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Adult and Junior Coaching

A Club Training event at Hesley Wood

On Sun 21st May 2017 from 13:00


SYO are running a coaching and training session on Sunday 21st May at Hesley Woods. It is a runnable deciduous woodland with a wealth of intricate contour details providing excellent challenge for the experienced orienteer and a good path network for beginners.

Please park at the Hesley Wood Scout Centre, here. (S35 2YH)

If you would like to attend you must email Pauline Tryner so that we have enough coaches available to comply with safety rations and know what resources to prepare. - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 07901 912113 if you require further information.

The sessions will start at 1pm. Please arrive by 12.50pm so we can get started by 1pm. Group 1 will finish at 2pm, all other groups at 2.30pm. Parents who wish to accompany their children on the activities are encouraged or alternatively are very welcome to join the adult's group and have a go themselves. All participants should wear full leg cover and sturdy footwear.

Cost will be £3 per session to non-members, free to club members.


Group 1 (TD1/2) suitable for children age 7 upwards, who are beginning orienteering. (younger children who are club members and are accompanied by an adult are also welcome)

Group 2 (TD3) suitable for children who confidently run yellow courses independently on all areas.

Group 3 (TD4) suitable for children who confidently run orange courses independently on all areas.

Group 4 (TD3+) suitable for all adults. A range of exercises will be planned to cater for beginners to experienced orienteers.

Venue Details

Hesley and Tankersley Woods have a rich industrial heritage and once contained factories and railways during the war when it was heavily bombed. They now contains a wealth of detail with many bell pits, bomb craters and myriad of paths created by local people spread across mixed vegetation comprising natural oak woodland with bluebells through reclaimed spoil heaps with maturing shrubs and young trees.

The area has been worked for coal and iron, which has left complex slopes covered by the scars of hand-hewn "bell-pits" and other earth-works from the 19th century and before. These days the area is used by dog-walkers, cyclists and trail-bikers, leaving a large number of paths. In the most active biking areas the path network is very complex. The mapping of these paths is good, but small new paths can be created quickly.

There are brambles in parts of the area, but most are at ankle-length, are pretty runnable and have no bramble screen. There are some areas of thicker brambles in the far south of the map.

More details about Hesley Wood...