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Social and Evening Event at Redmires

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Tue 18th Aug 2015 Start Times 17:30

Many apologies if we got your name wrong! We have not included age classes or clubs.

Yellow 1.8km, 9 controls

1 Jamie Lightfoot 16.12
2 Imogen Pieters 17.50
3 Freya Tryner 19.01
4 Robbie Lightfoot 21.00
5 Alice Pieters
6 Oscar Peel 29.53
7 John Hugh Doyle 30.30
8 Hannah Thornton & Amber 37.39
  Nathan Peel No time?

Long Orange 3.0km, 11 controls

1 Andrew Reed 40.57
2 Rachel Turner 46.43
3 Conrad Reuber 49.23
4 Alex Elliott 51.16
5 Sam & Willy Doyle 65.26

Green 3.0km, 10 controls

1 Jaimie Buckley 23.08
2 Dom Dakin 26.16
3 Tony Udris 27.19
4 Euan Tryner 29.14
5 Peter Guillaume 30.14
6 Colin Best 34.23
7 Debbie Smith 38.33
8 Jackie Butcher 44.43
9* Jacky Dakin 45.36
10 Alison Elder 47.42
11* Becky Stanyard 53.24
12* Charlie Elliott 54.07
13 Bronwen Doyle 55.28
14 Anna Swallow 57.27
15 Thomas Doyle 60.08
  Jenny Peel - non-competitive jog round  

Short Blue 5.1km, 16 controls

1 Aidan Smith 28.16
2 Jack Wright 29.03
3 Jack Millar 29.21
4 Nick Barber 30.02
5 Alastair Buckley 31.56
6 Michael Adams 33.20
7 Colin Smith 33.27
8 Charlie Adams 33.43
9 Alex Rothman 33.50
10 Alex Moore 35.51
11 Nick Lightfoot 39.41
12 Rachel Rothman 41.11
13 Steve Dempsey 41.18
14 Colin Lynch 41.44
15 Marcus Scotney 42.46
16 Pete Gorvett 44.24
17 Lee Scott 44.40
18 Lucy Wiegand 45.04
19 Tim Wiegand 45.40
20 Andrew Ridgeway 47.52
21 Martyn James 50.17
22 Jim Elder 55.33
23 Jenny Lightfoot 60.06
24 Martin Smith 79.17

Thank you for coming. We were very lucky to be able to plan courses in such a lovely area, with little undergrowth for this time of year. It's a very safe area to hang controls so we were able to collect some the morning after the event. Even the weather was OK. Many people said they enjoyed their courses - thanks for the positive feedback.

Well done on Short Blue to Aidan Smith, 4th in this year's Junior World Orienteering Championships in Norway, and also to the SHUOC boys who are regular front runners in the local fell races. Al Buckley managed to sneak in amongst the youngsters.

We have been lenient with the results as a small number of competitors missed one of the controls with an SI unit on their course. In particular on Green, three competitors (* above) missed the last control #31.

See you again in the woods.

Monika and Ian Cooper


Parking - car park at Redmires, off Redmires Road (Grid Reference SK 256856), or on road
Courses - Yellow <2km, Orange c.3km, Short Green 3km, Short Blue 5-6km, printed on waterproof paper
Map - 1:7500, 5m contours, updated by Ian Cooper May 2015
Cost - Adults £4 (£3 for BO Members); Children, Students and Concessions £2
Registration - 1730 - 1845
Starts - 1745 - 1900
Courses close at 2000
Facilities - SI punching will be used. Card hire £1. No toilet facilities.
Planner/Organisers - Monika and Ian Cooper 01142 621145
Venue description - although the South West part of the area has been affected by windblown, this is a lovely fast runnable area with a mix of open woodland, interwoven grazing land and woodland and open grazing land. This as an excellent area for evening informal events. Longer courses will cross a forest road, which must be crossed at the marked crossing points. You may encounter the occasional walker on the open grazing land, but otherwise you should encounter noone else on the area.
Social - after the event we will gather at The 3 Merry Lads for a buffet, which is being very kindly provided for free to SYO members by the landlords, Jane and Barry. We shall be donating the proceeds from the event to a charity of their choice. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to attend.

Venue Details

Redmires Woods are the woodlands west of the three Redmires reservoirs.    Most of the map is mature coniferous woodland with minimal undergrowth providing superb running, but at the northern edge it opens out to moorland sheep pasture.  There are few paths.  The area is dotted with quarry /mining workings, some of which provide excellent technical orienteering.

Safety & risk

A comprehensive risk assessment will have been carried out by the organiser, but participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event. If a competitor has a pre-existing medical condition that they think should be declared, please complete a medical form at enquiries. The sealed envelope will only be opened in an emergency.


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