Results for Middle Distance Level B, Tankersley Woods, 10/02/2013

18.30pm Sunday provisional results uploaded

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Class Results
M14 W14
M16 W16
M18 W18
M20 W20
M21 W21
M35 W35
M40 W40
M45 W45
M50 W50
M55 W55
M60 W60
M65 W65
M70 W70
M75 W75
M80 W80

Course splits
Course 1 White
Course 2 Yellw
Course 3 Ornge
Course 4 M14 W14
Course 5 W70 W75 W80
Course 6 M75 M80 W55 W60 W65
Course 7 M65 M70 W16 W45 W50
Course 8 M16 M55 M60 W35 W40
Course 9 M45 M50 W18 W20 W21
Course 10 M18 M20 M21 M35 M40

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