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Regional Urban Event

A Regional event at Sheffield City South-West

On Sun 3rd Sep 2017

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Results Published (see links above).

Unfortunately control 55 was vandalised just before the first runner got there, and not replaced later. Hence everyone that did not get a punch at 55 has been left in the results, and you will not have a correct split time for the leg before and after that control.

Organiser's comments 


The assembly provided an ideal area on the lawns at the east side of the Cemetery. It offered a large, sheltered space with good opportunities to socialise, picnic or play games; which all added to the atmosphere. There were around 270 runs, with many positive comments on the variety and challenges. In particular the planner was complimented on the tricky route choices in and around the Cemetery, causing much thinking and confusion. Thank you to everyone for finishing promptly so we could pack up before the heavy rain arrived!

Bill Hanley, Organiser.

Routegadget and Winsplits uploaded (see link above). Control 55 has been removed from the event for these uploads.


Yorkshire Urban League scores - uploaded here.


A cracking urban event incorporating the Victorian Cemetary, intricate housing estates and parkland in the area to the south west of Sheffield City Centre. Courses to suit all ages and levels of experience. This event is part of the YHOA Urban League.

gallery 188 4 223294

Assembly: In the General Cemetery, off Montague Street. Toilets will be available.

Parking: On urban streets surrounding the Cemetery. 

Starts: 10.30-12.30pm. There are 2 starts. Near start for White, Yellow & Orange at assembly. Far start for all other courses 500m. The route to the far start includes busy road crossings. Courses close 14.30.

Courses: (optimal route choice lengths in brackets)

White: 1.0km (1.4km)
Yellow: 1.2km (1.8km)
Orange: 2.1km (2.8km)
Short Green: 3.5km (5km)
Green: 4.6km (6.1km)
Blue: 5.5km (7.8km)
Brown: 6.6km (9.5km)

White and Yellow are contained within the walls of the General Cemetery. Orange includes some paths external to the Cemetery but involves no road crossings. White, Yellow & Orange are suitable for unaccompanied juniors. All other courses involve several crossings of roads including several quite busy routes. Under 16s must be accompanied by adults on Short Green and above. Please take care when crossing roads and use pedestrian crossings where possible. The area is open to the public including dog walkers, so please be polite and courteous and give way if necessary.

Participants wishing to count in the YHOA Urban League should enter the following courses:

  • Young Juniors (12-) - yellow
  • Junior (16-) - orange
  • Senior - brown
  • Vet (40+) - women - blue, men - brown
  • Supervet (55+) - men - blue, women - green
  • Ultravet (65+) - men - green, women - short green
  • Hypervet (75+) - men - short green, women - short green


    Courses take in several local parks, housing estates and local streets offering a wide variety of challenges including complex route choices. All courses finish in the General Cemetery, which is a Victorian cemetery and nature reserve combining parkland with woodland and a complex path network. There are a large number of uncrossable features throughout which are FORBIDDEN TO CROSS.

    cemetery extract.jpgEstate extract.jpg


    Please enter in advance to guarantee the map of your choice viahere.  Closing Date 1/9/17. EOD subject to map availability in assembly 10am - 12 noon.

    Adults: £10 (£8 BOF members) for Light Green to Brown, £4 White to Orange
    Juniors / Full time students: £4
    Families £24 (£20 members)
    If you would like to go round in a pair or group you pay for 1 entry. Additional maps £1.

    Key Officials:

    Organiser: Bill Hanley. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Planner: Oli Johnson
    Controller: Tim Tett. 



    Venue Details

    The Sheffield SW maps include the south-west part of the city centre and areas both side of Ecclesall Road (A625).  For the 2014 sprint event the area was split with the prologue north of the A625 and the final south.

    More details about Sheffield City South-West...