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Yorkshire and Humberside Schools Champs and open event at Graves Park

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Sat 28th Jun 2014 Start Times 13:00 - 15:00

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Hope you all enjoyed today.  Thanks to everyone who helped.

Results are above, follow the results and splits links for the course results.  YHOA Schools Champs Individual results are on the 'Other' link.  Will try to get the team results up soon.  If you spot any errors please let us know.

Routegadget,  to see maps and courses, show your route and look at others, is up at last.  Sorry for long delay, has taken a long time to work out access to RG2 management functions after problems in loading event with RG1.   PG 6/7/14

Unfortunately, none of the courses had 10 ranked runners successfully finishing, so no ranking points are available, but the results have been uploaded to British Orienteering anyway (linked above as "ranking points")  PG 22/8/14




GRAVES PARK, SHEFFIELD on Saturday 28th June between 13:00 and 15:00

This is a level C orienteering fixture incorporating the Yorkshire and Humberside Schools Orienteering Championships

FINAL DETAILS added 24th June 2014

Entry and Registration. Entry is on the day only and Registration will be near the cafe in Graves Park (S8 8LL) from 12:30.

Getting to Graves Park

By bus to Graves Park

The following bus services run past Graves Park:

Services 20 and 20A provide a service every 10 minutes along Derbyshire Lane and Hemsworth Road, these will provide easy access to the event (and animal farm and rose garden cafe).

Services 25, 25a, 53 and 75 provide a frequent service from the city centre through Woodseats to the park. These services travel out of Woodseats along Meadowhead and serve the west side of the park.  You will need to walk about 1km to the cafe to get to registration.

For details of bus times and routes contact Yorkshire Traveline on 0870 608 2 608 or visit

The majority of bus services are operated by First South Yorkshire and Stagecoach Sheffield

By car to Graves Park

The park has three car parking areas the main one being located at the Buntings Nook entrance. This is a pay and display car park which gets very busy.

Other car parking is limited to on street. See below for more information about parking options.

From Sheffield City Centre (and the north)

Follow the A61 towards Chesterfield, at the traffic lights just after Homebase (which you will pass on the left) turn left onto Scarsdale Road. Follow Scarsdale Road into Derbyshire Lane and continue for about three quarters of a mile. The park will now be on your right, continue along Hemsworth Road until you reach some traffic lights the entrance to the park is on the right just before Bunting Nook.

The park is also signed from Chesterfield Road and Bochum Parkway

Bus stops, Car parks and on street parking suggestions and routes to the start are on the google map, a link to which is in the address below.

Entry Fees Adults £5 Juniors £2. Non BOF adults £7. Adults on White, Yellow and Orange courses £4.

Map  1:7500 updated May/June 2014 by Peter Tryner

Courses. White, Yellow, Orange, Long Orange, Lt Green, Green and Blue

White                       1.4k and 50m climb

Yellow                        1.6k and 60m climb

Orange                        2.5k and 105m climb

Long Orange   3.9 and 135m climb

Light Green     3.2k and 115m climb

Short Green     2.1k and 65m climb

Green              4.7k and 215m climb

Blue                 5.8k and 225m climb

For Yellow courses upwards competitors need to be aware that in the open areas the Yellow is mown grass.  Rough open are areas that have been left to grow into wild meadow and are generally slow to run through.  Paths have been mown through these meadows and are marked on the map with yellow lines.

Stone posts are mapped as boulders, Control Descriptions use the “pillar” symbol for stone posts

Green and Blue use platforms.  These use a black circle both on the map and in the IOF descriptions

Terrain. A large urban park with lots of open space but also some well contoured slopes.

Schools Competition

The YHOA Schools Champs is a competition for individuals and for School teams. A primary school (Y4 to Y6) team and/or a secondary school (Y7 and above) team is a team with four runners.

Pairs are allowed in the Primary competition but to be competitive shadowing isnt allowed.

In both primary and Secondary competitions competitors will get their maps after they start.

A child doing the White course who is not in the YHOA Schools competition and is being shadowed or assisted by an adult may receive their map at Registration but please do not show your map to other competitors.

Primary Competition.

Y4 and Y5 boys and girls will compete on the White course.

Y6 boys and girls will compete on the Yellow Course.

Both courses will involve straightforward navigation and are designed so that they can be completed without the use of a compass. Children can expect to take between 10 and 40 minutes to complete the White course; between 20 and 40 minutes on the Yellow course.

Secondary Competition.

Y7 boys and girls will compete on the Yellow course, along with Y6s.

Y8 and Y9 boys and girls will compete on the Orange course.

Boys and girls in Y10 and above will compete on the Long Orange course.

The Orange course is 2.5km in length and the Long Orange course is around 3.9km. Both provide a greater navigational challenge. Skilled navigators can risk taking shorter routes away from paths and line features while there will usually be easier, safer but longer routes between controls. Very skilled juniors might complete the course in just over 30 minutes while inexperienced participants can expect to take an hour or more. Inexperienced participants should therefore arrive early so they can take the earlier start slots. A compass, and knowing how to use one, is recommended. 

Open event

The event is open to all, with registration and start times as above.


3.45pm South Yorkshire Schools League

4.00pm Yorkshire and Humberside Schools Championship


Venue Details

Graves park is Sheffield’s largest park and arguably provides the widest variety of orienteering terrain.  As well as a good path network and open spaces, there are wooded valleys, steepening at the west, with old mineral workings providing a small area of interesting contour detail.

Non-orienteering attractions include a café and a rare-breeds animal farm.

Safety & risk

A comprehensive risk assessment will have been carried out by the organiser, but participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event. If a competitor has a pre-existing medical condition that they think should be declared, please complete a medical form at enquiries. The sealed envelope will only be opened in an emergency.


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