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Trial British Mixed Sprint Relay Championships

A Regional event at The Edge Campus

On Sat 2nd Jul 2016 from 16:00 until 19:30

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17:40 RouteGadget up.

9:40 WinSplits (splits analysis) with results listed in finish time order, Splitsbrowser (other) up. 

8:15, Sunday 3rd July: Results available above.

Organiser's Comments

Thanks for taking part, and allowing us to test at least some of the rules GG has developed for the future British Mixed Sprint Relays. Thanks also to all the SYO volunteers, including some new faces, and to Ranald Macdonald for controlling the event. Michael's courses seemed to work well, and the winning times were mostly about right to allow the event to run to the schedule.

The event date took us a while to determine, and the lateness of announcing it, meant that some classes had very few entries. I decided (without knowing how many entries we'd get) that we'd need two different mass starts in order not to have too many people in a pack at the beginning. In retrospect, perhaps we could have started everyone at once at 5pm.

If anyone has any specific feedback then please add it to the discussion on the Nopesport thread.

Martin Ward, SYO


Mixed Sprint Relays around The Edge Campus (Sheffield University).  Open competition (4 legs, for teams of 2, 3 or 4 people), plus age class competitions for Juniors and Veterans (3 legs, for 3 people).

The Guidelines for this event have been developed by Graham Gristwood for use as the format for a future "British Championships". This event will follow the same format, though some of the guidelines will be amended.  A copy of the Guidelines (with amendments/comments) is published here.

Organiser: Martin and Lesley Ward

Planner: Michael Adams

Controller: Ranald Macdonald (DVO)

Venue Details

The Edge is  the main campus in Endcliffe Student Village; it is typical University Campus with a mixture of older buildings and modern accomodation blocks dotted around a grassy sloping site which also includes steps and water.  The map also covers some other areas in the village east of the campus, which are mostly older buildings with interlinked gardens and wider grounds.

More details about The Edge Campus...