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Splits for course 16

Results for Class O
Length 2.9km, 75m climb, 9 controls (course 16)

  1  Alexa Yeomanson (W40)    SYO     46:06  15.9 m/km
  2  Vincent Townley (M16)    SN      51:50  17.9
  3  Keith Buchanan (M55)     NGOC    51:58  17.9
  4  Henry Bangham (M16)      LOC     56:34  19.5
  5  Bridget Jardine (W55)    PFO     59:55  20.7
  6  Sarah Higginson Tom Boyd (M21)
                              IND     74:53  25.8
     Katherine Hill (W70)     AIRE    dns        

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