Combined results for Sheffield Twenty20 Sprints
Day 1: Botanical Gardens, 11/07/2021
Day 2: Weston Park, 11/07/2021

18.10pm Sunday provisional results uploaded

20.00pm Monday Hopefully final results uploaded

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Class Results
Men Open
Men Vet
Men Super Vet
Men Ultra Vet
Men Hyper Vet
Women Open
Women Vet
Women Super Vet
Women Ultra Vet
Women Hyper Vet
Men Junior
Men Young Junior
Women Junior
Women Young Junior
Other B
Other C
Other D

Course splits
Course A Day 1 Day 2 MO MV WO
Course B Day 1 Day 2 MSV WV OB
Course BJ Day 1 Day 2 MJ WJ
Course C Day 1 Day 2 MUV MHV WSV WUV WHV OC
Course D Day 1 Day 2 MYJ WYJ OD

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