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YHOA Sprint Champs at Attercliffe

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Sun 5th Jun 2016

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Winsplits Round 1

Winsplits Round 2

For ranking purposes, the prologue and final are treated as separate events.  Prologue results at "ranking points", final results at "other".

Controller (and original mapper) Comment.

Tim is a good planner to control; he is very thorough and left me little to do. The courses mostly generated positive comments, with plenty of post-event debate about route choices.

Control 39 in the final triggered a lot of discussion.  Tim chose "Middle paved area northern inside corner".  With time to look, it is clear which area it is and also clear that it can only be approached from the upper level.  However, it is not possible to see from a map that the paved areas north and south are at a lower level and at sprint speed it is inevitable that many competitors did not spot the detail and ended up at the wrong level. 

Given low expected numbers and a statement in the first flyer that that morning junior courses weren't practical at all, we made a decision to just have a single junior course; plan it for M/W16 and warn the under 12 parents that shadowing was recommended for the less experienced.  In fact EOD pushed young junior numbers from 6 to 10.  I hope they weren't discouraged by the difficulty, particularly the two that didn't run in the final.

Peter Gorvett

Organiser Comment.

We always seem to struggle finding organisers, so I stepped in late in the day. CSC the day before didnt help, but the event seemed to go well.

Hope no one got sunburnt as I did - it was overcast and quite cool first thing.

Peter mentions control 39, which he and Tim were happy with. It was a good control, but may have been helped by a further discription of upper level.. Another issue for the final is that the start kite was stolen within a minute of being put out. Charlie Adams quickly retrived it!.

Thanks to Peter, and Tim, together with are usual helpers.

Paul Bradbury

Note about some mis-punches. Some competitors failed to record a punch at some controls, despite having been there. The planner visited the affected controls after the event and checked that they were working correctly, which they were. Consequently runners with missing punches have not been re-instated.  The gripple wire does make it harder to punch the SI units, but as you'll appreciate, the use of gripple wire to retain controls was essential today (and in fact we lost a control temporarily despite it being grippled in place!).

Note about SIAC cards. Apologies to those of you who wanted to use your SIAC cards today. We had an issue with the event software that prevented it from accepting SIAC downloads. We're still trying to work out why... Thanks for running the second round with an alternative SI card.

Safety & risk

A comprehensive risk assessment will have been carried out by the organiser, but participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event. If a competitor has a pre-existing medical condition that they think should be declared, please complete a medical form at enquiries. The sealed envelope will only be opened in an emergency.


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