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Local and schools event

A Local (Lvl D) And Schools event at Shire Brook Valley

On Sat 1st Apr 2017, 13:00 - 15:00


A Saturday Afternoon Series event aimed at introducing newcomers to orienteering and includes the 7th event in the SFSS primary and secondary schools orienteering league. This is a new orienteering area. Registration will open at 1pm at the Shire Brook Visitors Centre map.  You can start any time from 1pm – 3pm but the courses close at 3:30pm. 

Schools Event

Running alongside the public event is an event in the Sheffield Schools Orienteering League for both Primary and Secondary pupils.  Entry to the schools event is free if your school a member of the SFSS and you are in Y3 or above. Information about the SFSS Orienteering League is here


Adults £4, SYO members £3
Children & Students £2 (Free for the first run if you are in Y3 or above and your schools is in the SFSS)
Any additional courses will cost an additional £1
If you would like to go around in a group you would just pay for one entry, plus £1 for each extra map.

Travel and parking

Parking is available off at the visitors centre.  If getting there by public transport it is about 20 minutes by bus from the centre of Sheffield, there are several options use the Yorkshire Travel Planner to get to Coisley Hill from where it is a 5 minute walk down Stone Lane.


There are toilets at the centre.  As there is no cafe we will be selling hot drinks and cakes to raise money for the SYO Junior Squad.


All courses are entry on the day.  You just have to turn up, pick a course and fill in an entry form.  There will be people on hand to help you if you have any questions.

If you ran one of the previous schools events in the series then you should have completed an entry form an been given a number. With the number we are able to add you into the results system much quicker.  You can download an entry form with your details on from the registration page using the registration number and email address.

For those who would like to do a second run you will need to complete another entry slip with the same details as before.  You are welcome to fill this out in advance and bring it with you when you download (with the £1 entry fee for the second course) and we can give you a map to save queuing again.


If you complete a course and there is still time you are welcome to try another.

See below for details on the courses on offer.

Course School Years Distance Technical Level Who is it for?


15m Climb

The easiest course and a great place for children to start.  The course is entirely on paths and each time you have to make a decision - which path to take, there will be a control point.
Year 3 pupils can compete with Y4s.

Yellow Y6,7 2.0km
40m Climb

The next step up and a good place for teenagers etc. to start.  The course will use paths but also other line features - Fences, streams etc.
It will also no longer have a control every time you need to decide where you are going. For example you may need to make a couple of turns on paths between controls.

Orange Y8,9 2.6km
50m Climb

Harder still, the Orange course introduces:

  • Choosing routes - e.g. should I go round the paths to the left or right
  • Using 'Point Features' as control sites

Those doing either of the Orange courses need to be able to judge distances, orientate the map using surrounding features and a compass, use attack points and be bold enough to venture off paths for up to 30 metres

Long Orange Y10+ 3.7km
90m Climb

Similar difficulty to an orange course, but a bit further! Good place for adult beginners to start.

This course is in two parts, part 2 is on the reverse of Part 1 so when you have got to the last control of Part 1 turn over and continue on part 2.

Light Green 4.4km
90m Climb

Ideal for improvers  The navigation difficulty increases and you start to use simple contours and point features. Ideal for more confident adult newcomers.

This course is in two parts, part 2 is on the reverse of Part 1 so when you have got to the last control of Part 1 turn over and continue on part 2.

Venue Details

This is a new area for orienteering with a map surveyed and drawn by Chas Hird in 2016/2017; first use is April 2017. The reserve is mostly wooded, with open areas and a good path network.

Sheffield Parks and Woodlands website says "Situated in South East Sheffield, the Shire Brook Valley contains over 100 hectares of land protected for Nature Conservation and recreation. The Reserve is open to the public all year round.  Local Nature Reserve status was gained for the valley in 1999".  A booklet 'Shire Brook, The Forgotten Valley', written by local people about the fascinating history of the valley is described here.  As well as the Shire Brook Valley Visitor Centre, the reserve also contains Birley Spa Victorian Bathhouse.

More details about Shire Brook Valley...