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Score Event

A Local event at Blacka Moor

On Tue 23rd Aug 2016 from 18:00

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Wed 16:55 results uploaded.  Sorry for delay, the copy to my memory stick last night failed.

According to the start box we started at 18:19:31, but I couldn't work out how to have a mass start time with seconds, so I used 18:20, meaning everyone except punching starts (Laura and me) has an extra 29 seconds.  The penalty was adjusted to 10 points per minute as 20 points per minute seemed too harsh in such difficult terrain. 

Can't load score splits to winsplits or splitsbrowser, but "Other" contains a xlxs formatted version of the csv results file. 



45 minute score event on Blacka Moor near Dore, where the object is to find as many contols as possible in the time allowed. There will also be an orange course suitable for the less experienced.

Parking on Stony Ridge Rd, just off the A625.

Registration 5.45 to 6pm. Mass Start 6.15pm. Cost £4 adults, £3 members, £2 juniors. 

Social event afterwards in the Dore Moor Inn from 7.15pm. Order food off the menu at your convenience or just join us for a drink.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to reserve your map and indicate whether you might order food by Monday 22nd August.

Venue Details

The area we call Blacka Moor is a physically challenging area, though brambles and even bracken are less fierce in 2017.  It consists of two distinct parts, Blacka Moor and Totley Moor.

Blacka Moor is the northern part, cut by two streams with steep sided valleys. The northern and eastern parts of this area are a mixture of deciduous woodland, with some bramble and bracken and open moorland with bracken, bilberry and heather, but with a good track network. The southern part of this area is mostly open moorland but with some open pasture, making for faster running.

Totley Moor is the southern part of the area,  mostly wild open moorland with heather or moor grass, but with many pits towards the eastern edge of the area.

The area is exposed and competitors should be dressed appropriately in the event of cold or wet weather.

More details about Blacka Moor...