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Night Event at Limb Valley

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Wed 25th Feb 2015

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Splits Analysis:
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Congratulations to everyone who managed to slip and slide their way around Limb Valley this evening.  Thank you to SHUOC for putting on the event, they did a great job.  Results are below and splits are available from the link above

Long (length 5.2km, 22 controls)

  1  William Gardner   SHUOC M21  47:57 
  2  Adam Potter       SHUOC M20  48:35 
  3  Michael Adams       SYO M20  56:11 
  4  Olly Williams     M20 SHUOC  56:58 
  5  Peter Tryner        SYO M40  58:50 
  6  Alex Rothman        SYO M35  59:40 
  7  Nic Barber        SHUOC M21  63:05 
  8  Pippa Dakin         SYO W18  66:20 
  9  Chris Lambert     SHUOC M21  68:01 
 10  Charlie Adams       SYO M50  69:05 
 11  Tommy Horton      M21 SHUOC  71:04 
 12  Andrew Sadler     SHUOC M21  77:11 
 13  Tim Wiegand         SYO M45  82:09 
 14  Stephen Martin      SYO M50 100:41 
 15  Jake Lane         SHUOC M21 120:22 
mp   David Peel          SYO M45  65:57 Missing no 11
     Peter Gorvett       SYO M65  dnf   No finish time
     Patrick Jones     SHUOC M20  dnf   No finish time
     Matthew Elkington SHUOC M20  rtd   Missing nos 11-22

Medium (14 controls)

  1  Louise Adams        SYO W18  51:34 
  2  Lucy Wiegand        SYO W45  55:18 
  3  Lester Hartmann     DVO M55  65:22 
  4  Claire Prosser      SYO W21  71:25 
  5  Jim Elder           SYO M65  72:21 
  6  Henry Marston       SYO M65  87:30 
     Jacky Dakin         SYO W50  dnf   No finish time
     Colin Drury         SYO M65  rtd   Missing nos 3,5-14
     Lynden Hartmann     DVO W60  rtd   Missing nos 9-14
     Kevin Carter            SYO  rtd   Missing nos 10-14
     Ben May             SYO M21  rtd   Missing nos 10-14
     David Sissons       NOC M40  rtd   Missing nos 10-14

Short (8 controls)

  1  Emil Howell             M8   22:23 
  2  Maia Howell             W6   28:28 


Forest night orienteering, good to try night orienteering or sharpen up before the British Night Championships in Leeds.

Directions-Parking is in Whirlow Brook Park in the car park on the road to Whirlowbrook hall. Turn off Eccleshall/Hathersage road onto the little semi circle road then there will be an o kite at the entrance to the drive.
Postcode S11 9QD

limb valley parking

Starts- Starts will be from 18:30-19:15 (maybe earlier if it is dark). Registration will be from 18:10 in the car park. Courses close at 20:30

Finish- The finish is on the other side of the hall to accommodate the short course so you will have to navigate 250m back from the finish. (It is just along the road down)


Long-5.2km 250m --2 sided map turn over at 13.

Medium-3.0km 170m climb

Short-2.0km 60m climb

The short course will have a taped route control 1-2 as the path is very hard to follow.

Terrain-The terrain is a valley with a steep slope one side and a plateau the other side. It is quite nice at the moment with low vegetation except on the flat part where there is a lot of thinning. The slopes are very slippery please wear suitable footwear with grip. Also the medium and long courses cross a stream it is not very high at the moment but be careful.

Cost- £4 for seniors. £2 for students and juniors, £1 SI card hire

Emergency number-If you plan on carrying a mobile phone round please call 07851461255 if any problems arise.

Venue Details

Limb Valley includes Whirlowbrook Park, Whinfell Quarry Garden and the woods either side of Whirlow Brook.

The woodland is mixed conifer and deciduous.  Much of it is very runnable though partly steep valley sides, but there are patches of bramble and holly. 

Safety & risk

A comprehensive risk assessment will have been carried out by the organiser, but participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event. If a competitor has a pre-existing medical condition that they think should be declared, please complete a medical form at enquiries. The sealed envelope will only be opened in an emergency.


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