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CompassSport Cup Event at Canklow Woods

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Sun 11th Mar 2018

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Hope everyone enjoyed their runs today.  It was great to see plenty of team spirit on show.  A huge thank you to Paul Bradbury for Organising, Colin Lynch for planning and Brian Slater for controlling.  Thank you also to all the other members of SYO who voluteered on the day.

Individual results, splits and Routegadget are available on the links above (There was a problem during the upload so the link takes you to most of the courses but for any missing they are in the next event down).  Overall team results and counters are below.  Final ranking points available Thursday; results reloaded Wednesday to correct a wrong membership number on Green Women.

Planners Comments

I hope you all enjoyed your runs in Canklow Woods.  I am glad the weather stayed dry particularly as prior to the event the woods were already as muddy as I have ever seen them.

Due to the small size of the area I wished to keep the start and finish as close to the entry point to the woods as possible.  I needed to balance this with using the quarries which are the most interesting part of the area.  Apologies if the courses were on the short side although I wished to avoid excessive climb with such a large slope making up most of the woods.

Apologies to three early runners who lost time due to control 78 being incorrectly placed by me on an unmapped platform.  Having looked at the team scoring we are confident that this did not impact the either the Compass Sport Cup or Trophy final scores.  The runners involved are being contacted and I hope it did not spoil their enjoyment too much.

Thank you to Dave, Pete and Chas for producing the new map and updating it when requested.  Thanks to Paul for organising and to Pete for running the SI.  Thanks to Pauline, Bill, Tim and Pete for helping put out and collect the controls.  Thanks to Brian for his intelligent positive controlling.  Most importantly thanks to all of you for attending the event.

Colin Lynch

Team Results

Compass Sport Cup

  Club Points Counters Runners Counters
1 SYO 2438 25 87 Kim Baxter (100) Jenny Peel (100) Dominic Dakin (100) Freya Tryner (100) Alastair Buckley (100) Charlie Adams (99) Laura Goy (99) Andy Preston (99) Mark Chapman (98) Aislinn Prendergast (98) Janet Adams (98) Sebastian Mobus (98) Jamie Lightfoot (98) Imogen Pieters (98) Judy Johnson (98) Paul Bradbury (97) Jenny Johnson (96) Paul Johnson (96) Jenny Lightfoot (96) Matthew Morris (96) Paul Taylor (95) Bill Hanley (95) Pauline Tryner (95) Henry Marston (95) Naomi Thornton/ William Garnett/Alex Elliot/ Nick Lightfoot/James Burton (94)
2 DVO 2418 25 70 Richard Parkin (100) Graham Johnson (100) Rachel Duckworth (100) Jake O'Donnell (100) Chris Millard (99) Paul Addison (99) Michelle Mackervoy (99) Andrew Middleton (99) John Hawkins (98) Sarah Duckworth (98) David Bennett (98) Andrew Stuart (97) Francesco Lari (97) Rex Bleakman (97) Dai Bedwell (96) Mark Goodhead (96) Fiona Sellar (96) Andis Ozols (95) Sal Chaffey (94) Val Johnson (94) Samuel Davis (94) Andy Hawkins (94) Helen Chiswell (93) Mike Godfree (93) David Vincent (92)
3 CLOK 2309 25 40 Rob Baker (100) Ann Cranke (100) Chris Mackenzie (98) Charles Mayes (97) Alice Rigby (97) Diane Mayes (97) Thomas Aspin (96) Rebecca Aspin (96) Niamh Tucker-McAuley (96) Chris Poole (96) Dave Aspin (95) Alexander Mathers (94) Chris Wright (94) Clare Baker (92) Dominic Green (92) John Green (91) Natalie Martin (90) Vicky Tucker (89) Nick Martin (89) Isabel Mayes (88) Anne Schmuck (87) Roy Bradley (86) Carolyn Rigby (84) Simon Schmuck (83) Barry Harrison (82)

Compass Sport Trophy

  Club Points Counters Runners Counters
1 EPOC 1287 13 34 James Logue (100) Karen Poole (100) Adam Thorpe (100) Laura Harrison (100) James Williams (100) Julie Couch (100) Jonathan Emberton (99) Andy Thorpe (99) Ian Couch (99) Viv Barraclough (98) William Barraclough (98) Luke Barraclough (98) William Martland (96)
2 NATO 1252 13 21 Alasdair Wilson Craw (100) Adrian Barnes (99) Alexandra Hare (99) Joseph Green (98) Francis Shillitoe (98) Andrew Green (97) Mary Rack (97) Joseph Metcalfe (96) Andrew Nicoll (96) Charlie Cookson (94) George Hare (93) Patricia Davies (93) Benedict Sanderson (92)
3 CLARO 1248 13 25 Luke Fry (100) Ruth Ker (99) Lois Parker (98) Adrian Parker (97) David Day (97) Luke Parker (97) Steve Fry (96) Alex Robinson (95) Allen Barnes (95) Emma McAnaw (94) Jemima Parker (94) Tamsin Ker (94) Timothy Evans (92)
4 EBOR 1239 13 29 Josh Cooper (100) Steve Corrigan (98) Dave Brown (98) Karen Clark (98) Maria Mackenzie (97) Barrie Speake (97) Vicky Bailey (96) Dave Lloyd (96) Kevin Francis (93) Bryan Greener (93) Danny Figg (92) Jeff Harris (91) Amanda Cooper (90)
5 HALO 1233 13 24 Yasmin Field (100) Flora Jolly (100) Zac Field (99) Dean Field (96) Helena Crutchley (96) Jake Field (95) Peter Harris (95) Neil Harvatt (94) Harriet Gillman (93) Helen Chan (92) Joe Field (92) Rod Williams (91) Elspeth Jolly (90)
6 NN 946 10 12 Cecile Spring (98) Yolanda Hampshire Wright (98) Saskia Warren (96) Ross Marshell-Ivens (96) Kath Marshall-Ivens (95) Barnaby Warren (94) Robert McKenna (94) Bob Cooper (93) Jeneba Hampshire Wright (92) Michael Thompson (90)


This event is the regional heat of the Compass Sport Cup. Competition courses are only available to enter in advance via your club captain. There are 3 courses available for entry on the day: white & yellow (suitable for younger juniors) and light green (suitable for adult beginners / improvers).




Off Lawton Lane, Moorgate, Rotherham


Woodside Health & Wellbeing Center, S60 2UH

Parking may be tight, so car share if possible.


Canklow Woods is a sloping area with a mixture of deciduous woodland, open and semi-open.  All along the top of the slope are the remains of stone workings, which provide good contour detail.  The area is criss-crossed by a complex path network.


Previous event Routegadget (map)

CSC rules:





£13                                         Juniors/students £6

£6 Light Green course, £3 white & yellow.


SI card hire: £1                     Lost SI card fee: £30


Competitors take part at their own risk & are responsible for their own safety


Portaloos provided


Planner:         Colin Lynch (SYO)

Controller:     Brian Slater (HALO)

Organiser:     Paul Bradbury (SYO)

                        Email: paul.syo “at”            Mobile:      07920734313

Venue Details

Canklow Woods is a sloping area with a mixture of deciduous woodland, open and semi-open.  All along the top of the slope are the remains of stone workings which provide good contour detail.  The area is criss-crossed by a complex path network.

It is on the edge of Rotherham and very accessible, with the southern boundary of the area being less than a kilometre from junction 33 on the M1.

Safety & risk

A comprehensive risk assessment will have been carried out by the organiser, but participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event. If a competitor has a pre-existing medical condition that they think should be declared, please complete a medical form at enquiries. The sealed envelope will only be opened in an emergency.


SYO has an agreed policy on the taking of photographs at events, based on national guidance. This provides a sensible balance between the benefits and risks associated with the taking and use of images. If you are unsure about acceptable practice, please speak to the event organiser. Read our photography policy.


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