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Orienteering - Give it a go!

A Other event at Coronation Park

On Sat 3rd Jun 2017 from 14:00 until 16:00


A great chance to try orienteering in the newly mapped Coronation Park in Oughtibridge, S35 0GG here.

This is an ideal opportunity for anyone wanting a first go at orienteering - instruction will be given. It is particularly suitable for children and the over 60s as it is a small park with easy going terrain.

There will be 3 short courses on offer, increasing in length and difficulty - these will be different to the courses on 22nd April. It is free for all (courtesy of the Friends of Coronation Park). Turn up anytime between 2pm and 3.30pm. Parking on nearby streets. Toilets available in the park.


SYO Photography Policy

Please be aware that photography is permitted at all our events by spectators and parents though not anywhere where children may be changing e.g. club tent, car park, toilets, changing areas. Whilst the sharing of images taken at our events is not forbidden, please do think about how and where you share them and do not display children's names with the image. Any parents not wishing their children to be photographed should inform the Event Organiser and a wristband will be issued. Photographers should not take photos of any child wearing a wristband and any that are accidently taken should be deleted. SYO will not share photos of children on websites, social media, posters, in the press and other publications unless we have parental permission. If you have any concerns regarding inappropriate or intrusive photography please report them to an Event Official.