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Junior British, JK & Harvester Relays

This is a record of all the teams who have won the British, JK and Harvester Relays. Whose names do you recognise in our Hall of Fame?

Pre-2016 dates extracted from the Other British, JK & Harvester Relays Hall of Fame

Note: A 'Mini' Relay is M/W12-


British Relays

1981 23/05/81 Holmbury Hill (SC) W15 C.Dyson, D.Beal, L.Wren
1984 06/05/84 Wendover Woods (SC) M13 M.Wainwright, J.Pyrah, D.Stansfield
1986 04/05/86 Crabtree Hill (SW) M13 N.Marston, J.Pyrah, M.Wainwright
1988 08/05/88 Torver Back Common (NW) M13 R.Goddard, S.Gibbs, D.Marston
      W13 M.Gibbs, L.Pyrah, G.Wainwright
1989 14/05/89 Mytchett (SC) W13 M.Gibbs, H.Cooper, L.Pyrah
1990 25/03/90 Deffer Woods (YH) M17 J.Pyrah, D.Marston, M.Wainwright
2012 06/05/12 Heslington Barrows (NW) M18 Dane B, Zac F, Aidan S
2013 05/05/13 Holmbury Hill (SE) M18 Michael A, Zac F, Dane B
2016 01/05/16 Brown Clee (SW) Mini Jamie L, Imogen P, Euan T
2017 07/05/17 Summer House Knott (NW) Mini Jamie L, Conrad R, Imogen P
      M14 Sam C, Max M, Euan T
2018 20/05/18 Torphantrick (SCO) Ad Hoc Ryan E, Jamie L, Alex E
      Mini Robbie L, Oscar P, Conrad R

JK Relays

1985 08/04/85 Callaly (NE) M13 M.Wainwright, J.Pyrah, N.Marston
1988 05/04/88 Longmoor (SE) M13 R.Goddard, S.Gibbs, D.Marston
1989 27/03/89 Stock Hill (SW) W13 M.Gibbs, H.Cooper, L.Pyrah
1990 16/04/90 Devilla Forest (SOA) M17 J.Pyrah, M.Wainwright, D.Marston
1991 01/04/91 Clumber Park (EM) M17 R.Goddard, N.Cooper, D.Marston
1992 20/04/92 Bigland (NW) M17 R.Goddard, R.Marston, D.Marston
2011 25/04/11 Tyrella West (NI) M48- Zac F, Michael A, Aidan S
      W48- Cari L, Louise A, Katherine H
2016 28/03/16 Storthes Hall (YH) Mini Jamie L, Imogen P, Euan T
2018 02/04/18 Beaudesert (WM) Mini Robbie L, James B, Freya T
      M/W40- Sam C, Conrad R, Euan T

Harvester Relays

2010 08/05/10 Eridge (SE) Junior Simon B, Zac F, Jake F, Adam B, Aidan S
2011 17/07/11 Ecclesall Woods & Limb Valley (YH) Junior Simon B, Zac F, Jake F, Michael A, Adam B
2013 30/06/13 Longmoor (SE) Junior Zac F, Jake F, Louise A, Michael A, Dane B
2018 24/06/18 Tilgate Forest (SE) Junior Louise A, Dom D, Max M, Sam C, Euan T


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