hunters Bar Junior 16:38
8 Felix Oliver Nethergreen Junior 17:27
9 Jack Baxter Hunters Bar Junior 18:44
10 Samuel Lake Sacred Heart 19:14
11 Spike Fullwood Totley All Saints 20:10

Year 5 Girls - White Course

  Name School Time
1 Penny Bell Nethergreen Junior 11:08
2 Alice Pieters Sheffield High School 11:45
3 Ellen Ash Hunters Bar Junior 12:33

Year 5 Boys - White Course

  Name School Time
1 Oscar Peel Nethergreen Junior 8:24
2 Oliver Beautyman Nethergreen Junior 8:32
3 Jake Ashpole Nethergreen Junior 9:24
4 Rafferty Scrimshaw Dobcroft 10:35
5 Walter Faulkner Hunters Bar Junior 12:21
6 Freddie Holdsworth Greystones 12:23
6= Ben Tricklebank Nethergreen Junior 12:23
8 Rhys Caudwell Hunters Bar Junior 12:52
9 Wilson Faulkner Hunters Bar Junior 14:36

Year 6 Girls - Yellow Course

  Name School Time
1 Anna Todd Dobcroft 13:43
2 Margaux Hodgson Nethergreen Junior 31:34

Year 6 Boys - Yellow Course

  Name School Time
1 Robbie Lightfoot Nethergreen Junior 13:03
2 Ben Ash Hunters Bar Junior 15:00
3 Toby Townsend Hunters Bar Junior 19:10
4 Joseph Guy St Marys 19:42
5 Jack Beavers Thornton Primary 22:17
6 Joseph Barraclough Home Schooled 22:28
7 Antony Doyle Thornton Primary 23:12
8 Lewis Lay Thornton Primary 25:41
9 Mark Yeomanson Hunters Bar Junior 29:23
10 Oliver Maaranen Nethergreen Junior 40:59

Year 7 Girls - Yellow Course

  Name School Time
1 Isabelle Groom Bradfield 19:41
2 Ciara Keen Silverdale 24:37
3 Ruth Yeomanson High Storrs 25:41
4 Elizabeth Gibbons Bradford Grammar School 30:19

Year 7 Boys - Yellow Course

  Name School Time
1 Isaac Oliver High Storrs 15:27
2 James Bryant High Storrs 16:34
3 John Joe Doyle Mercia 20:53
4 Evan Jenkinson High Storrs 23:25
5 Edwin Van Lopir Bradford Grammar School 28:27
6 James Woodham Bradford Grammar School 30:15
7 Luke Phoenix Notre Dame 48:00

Year 8 & 9 Girls - Orange Course

  Name School Time
1 Imogen Pieters Sheffield High School 26:35
2 Millie Norman High Storrs 43:22
3 Alexandra Garnett Notre Dame 43:42
4 Carys Phoenix Notre Dame 53:58
5 Emily Gibbons Bradford Grammar School 61:11

Year 8 & 9 Boys - Orange Course

  Name School Time
1 Euan Tryner High Storrs 21:05
2 Matthew Morris Birkdale 22:36
3 Conrad Reuber High Storrs 24:13
4 Sam Todd Silverdale 24:25
5 Douglas Tiffany Pudsey Grange 25:50
6 Jamie Lightfoot High Storrs 28:25
7 Luke Barraclough Home Schooled 28:57
8 Dylan Jenkinson High Storrs 29:01
9 Tom Threlfall Bradford Grammar School 34:37
10 Henry McDonald King Ecgberts 42:11
11 Benjamin Townsend High Storrs 49:41
12 Stanley Preston Bradford Grammar School 60:03

Year 10 & 11 Girls - Light Green Course

  Name School Time
1 Isobel Reuber High Storrs 41:23
2 Naomi Thornton Home Schooled 59:15
3 Emma Van Dam Bootham 75:54

Year 10 & 11 Boys - Light Green Course

  Name School Time
1 Max Mobus Tapton 29:19
2 William Garnett Notre Dame 45:07
3 Samuel Doyle Notre Dame 45:36
4 Will Martland Honley High School 48:49
5 Alfie Hall High Storrs 50:28

Year 12 & 13 Girls - Green Course

  Name School Time
1 Laura Harrison New College Pontefract 53:44

Year 12 & 13 Boys - Blue Course

  Name School Time
1 Dominic Dakin Birkdale 40:09
2 George Van Dam Bootham 46:57
3 Macsen Tiffany Notre Dame College 57:55

Team Results


  School Points Runners Counters
1 Nethergreen Junior 399 11 Penny Bell (100) Oscar Peel (100) Robbie Lightfoot (100) Lawrence Hodgson (99)
2 Hunters Bar Junior 391 9 Ben Ash (99) Ellen Ash (98) Toby Townsend (98) Walter Faulkner (96)
3 Thornton Primary 381 4 Olivia Forrester and Charlotte Beavers (98) Jack Beavers (96) Antony Doyle (94) Lewis Lay (93)
4 Abbeylane 199 2 Abigail Howsam (100) Sophie Howsam (99)
5 Dobcroft 197 2 Anna Todd (100) Rafferty Scrimshaw (97)
6 Hallam 194 2 William Preston (98) Stanley Preston (96)
7 St Marys 192 2 Joseph Guy (97) Freddie Guy (95)
8 Sacred Heart 188 2 Beth Lake (97) Samuel Lake (91)
9 Oughtibridge 100 1 Maxwell Groom (100)
10 Sheffield High School 99 1 Alice Pieters (99)
11= Greystones 95 1 Freddie Holdsworth (95)
11= Home Schooled 95 1 Joseph Barraclough (95)
13 Totley All Saints 90 1 Spike Fullwood (90)


  School Points Runners Counters
1 High Storrs 399 12 Isaac Oliver (100) Euan Tryner (100) Isobel Reuber (100) James Bryant (99)
2 Notre Dame 389 4 William Garnett (99) Alexandra Garnett (98) Samuel Doyle (98) Carys Phoenix (97)
3 Bradford Grammar School 380 6 Elizabeth Gibbons (97) Edwin Van Lopir (96) James Woodham (95) Tom Threlfall (92)
4 Birkdale 199 2 Dominic Dakin (100) Matthew Morris (99)
5 Bootham 197 2 George Van Dam (99) Emma Van Dam (98)
6 Silverdale 196 2 Ciara Keen (99) Sam Todd (97)
7 Home Schooled 193 2 Naomi Thornton (99) Luke Barraclough (94)
8= Sheffield High School 100 1 Imogen Pieters (100)
8= Bradfield 100 1 Isabelle Groom (100)
8= New College Pontefract 100 1 Laura Harrison (100)
8= Tapton 100 1 Max Mobus (100)
12= Mercia 98 1 John Joe Doyle (98)
12= Notre Dame College 98 1 Macsen Tiffany (98)
14 Honley High School 97 1 Will Martland (97)
15 Pudsey Grange 96 1 Douglas Tiffany (96)
16 King Ecgberts 91 1 Henry McDonald (91)

Join South Yorkshire Orienteers for a regional orienteering race at Canklow. The area is an interesting mix of deciduous woodland and rough open with a intricate contours to challenge the experienced orienteer and a good path network to cater for newcomers and younger juniors. This event also incorporates the Yorkshire Schools Champs.



Woodside Health & Wellbeing Center, S60 2UH. £1 parking charge per car.



Canklow Woods is a sloping area with a mixture of deciduous woodland, open and semi-open.  All along the top of the slope are the remains of stone workings, which provide good contour detail.  The area is criss-crossed by a complex path network. There are some areas of brambles but courses have been planned to avoid these.




The A4 size map has been revised to ISOM 2017-2, with minor updates to Peel Land Surveys 2018 map by Ian Cooper. It is drawn at a scale of 1:7500 using LIDAR as a base for the contours. Brown has a 2 sided map.

There are numerous holly bushes at Canklow but the map only shows the most significant. A number of transient very small or barely discernible paths exist, especially in the quarried area, which are not shown.



Registration: 10am - 12 noon
Starts: 10.30am-12.30
Course Close: 14:00

Start/Finish approx 600m from parking and assembly.

A punching start system is being used and start times are not allocated.  Based on the preferences entered on Fabian4, we suggest that you plan to start in these periods:
                Early 10:30-11:00
                Middle 11:00-12:15
                Late  12:15- 12:30


Seniors - £8  (Non members £10)
Juniors/Students - £4                    
Family (running different courses) - £24(£20 members)
Adults running white to orange  - £4

Pairs & groups welcome - just pay for 1 entry.
SI card hire: £1 (Lost SI card fee: £30)

Pre entry is available on Fabian4 - closing date 10/5.




Length km

Climb meters














Short Green




Very Short Green




Light Green

















Yorkshire Schools Championships.

There will be prizes for the 1st 3 boys and girls in each class - Y3/4, Y5, Y6, Y7, Y8/9, Y10/11, Y12/13. Pupils on white & yellow can compete as pairs but must stay together. There will also be prizes for the 1st 3 primary & 1st 3 secondary schools (4 runners to count). The prize giving will held at approximately 13.30.

Pupils must attend a Yorkshire or Humberside school or be home schooled within Yorkshire or Humberside to be eligible for a prize.

The courses pupils should enter are:

Y3/4 white
Y5 white
Y6 yellow
Y7 yellow
Y8/9 orange
Y10/11 light green
Y12/13 girls green, boys blue

Competitors on white and yellow will be able to pick up their maps before the start box. Parents can discuss the map with their child before the start. No shadowing on schools champs courses.


Dogs on lead are welcome in the car park or on the track to the start and finish.



Planner:         Colin Lynch (SYO)
Controller:     Ian Cooper (SYO)
Organiser:     Paul Bradbury (SYO). Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Mobile: 0792 073 4313


Additional Safety Info

All competitors take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety. Please take care when passing dog walkers and other members of the public.

The area is used by dog-walkers, horse-riders, mountain bikers, and occasional motor cycles.

Full leg cover is compulsory.

First Aid will be available at  enquiries. Rotherham Hospital is almost adjacent to assembly for any emergancies.

At enquiries we will have a place to store car keys. All lone drivers must leave their keys here and if you have come by other means (bike, walk, public transport, etc) please can you leave your details at enquiries.

Some of the crags in the quarried area are potentially dangerous please take care


Venue Details

Canklow Woods is a sloping area with a mixture of deciduous woodland, open and semi-open.  All along the top of the slope are the remains of stone workings which provide good contour detail.  The area is criss-crossed by a complex path network.

It is on the edge of Rotherham and very accessible, with the southern boundary of the area being less than a kilometre from junction 33 on the M1.

Safety & risk

A comprehensive risk assessment will have been carried out by the organiser, but participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event. If a competitor has a pre-existing medical condition that they think should be declared, please complete a medical form at enquiries. The sealed envelope will only be opened in an emergency.


SYO has an agreed policy on the taking of photographs at events, based on national guidance. This provides a sensible balance between the benefits and risks associated with the taking and use of images. If you are unsure about acceptable practice, please speak to the event organiser. Read our photography policy.


When entering our events your personal details (name, gender, age class & club) will appear in the results section of this website. Read our privacy policy to see how we look after your personal data.