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British Schools Score Championship

A National event at Rother Valley Country Park

From Sat 14th Oct 2017

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You can now add your own route and see the routes others took on our Routegadget site.

The Draw tab allows you to upload a GPS track or manually mark your route.
The Results tab allows you to see other people’s routes.  Even if they haven’t entered a route, there are two tick-boxes for each name.  The left-hand one shows on the map the sequence of controls visited.  If you tick the right-hand one for yourself and your competitors, you can then replay the event as if you all started together.


Results can be viewed here.

Organiser Comments

Many thanks to all who came to run, their team leaders and parents who brought them and all the helpers who contributed to a very memorable event, aided by the excellent weather.

Planners Comments

My main aim was to ensure that no one could clear all the controls. I'm pleased to have achieved this. Well done to those who came close.

The area doesn't give much scope for a navigational challenge. Instead, hopefully everyone enjoyed the challenge of calculating how much ground they could cover in 45 minutes. As expected, a number (particularly the older boys) appear to have miscalculated and accrued penalty points as a result. As far as I can tell, control 55 wasn't visited by anyone. Nevertheless I'm sure it added to the problems to be solved.

Charlie Adams


Not all the maps were collected from map reclaim.

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like them posting to you, or taking to the Schools Champs in November.

Lost Property

A blue chair, a purple top, an inhaler, a clear plastic water bottle and green, red and blue plastic box


Venue Details

Rother Valley is a large (2.6km North to south) country patk containing two lakes used for water sports.  The orienteering takes in parkland, woods and fields. The golf course is mapped, but not usualy availbale to use.

More details about Rother Valley Country Park...