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British Orienteering has published updated guidance about coronavirus and orienteering, requiring that all orienteering events be cancelled at this time. SYO has therefore followed this advice and cancelled all events within the next few months.

Junior British, JK & Harvester Relays

This is a record of all the teams who have won the British, JK and Harvester Relays. Whose names do you recognise in our Hall of Fame?

Pre-2016 dates extracted from the Other British, JK & Harvester Relays Hall of Fame

Note: A 'Mini' Relay is M/W12-


British Relays

1981 23/05/81 Holmbury Hill (SC) W15 C.Dyson, D.Beal, L.Wren
1984 06/05/84 Wendover Woods (SC) M13 M.Wainwright, J.Pyrah, D.Stansfield
1986 04/05/86 Crabtree Hill (SW) M13 N.Marston, J.Pyrah, M.Wainwright
1988 08/05/88 Torver Back Common (NW) M13 R.Goddard, S.Gibbs, D.Marston
      W13 M.Gibbs, L.Pyrah, G.Wainwright
1989 14/05/89 Mytchett (SC) W13 M.Gibbs, H.Cooper, L.Pyrah
1990 25/03/90 Deffer Woods (YH) M17 J.Pyrah, D.Marston, M.Wainwright
2012 06/05/12 Heslington Barrows (NW) M18 Dane B, Zac F, Aidan S
2013 05/05/13 Holmbury Hill (SE) M18 Michael A, Zac F, Dane B
2016 01/05/16 Brown Clee (SW) Mini Jamie L, Imogen P, Euan T
2017 07/05/17 Summer House Knott (NW) Mini Jamie L, Conrad R, Imogen P
      M14 Sam C, Max M, Euan T
2018 20/05/18 Torphantrick (SCO) Ad Hoc Ryan E, Jamie L, Alex E
      Mini Robbie L, Oscar P, Conrad R
2019 06/05/19 Middleton Park (YH) W18 Isabelle H, Isobel R, Alex E
      M14 Jamie L, Olmo C, Conrad R

British Mixed Sprint Relays

2019 04/05/19 Bradford University (YH) Mini Robbie L, Anna T, James B

JK Relays

1985 08/04/85 Callaly (NE) M13 M.Wainwright, J.Pyrah, N.Marston
1988 05/04/88 Longmoor (SE) M13 R.Goddard, S.Gibbs, D.Marston
1989 27/03/89 Stock Hill (SW) W13 M.Gibbs, H.Cooper, L.Pyrah
1990 16/04/90 Devilla Forest (SOA) M17 J.Pyrah, M.Wainwright, D.Marston
1991 01/04/91 Clumber Park (EM) M17 R.Goddard, N.Cooper, D.Marston
1992 20/04/92 Bigland (NW) M17 R.Goddard, R.Marston, D.Marston
2011 25/04/11 Tyrella West (NI) M48- Zac F, Michael A, Aidan S
      W48- Cari L, Louise A, Katherine H
2016 28/03/16 Storthes Hall (YH) Mini Jamie L, Imogen P, Euan T
2018 02/04/18 Beaudesert (WM) Mini Robbie L, James B, Freya T
      M/W40- Sam C, Conrad R, Euan T
2019 22/04/19 Minley (SC) Mini Oscar P, Ella B, Charlotte C
      M/W40- Will G, Alice P, Sam T

Harvester Relays

2010 08/05/10 Eridge (SE) Junior Simon B, Zac F, Jake F, Adam B, Aidan S
2011 17/07/11 Ecclesall Woods & Limb Valley (YH) Junior Simon B, Zac F, Jake F, Michael A, Adam B
2013 30/06/13 Longmoor (SE) Junior Zac F, Jake F, Louise A, Michael A, Dane B
2018 24/06/18 Tilgate Forest (SE) Junior Louise A, Dom D, Max M, Sam C, Euan T


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