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Regional Event counting in YHOA Superleague

A Regional event at Blacka Moor

On Sun 17th Dec 2017

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Entries will open soon.


Parking:            Parking and Registration will be on hard standing at Dyson Technical Ceramics site GR 296790 on the A621 Baslow Road 1km N of the Owler Bar roundabout. No parking fee.


Terrain:             Blackamoor is mostly open heather moorland with some mixed forest on steep valley sides making for challenging orienteering both technically and physically. Some bracken but courses have been planned to avoid the worst.

Map:                1:10000 A3 with 5m contours. Updated by Ian Cooper to ISOM 2017, minor updates by Peter Gorvett 2017. 

Courses:           White, Yellow, Orange, Long Orange, Light Green, Short Green, Green, Blue, Brown, Black.

Pre- Entry:       via   Closing date December 10th.

Fees:                Pre-entry                                                                     

Seniors                                                £8         (£10 non BOF members)           

Family (2 Senior + up to 4 juniors)          £20       (£24 non BOF members)                       

Juniors/Students/ Adults on courses up to Long Orange  £4

Families running with one map and dibber          £4

SI card hire:                   £1                   Lost SI card compensation:   £30                     

EOD at no extra charge.

Times:              Registration                  10:00 - 12:00

                        Starts:                          10:30 - 12:30    Courses close: 14:30

Dogs:               Welcome in the car park but not on courses.

Safety:             Much of Blackamoor is above1000 ft and very exposed, please come prepared with waterproof jacket, hat and gloves.

Officials:          Planner:            Aislinn Prendergast (SYO)

                        Controller:        Peter Gorvett  (SYO)

                        Organiser:        Brian Shaw   (SYO) 07768 928432 email: drgbshawATgmaildotcom

This is a YHOA SuperLeague Event. To count please enter the colour appropriate to your age class.

M21                                                              Black

M18,M20,M35,M40,M45,M50, W21        Brown

M16, M55,M60, W18,W20, W35,W40     Blue

M65, M70, W16, W45,W50,W55,W60    Green

M75,M80, W65,W70, W75,W80              Short Green

M14/W14                                                     Light Green

M12/W12                                                     Orange

M10/W10                                                     Yellow



Venue Details

The area we call Blacka Moor is a physically challenging area.  It consists of two distinct parts, Blacka Moor and Totley Moor.

Blacka Moor is the northern part, cut by two streams with steep sided valleys. The northern and eastern parts of this area are a mixture of deciduous woodland, with some bramble and bracken and open moorland with bracken, bilberry and heather, but with a good track network. The southern part of this area is mostly open moorland but with some open pasture, making for faster running.

Totley Moor is the southern part of the area,  mostly wild open moorland with heather or moor grass, but with many pits towards the eastern edge of the area.

The area is exposed and competitors should be dressed appropriately in the event of cold or wet weather.

More details about Blacka Moor...