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BBQ event

A Local event at The Edge Campus

On Sat 20th Aug 2016

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Splits Analysis:
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Thanks to Chris Littler for planning three interesting courses.  Results below. Splits analysis:  for Winsplits see "Results" above, for Splitsbrowser see "Splits Analysis" above.


Long (length 5.2km, 24 controls)

 1 Tim Tett           SYO M55 37:31 
 2 Lucy Wiegand       SYO W45 48:22 
 3 Rachael Rothman     SYO W35 48:24 
 4 Colin Smith         SYO M50 50:11 
 5 Tim Wiegand         SYO M45 51:59 
mp   Nicholas Lightfoot SYO M55 47:49 Missing no 15

Medium (length 3.6km, 18 controls)

 1 Dominic Dakin       SYO M16 40:40 
 2 Peter Gorvett       SYO M65 43:36 
 3 Chuan Ling             SYO 43:38 
 4 Pauline Tryner     SYO W40 50:14 
 5 Beverley Inkson     SYO W45 52:24 
 6 Jacky Dakin         SYO W55 52:39 
 7 Jim Elder           SYO M65 55:03 
 8 Arun Sahni         SYO M60 60:22 
 9 Susan Guy               SYO 66:49 
 10 Melinda Riley       SYO W60 85:04 

Short (length 1.1km, 11 controls)

 1 Ronan Sahni         SYO M16   9:53 
 2 Freya Tryner       SYO W10 10:57 
 3 Robbie Lightfoot   SYO M10 14:32 
 4 Alice Pieters       SYO W10 18:50 
 5 Hannah Thornton     SYO W12 20:09 
 6 Sophia Stevenson   SYO W8   22:58 
 7 Alice Stevenson     SYO W10 23:01 
 8 Joel Thornton       SYO M12 37:04 
 9 Freddie&Joseph Guy  SYO M7   39:29 

Venue Details

The Edge is  the main campus in Endcliffe Student Village; it is typical University Campus with a mixture of older buildings and modern accomodation blocks dotted around a grassy sloping site which also includes steps and water.  The map also covers some other areas in the village east of the campus, which are mostly older buildings with interlinked gardens and wider grounds.

More details about The Edge Campus...