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Outdoor City Urban & Schools Event at Norfolk Park

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Sat 18th Mar 2017 Start Times 13:00 - 15:00

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Update 28 August.

Results at last uploaded to Yorkshire Urban League page.  Apologies for long delay, due to the need to use some complex data manipulation to get all the data required.

Update 20 Mar 12:00 - The timeouts have now been included in the results above and Winsplits, the timeout legs look a bit funny in Winsplits but several have been checked and the overall times at the following controls are reflecting the removal of the timeout.  Still working on getting these new times uploaded to Routegadget...

Thank you for all coming today.  It was a great turnout and hopefully you all enjoyed the courses and didn't get to wet and muddy.  Thank you to all the SYO helpers who performed their jobs with skill and enthusiasm. Draft results are available above.  We think that we have reinstated everyone from the timed out crossings we are still working on taking out the timeout but once done will update the results again.

Thank you to all the landowners and residents that the courses crossed, there wouldn't be much of an event without their help.  Also a huge thank you to all the staff at The Centre in the Park who were incredibly helpful, it is a fantastic facility.

Schools league results have been calculated, the team results are below with individual year results available on the 'Other' link above or HERE. Looks like it was another close competition between Hunter's Bar, Nethergreen and Dobcroft in the Primary School competition.  If you spot any errors, can't see your results etc. then This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Next event will be at Shire Brook on 1st April, information for this event is here.

Urban Course Comments
Apologies to those affected by the map error near the Goals football pitches and the gate that should have been open, which had a padlock that neither of the caretakers had a key for...

It seems that many found the instructions for the choice of road crossings a bit complicated.  We had anticipated that some may miss punching one side or the other of the crossing, as it turned out in some cases both!  Those that are showing as missed punches for the crossing in the draft results will be re-instated and I think there may also be an issue with removing the timeout for those that did manage to punch both sides!  I still think having the optional crossings was beneficial for improving route choice but would welcome feedback particularly on how we could make it clearer if we do it again in the future.

Schools Team Results


  School Points Runners Counters
1 Hunters Bar Junior 397 23 Lotte Sykes (100) Conrad Reuber (100) Maria Vasileva (99) Isla Caudwell (98)
2 Nethergreen Junior 395 17 Isaac Oliver (100) Rania Maaranen (99) Jamie Lightfoot (99) Matthew Diacon (97)
3 Dobcroft 394 8 Rafferty Scrimshaw (100) Imogen Towndrow (98) Joseph Diacon (98) Ethan Morgan (98)
4 Sheffield High School 388 4 Imogen Pieters (100) Alice Pieters (99) Hannah Taylor (98) Daria Vasile (91)
5 St Wilfrids 377 4 Joseph Loughran (97) Ben Heley (96) Gabriel Barnes (95) Joseph Loughran (89)
6 Grenoside 370 5 Harriet Jones (97) Charlotte Smith (92) Helena Claxton (91) Connie Jones (90)
7 Westways 342 4 Luca Tyas (95) Beppe Tyas (94) Raphael Lang (77) Kai Harrison (76)
8 Ecclesall 273 3 Daniel Eastwood (92) Sam Halmshaw (91) Benjamin Taylor (90)
9 Carterknowle 272 3 Evan Jenkinson (99) Anna Osborne (94) Ibrahim Shafi-Robinson (79)
10 Home Schooled 264 3 Hannah Thornton (92) Joel Thornton (91) Tobias Bizzell (81)
11 Oughtibridge 261 3 Emma Ward (94) Molly Shah (89) Samuel Peters (78)
12 Totley All Saints 188 2 Daniel Hill (95) Kassia Smith (93)
13 Rivelin 187 2 Erin Bryant (96) Martha Bryant (91)
14 Mylnhurst 186 2 Benjamin Bedford (94) John Joe Doyle (92)
15= Meersbrook 181 2 Evie Broom (93) Lily jo Bassindale (88)
15= Carfield 181 2 Sidney Werner (94) Rose Thomas Hanks (87)
17 Lydgate 164 2 Eve Hinchcliffe (84) Toby Morrison (80)
18 Hathersage 100 1 Charlotte Chapman (100)
19 Abbeylane 99 1 James Wilson (99)
20 St Maries 95 1 Alexandra Garnett (95)
21 Greystones 89 1 Hannah Grierson (89)
22 St Marys 88 1 Joseph Guy (88)
23 Dore 86 1 Alex McDonald (86)
24 Hope Valley College 74 1 Aubrey Banham-Lucas (74)


  School Points Runners Counters
1 High Storrs 398 8 Josie Conduit (100) Hannah Dixon (100) Dylan Jenkinson (99) Phoebe Mead (99)
2= Notre Dame 198 2 Frederick Emmett (100) Jasmine Schofield (98)
2= King Ecgberts 198 2 Jack Page (100) Henry McDonald (98)
4 Forge Valley 197 2 Luke Mallinson (99) Erin Lachlan (98)
5 Tapton 193 2 Amelia Phillips (99) Zak Lomas (94)
6 Home Schooled 100 1 Naomi Thornton (100)
7= Silverdale 97 1 Alex Osborne (97)
7= handsworth 97 1 Amber leigh Colley (97)
7= Wath Compehensive 97 1 Emily Shentall (97)


This is the first event in this year's YHOA urban league. A full set of urban event courses (black to light green) are on offer. There will also be courses for beginners and younger juniors (white, yellow, orange and long orange) which will remain in Norfolk Park. This event will be run in conjunction with the Sheffield Schools Orienteering League competition. 

Norfolk Park is close to the centre of Sheffield. We will be based at the Centre in the Park (here)

There is a car park off Guildford Avenue however there is only space for about 20 cars.  There are plenty of residential roads nearby but please park considerately.  By Tram the nearest tram stop is Arbourthorne Road. There is a five minute walk from the tram stop to the Centre in the Park. Registration will be in the centre with the start and finish adjacent. The centre has toilets and a fab cafe.

Registration for the urban event will open at 12 noon with starts from 12.30pm to 2.00pm.  Registration for the park event (schools' league) is from 1pm-2.45pm with starts from 1pm - 3pm. There are no pre-allocated start times. All courses close at 3:30pm.

Map & Terrain

view from sky park

The Norfolk park map has been updated and the urban area within the tram route has been mapped, this includes several residential areas and open spaces.  The map has been linked to the ever growing Sheffield map with longer courses visiting the iconic Parkhill & Hyde Park flats areas used during the City Race in 2012. (Routegadget).  Phase 1 of the redevelopment of Park Hill was recently voted the 6th coolest place to live in the UK and the building is the largest listed building in Europe, it is a bit of a contrast to the blocks waiting redevelopment!  There are fantastic views from the newly mapped Sky Edge Park, which is visited by the blue, brown and black courses.

Scale: 1:5000, Contours 2.5m.

Schools Event

Running alongside the public event is the third event in the Sheffield School Orienteering League for both Primary and Secondary pupils.  Entry to the schools event is free if your school is a member of the Sheffield Federation of School Sports (SFSS).  Information about the SFSS Orienteering League is here.  It is not necessary for a teacher to be present from the school.


All courses will allow entry on the day, though we suggest that those wanting to run the urban courses can enter in advance to ensure they get a map on fabian4

If you want to enter one of the newcomer courses or school courses (white, yellow, orange & long orange), you just have to turn up, pick a course and fill in an entry form.  There will be people on hand to help you if you have any questions.


Level C Urban courses: £10 (£8 members). Juniors £4, (M/W12- £2)

Schools / Colour Coded courses (white to long orange): Adults: £4 (£3 members), Juniors £2

Children running a schools courses whose school is a member of the SFSS are free.

Any additional courses will cost an additional £1

If you would like to go around in a group you pay for one entry.


There will be an official photographer from the Outdoor City Weekender Publicity Department at today's event. If you do not wish for your photograph to be taken please let the organiser know. A copy of SYO's photography policy will be on display at the event.

Orienteering Courses Available

If you complete a course and there is still time you are welcome to try another.

At an orienteering event there are a range of different courses to try, depending on your navigation experience, age, fitness etc.  You can pretty much guarantee that there will be a course that will suit you!  The courses are colour coded and at different events a course with a particular colour, e.g. Yellow, should be similar both in difficulty and distance.

CourseSchool YearDistanceTechnical LevelWho is it for?
White Y4,5 1.5km 1 The easiest course and a great place for children to start.  The course is entirely on paths and each time you have to make a decision - which path to take, there will be a control point.
Yellow Y6,7 1.8km 2

The next step up and a good place for teenagers etc. to start.  The course will use paths but also other line features - Fences, streams etc.
It will also no longer have a control everytime you need to decide where you are going. For example you may need to make a couple of turns on paths between controls.

Because of the park setting there will be some controls that do not follow line feature.  Instead they will be on a point feature (e.g. a tree) but close by.  By turning the map so that it matches the ground you will be able to see the next control to go to.

Orange Y8,9 2.6km 3

Harder still, the Orange course introduces:

  • Choosing routes - e.g. should I go round the paths to the left or right
  • Using 'Point Features' as control sites
  • Basic use of a compass
Long Orange Y10+ 3.2km 3

Similar difficulty to orange but longer.

Please note that the course is in two parts.  You complete the first part before turning the map over to part 2

Urban Courses

Urban course details are below.  If you have pre-entered and don't need to change any of your details, course etc. you can go straight to the start.  Otherwise if you need to enter, change course, si card etc. then come to the Urban registration desk in the centre.

The start is next to the start for the park courses, just outside the centre.  There will be a 3 minute pre-start to give you time to pick up loose control descriptions and read some information about the course, road crossings etc.

The proportion of pavement to grass / muddy path varies on the courses but shorts and trainers would be fine.  I ran the black a few days ago without any problems...

Urban CoursesMens ClassesWomens ClassesDistance/Climb

Classes are for the YHOA Urban League however you are welcome to enter any course

Orange Junior (12-) Junior (12-) 2.6km
60m Climb

Young juniors (M/W12 or younger) will run the Orange park course

Light Green Junior (16-) Junior (16-) 3.6km
85m Climb
Short Green   Ultra Vet (65+)
Hyper Vet (75+)
90m Climb
Green Ultra Vet (65+)
Hyper Vet (75+)
Super Vet (55+) 4.6km
95m Climb
Blue Super Vet (55+) Vet (40+) 6.4km
180m Climb
The Blue, Brown and Black courses cross a busy road (Granville Road) to get to the northern half of the map.  There will be a choice of crossing point clearly marked on the map with the crossing point symbol )(, the rest of the road will be marked out of bounds.  The crossing will have a 1 minute timeout.  Punch the SI box, cross the road safely and punch the next box.  The time taken up to 1 minute will be deducted.
Brown Vet (40+) Open (18+) 7.8km
230m Climb
Black Open (18+)   8.8km
255m Climb
  • Organiser: Pauline Tryner - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 07901 912113
  • Planner: Pete Tryner / Colin Drury / Colin Best
  • Controller: Melinda Riley

Venue Details

Norfolk Heritage Park is a 28 hectare park with a long history, as it is one of the oldest public parks in the country.  From 1999 to 2005 the park has been regenerated through a £3.6 million restoration project.  New visitor facilities have been constructed, including the Centre in the Park, a multi-purpose community building.  The park landscape has been restored to its original Victorian character.

From an orienteering perspective its interest is largely in the woodlands that cover about 25% of the park and the urban surrounds which are currently undergoing re-development.  There is a permanent course, maps can be downloaded from the Friends of Norfolk Park website.

Mapping History:
2009 Ray Waight
2010 Chris Smithard (ShUOC) at 1:5000. 
2017 Pete Tryner for the the Outdoor City Weekender event with the urban area surrounding the park and All Saints school and Sheffield College (Scale 1:5000 2.5m contours)

Safety & risk

A comprehensive risk assessment will have been carried out by the organiser, but participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event. If a competitor has a pre-existing medical condition that they think should be declared, please complete a medical form at enquiries. The sealed envelope will only be opened in an emergency.


SYO has an agreed policy on the taking of photographs at events, based on national guidance. This provides a sensible balance between the benefits and risks associated with the taking and use of images. If you are unsure about acceptable practice, please speak to the event organiser. Read our photography policy.


When entering our events your personal details (name, gender, age class & club) will appear in the results section of this website. Read our privacy policy to see how we look after your personal data.