Results for Sheffield City Race, Sheffield, 17/08/2019

18.50pm Saturday provisional results uploaded

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Class Results
Men Open
Men Vet
Men S. Vet
Men U. Vet
Men H. Vet
Men Junior
Men Y. Junr.
Women Open
Women Vet
Women S. Vet
Women U. Vet
Women H. Vet
Women Junior
Women Y. Junr.
C1 other
C2 other
C3 other
C4 other
C5 other
C6 other
C7 other

Course splits
Course 1 MO C1
Course 2 MV WO C2
Course 3 MSV WV C3
Course 4 MUV WSV C4
Course 5 MHV WUV WHV C5
Course 6 MJ WJ C6
Course 7 MYJ WYJ C7

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