SYO Club Champs

13 December 2003, Ecclesall Woods



Planning the event could not have been more laid back and very pleasant. However when we got back to the UK late on the 3rd December it was a case of listening to the answer phone and checking the e-mails for entries. It was also out into the woods on the Friday 5th December to see whether the courses and control sites were ok. Much to my surprise I encountered a SHUOC orienteer who was the planner for the SPOOK relays the following day. This explained why some of my proposed control sites were already tagged!!! Early inspection showed that due to leaf fall the junior course did not work and had to be modified.

My next problem was the handicapping as some entries had limited form. I think the finish times demonstrated my inability to handicap with the majority finishing before the "ideal" 1130 finish. Alternatively everybody is a lot fitter than I thought. At least those on the longest course option (both loops), who did not retire Mark, managed to post faster times than the old codgers(?) on the long course only.

The winner was Leslie Aitchison, Chris Pearsons' partner but only by 15 seconds from Mick Hughes the new SYO newsletter editor. Speaking to Chris at the pub after it looks as though it might be Rivelin next year. Congratulations also to Ryan Wilson the first junior home.

Thank you to Jan, Jo and Charlie who helped on the day and to Clive, Ryan, Nick, Rob and Martin for collecting in the controls.

Phil Haywood

Finishing Order

                    Course  Finish time

Lesley Aitchison    S       11.12.08

Mick Hughes         S       11.12.23

Nick Lightfoot      L       11.13.57

Rob (non comp)      L       11.15.30

John Dyson          L       11.18.04

Tim Weigand         L       11.18.28

Ryan Wilson         J       11.19.00

Ian Coates          L       11.20.15

Jayne Sales         M       11.21.06

Ed Hutt             M       11.22.39

Guy Seaman          L       11.22.50

Brian Shaw          L       11.23.30

Ian Cooper          L       11.23.37

Ruth Hambleton      M       11.23.40

Aidan Smith         J       11.25.01

Bill Hanley         L       11.25.31

Monika Cooper       M       11.25.32

Colin Smith         SL      11.25.35

Clive Wilson        L       11.25.38

Rob McPherson       L       11.25.44

Michael Adams       J       11.25.48

Chris Pearson       L       11.25.53

Beryl Seaman        M       11.26.57

Colin Best          L       11.31.45

Janet Adams         M       11.31.46

Dave Heath          L       11.32.55

Doreen Best         S       11.33.30

Rob Little          LS      11.35.03

Martin Ward         SL      11.39.15

Philip Weigand      J       11.42.20

Pauline Wilson      S       11.49.47

David Murray        L       11.55.07

Mark Chapman        LS      retired


Ryan Wilson         J       14.00

Aidan Smith         J       15.01

Michael Adams       J       27.48

Philip Weigand      J       58.20


Mick Hughes         S       32.23

Lesley Aitchison    S       35.08

Doreen Best         S       43.30

Pauline Wilson      S       64.47


Ruth Hambleton      M       38.40

Jayne Sales         M       48.06

Janet Adams         M       48.48

Beryl Seaman        M       50.57

Monika Cooper       M       51.32

Ed Hutt             M       58.39


Bill Hanley         L       40.31

Nick Lightfoot      L       40.57

Brian Shaw          L       42.30

Tim Weigand         L       43.28

Clive Wilson        L       43.38

Guy Seaman          L       44.50

Rob (non comp)      L       45.30

Ian Cooper          L       46.37

Chris Pearson       L       46.53

Ian Coates          L       48.15

Rob McPherson       L       49.44

John Dyson          L       50.04

Colin Best          L       57.45

Dave Heath          L       68.55

David Murray        L       72.07


                                   L        S 

Rob Little          SL    49.03    32.30    16.33

Martin Ward         SL    57.15    39.07    18.08

Colin Smith         SL    57.35    39.17    18.18

Mark Chapman        SL    Retired