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Tankersley Middle at Tankersley Wood

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Sun 10th Feb 2013

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Update 12/2: Lost property: SI unit 400012 belonging to Ryan Machon, PlanetFear-lablled thermos flask. If you know whose items these are or if they are yours, please let us know. Rankings updated with missing (and corrected) BOF numbers.

Update 11/2: Ranking points and final results now available. If you think you should have received a ranking point and haven't, please let us know your name and BOF number.

Update 10/2: Provisional results, RouteGadget and WinSplits available above. SplitsBrowser is available under 'Other'. String course results and comments available below.

 Organiser's Comments

Thank you for coming, despite the cold and wet weather. I have already thanked the SYO helpers but will repeat that here - they did a great job in trying conditions. Phil (BNC organiser), Lucy ( Weekend Coordinator) and I worked as a team, splitting the work for the 2 days between us and that functioned well. It was a lot of work (which showed in both my tired runs) but worth it when competitors enjoy their courses. My only worry ( I was fine on the weather and the SYO website notices worked well for this as I didn't get a single phone call) was that we might need to use the reserve parking, but thanks to the Scout Camp warden we were allowed to park along the road - so nobody went to the reserve parking. Use of the assembly building was a bonus given the weather. Hope to see you again at SYO events,
Ian Cooper
PS now back to the more relaxing task of remapping Rivelin before event on 10 March

Planner's Comments

I read the guidelines on Middle Distance races & tried to particularly follow the one suggesting "not necessarily route choice but legs where small errors add up to a critical time loss". Some feedback suggests I achieved that at least in part. I look forward to analysing splits & your routes on Routegadget to see which legs were most effective. The switch on some courses from bell pit complexity to fast running through the easier parts of the wood through the buildings area & back into bell pits was an attempt to keep everybody thinking.

It's a nice complex area highly suited to Middle Distance but with a number of practical restrictions & a lot of line features. I added some restrictions of my own such as no long walk to start, only one start to reduce helper numbers & not crossing any more roads into the thinner, linear sections of Tankersley. This meant a lot of criss-crossing & the two way timed out road crossing for Green to black; I hope I made the right call.

Charles was a constructive & suitably careful controller, picking up on my unforced errors with charming diligence; I enjoyed working with him.

Also I'm very grateful to those who helped put out & collect controls in the rain & those who sorted the soggy pile of 90 mixed DVO & SYO controls afterwards, allowing me to be home before 4pm.

Colin Drury

 String Course Results

Name Class Club Time
Ffion Noot-Williams W4 EPOC 11:07
Imogen Noot-Williams W6 EPOC 9:53
Isobel Winskill W6 WLOC 9:00
Sam Buckley M4 SYO 19:55
Max Straube M3 OD 20:18
Maisy Winskill W3 WLOC 12:18
Charlotte Chapman W4 SYO 15:34
Jamie Lightfoot (1) M7 SYO 7:14
Robbie Lightfoot (2) M4 SYO 11:19
Matthew Inman M3 SYO 18:12
Sam Havenhind M5 SYO 15:37
Matthew Havenhind M3 SYO 16:27
Jamie Lightfoot (2) M7 SYO 5:11
Will/Stan Preston M3/M1 SYO 20:13
Saskia Jones W12 DEE 4:34
Jamie Lightfoot (3) M7 SYO 5:47
Robbie Lightfoot (1) M4 SYO 10:58
Oscar Peel M4 SYO 16:53


Venue Details

Tankersley Woods has a rich industrial heritage and once contained factories and railways during the war when it was heavily bombed. It now contains a wealth of detail with many bell pits, bomb craters and myriad of paths created by local people spread across mixed vegetation comprising natural oak woodland with bluebells through reclaimed spoil heaps with maturing shrubs and young trees.

The area has been worked for coal and iron, which has left complex slopes covered by the scars of hand-hewn "bell-pits" and other earth-works from the 19th century and before. These days the area is used by dog-walkers, cyclists and trail-bikers, leaving a large number of paths. In the most active biking areas the path network is very complex. The mapping of these paths is good, but small new paths can be created quickly.

There are brambles in parts of the area, but most are at ankle-length, are pretty runnable and have no bramble screen. There are some areas of thicker brambles in the far south of the map.

Safety & risk

A comprehensive risk assessment will have been carried out by the organiser, but participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event. If a competitor has a pre-existing medical condition that they think should be declared, please complete a medical form at enquiries. The sealed envelope will only be opened in an emergency.


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