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Local and Schools Event

A Local and Schools event at Whirlow Brook Hall & Limb Valley

On Sat 20th Jan 2018 from 12:45 until 15:00

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Well done for everyone getting out on what turned out to be a cold and damp day...  Results are available on the links above including split times.  Individual Schools League results are available on the 'Other' link above or here.  Team results are available below.

A huge thank you to all our helpers today.  With lots of people helping it meant that everyone who wanted to run was able to (and hopefully no one got too cold.)


  School Points Runners Counters
1 Hunters Bar Junior 400 20 Ella Baxter (100) Sofia Stephenson (100) Ben Ash (100) Freya Tryner (100)
2 Nethergreen Junior 396 10 Jake Ashpole (100) Annabelle Maltby (99) Robbie Lightfoot (99) Connie Watton (98)
3 Carterknowle 388 5 Evan Jenkinson (99) Anna Osborne (98) Thomas Warren (96) Dan Elliott (95)
4 Dobcroft 384 7 Imogen Towndrow (97) Rafferty Scrimshaw (96) Olivia White (96) Anna Todd (95)
5 Ecclesall 379 5 Sam Jordan (99) Sylvia Fagg (94) Daniel Eastwood (94) Imogen Boulton (92)
6 Greystones 364 9 Alexander Krizhanovskiy (96) William Dodsworth (91) Peter Bridgeland (90) Alice Andrews (87)
7 Abbeylane 351 5 Alfie Lowe (91) Harris Eggar (89) Abigale Howsam (87) Phoebe Eyre (84)
8 Oughtibridge 336 4 Emma Ward (92) Emma Ward (91) Dominic Peters (78) Samuel Peters (75)
9 Lydgate 333 4 Joshua Trikic (85) Louis Trikic (85) Tilen Whitworth (83) James Hamilton (80)
10 Grenoside 285 3 Olivia Smith (96) Charlotte Smith (96) Victoria Smith (93)
11 Sacred Heart 251 3 Matilda Emmett (90) Sibeal Holmes (81) Aoife Homes (80)
12 Birkdale 189 2 Samuel Taylor (97) Robin Gilman (92)
13 Renishaw 187 2 Pasco Reynolds (94) Caspar Reynolds (93)
14 St Wilfrids 180 2 George Taylor (98) Joachim Murphy (82)
15 Home Schooled 173 2 Tobias Bizzell (87) Jacob Johnston (86)
16= Westways 167 2 Kai Harrison (84) Raphael Lang (83)
16= Carfield 167 2 Sidney Werner (86) Tomas Heskin (81)
18 St Maries 166 2 Krystal Fletcher-Slack (94) Patrick Coefield (72)
19 Hallam 163 2 William Preston (84) Sam Havenhand (79)
20 Mundella 156 2 Carys Rist (82) Lawrie Rist (74)
21 Pye Bank 155 2 Dominic Reid (78) Junior Lennon (77)
22 Sheffield High School 97 1 Alice Pieters (97)
23 Meersbrook 95 1 Lily Jo Bassindale (95)
24 Mylnhurst 94 1 John Joe Doyle (94)
25 Brookhouse 93 1 Matthew Bagnall (93)
26 St Marys (Chesterfield) 91 1 Hannah White (91)
27 Wharncliffe Side 90 1 Francesca Hess (90)
28 St Marys 89 1 Joseph Guy (89)
29 Dore 88 1 Alex McDonald (88)
30 Stocksbridge Junior 87 1 Flynn Rogers (87)
31 Low Edges 71 1 Noah McKenna (71)


  School Points Runners Counters
1 Notre Dame 400 5 Frederick Emmett (100) William Garnett (100) Samuel Doyle (100) Isabelle Hodgson (100)
2 High Storrs 398 9 Conrad Reuber (100) Alex Elliot (100) Millie Norman (99) Jamie Lightfoot (99)
3 Tapton 388 4 Amelia Phillips (100) Rosie Shrimpton (97) Rania Maaranen (96) Harriet Phillips (95)
4 Sheffield High School 198 2 Imogen Pieters (100) Hannah Taylor (98)
5 King Ecgberts 197 2 Jack Page (99) Henry McDonald (98)
6 Silverdale 194 2 Ethan Morgan (98) Matthew Diacon (96)
7 Newfield 189 2 Herbie Werner (95) Finlay Ponton (94)
8 Westbourne 99 1 Ailsa Gillespie (99)
9 Birkdale 97 1 Matthew Morris (97)


A Saturday Afternoon Series event aimed at introducing adult and junior newcomers to orienteering and includes the 4th event in the SFSS primary and secondary schools orienteering league. There is also a short green and green course whch will provide a good technical challenge to experienced orienteers.

Limb Valley and Whirlow Brook Hall provide a stunning location for orienteering. The terrain is highly varied, ranging from the steep wooded valley and plantation to the formal gardens around the hall and intricate quarry area.

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Registration will be located inside the hall (It's the plushest you will have ever been to - oak panelling and a roaring fire! - please no dob spikes on their oak flooring...) and will open at 12.45pm (12.30pm for adults) at Whirlowbrook Hall map.  You can start any time from 12.45pm – 3pm but the courses close at 3:30pm. Adults will be able to start from 12.30pm to avoid the queues. Start and finish are adjacent to the Hall.

The catering team at Whirlowbrook Hall will be opening from 12.30pm to 3.30pm especially for our event serving hot drinks, tomato soup and a wide range of cakes. Please do support them as they have provided the facilities free of charge.

Limb Valley

Travel and parking

Postcode: S11 9QD.  There are two car parks within the grounds please drive slowly within the park, there is also parking available on the crescent outside the park gates.  If these fill up then there is good parking on Whirlowdale Road (about 100m back from the crescent towards the city centre on the right along Ecclesall Road South).

NB Please do not park on the private road (Whinfell Court) that has a junction onto the crescent outside the park gates.

Buses seem to be pretty regular with a variety of routes (20 minutes from the city centre with a 5 minute walk through the park to the hall) Plan your journey

Schools Event

Running alongside the public event is an event in the SFSS Orienteering League for both Primary and Secondary pupils.  Entry to the schools event is free if your school is part of the SFSS and you are in Y3 or above. Information about the SFSS Orienteering League is here


Adults £5, SYO members £4
Children £2 (Free for the first run if you are in Y3 or above and your schools is in the SFSS)
Any additional courses will cost an additional £1 (Or £2 if your previous run was free)
If you would like to go around in a group you would just pay for one entry, plus £1 for each extra map.

map extract LV


Whirlow Brook Hall will be providing drinks and snacks.  Toilets are available at the hall.


All courses are entry on the day.  You just have to turn up, pick a course and fill in an entry form.  There will be people on hand to help you if you have any questions.

If you ran one of the previous schools events in the series then you should have completed an entry form an been given a number. With the number we are able to add you into the results system much quicker.  You can download an entry form with your details on from the registration page using the registration number and email address.

For those who would like to do a second run you will need to complete another entry slip with the same details as before.  You are welcome to fill this out in advance and bring it with you when you download (with the £1 entry fee for the second course) and we can give you a map to save queuing again.


If you complete a course and there is still time you are welcome to try another.

See below for details on the courses on offer.

Course School Years Distance Technical Level Who is it for?


40m climb

The easiest course and a great place for children to start.  The course is entirely on paths and each time you have to make a decision - which path to take, there will be a control point.
Year 3 pupils can compete with Y4s.

Yellow Y6,7 1.8km
55m climb

The next step up and a good place for teenagers etc. to start.  The course will use paths but also other line features - Fences, streams etc.
It will also no longer have a control everytime you need to decide where you are going. For example you may need to make a couple of turns on paths between controls.

Orange Y8,9 2.2km
75m climb

Harder still, the Orange course introduces:

  • Choosing routes - e.g. should I go round the paths to the left or right
  • Using 'Point Features' as control sites

Those doing either of the Orange courses need to be able to judge distances, orientate the map using surrounding features and a compass, use attack points and be bold enough to venture off paths for up to 30 metres

Long Orange Y10+ 4.2km
110m climb

Similar difficulty to an orange course, but a bit further!

Light Green   3.6km
125m climb

Ideal for improvers  The navigation difficulty increases and you start to use simple contours and point features.


Short Green  

115m climb

5 As technically hard as the area allows. Avoids the most physical parts.
Green   4.7km
210m climb

As technically and physically hard as the area allows.  

SYO Photography Policy

Please be aware that photography is permitted at all our events by spectators and parents though not anywhere where children may be changing e.g. club tent, car park, toilets, changing areas. Whilst the sharing of images taken at our events is not forbidden, please do think about how and where you share them and do not display children's names with the image.

Any parents not wishing their children to be photographed should inform the Event Organiser and a wristband will be issued. Photographers should not take photos of any child wearing a wristband and any that are accidently taken should be deleted. SYO will not share photos of children on websites, social media, posters, in the press and other publications unless we have parental permission.

If you have any concerns regarding inappropriate or intrusive photography please report them to an Event Official.


Venue Details

Limb Valley includes Whirlowbrook Park, Whinfell Quarry Garden and the woods either side of Whirlow Brook.

The woodland is mixed conifer and deciduous.  Much of it is very runnable though partly steep valley sides, but there are patches of bramble and holly. 

More details about Whirlow Brook Hall & Limb Valley...