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British Orienteering has published updated guidance about coronavirus and orienteering, requiring that all orienteering events be cancelled at this time. SYO has therefore followed this advice and cancelled all events within the next few months.

Junior Competitions

This is a record of all the teams that have run at the Peter Palmers and Yvette Baker. See who you can spot in our Hall of Fame!

Note that for the Yvette Baker, only the counting runners are mentioned

'JG' stands for the Joan George Trophy at the Peter Palmer Relays. Teams are eligible for this if the team members have a combined BOF age of 90 or less. 'DB' Stands for the DayBreak Relay at the Peter Palmers - this is a shorter relay of 4 legs, run in daylight, first trialled at the 2018 SYO event

Year Date Position Area Runners

Peter Palmer Relays

2019 08/09/19 4th (1st JG) Ashdown Forest (SAXON) Max M, Dom Dakin, Sam C, Freya T, Anna T, Euan T
    5th   Matthew M, Alex E, Alex C, Sam T, Oscar P, John D, Jamie L
    10th   Isabelle H, Olmo C, Conrad R, James B, Millie N, Will G
    DB - 3rd   Claudine H, Ciara K, Joseph G, Toby T, Robbie L
    DB - 5th   Ben T, Naomi T, Carys P, Alfie H
2018 09/09/18 2nd (1st JG) Tankersley Wood (SYO) Dom D, Ryan E, Sam C, Imogen P, Freya T, Alexandra G, Euan T
    16th   Jamie L, Matthew M, Alex C, Olmo C, Naomi T, Sam D
    mp   Max M, Alex E, Isabelle H, Conrad R, Isaac O, John D, Ben T, Will G
    DB - 2nd   Isobel R, James B, Oliver C, Emil H, Alex H
    DB - 3rd   Joe O, Josie C, Carys P, Toby T, Claudine H
2017 10/09/17 3rd (1st JG) Sutton Park (COBOC) Dom D, Ryan E, Sam C, Alex E, Alex C, Naomi T, Josie C, Euan T
    15th    Yasmin F, Seb M, Jamie L, Hannah D, Conrad R, Olmo C, Isabelle H, Max M
    mp   Jake F, Isobel R, Thomas D, Sam D, Claudine H, Carys P, Hamish M
2016 11/09/16 2nd (1st JG) Ratby Woodlands (LEI) Louise A, Dom D, Euan T, Max M, Sam D, Pippa D
    12th   Jake F, Yasmin F, Seb M, Alex E, Hannah D, Hamish M
    17th   Ryan E, Callum V, Ronan S, Rachel T, Naomi T, Thomas D
2015 13/09/15 6th Lancing Ring (SO) Yasmin F, Louise A, Dom D, Euan T, Jake F, Pippa D
2014 14/09/14 4th Walesby Forest (HALO) Jake F, Pippa D, Louise A, Jake F, Hamish M & Imogen C, Michael A
    13th   Yasmin F, Katherine H, Joanna S, Ronan S, Joe O, Dom D
2013 08/09/13 1st Hawse End (WCOC) Aidan S, Zac F, Michael A, Pippa D, Louise A, Dane B
2012 09/09/12 1st Sutton Park (COBOC) Zac F, Dane B, Simon B, Katherine H, Louise A, Aidan S
    9th (1st JG)   Jake F, Yasmin F, Pippa D, Joanna S, Dom D & Jake F, Michael A
2011 11/09/11 2nd Beacon Barracks (BAOC) Michael A, Zac F, Jake F, Katherine H, Louise A & Yasmin F, Aidan S
2010 05/09/10 1st Chetwynd Barracks (BAOC) Aidan S, Simon B, Adam B, Katherine H, Louise A & Rachel C, Zac F
    18th (8th JG)   Michael A, Jake F, Ryan W, Alex H, Yasmin F & Megan C, Cari L
2009 27/09/09 4th Sutton Park (COBOC) Adam B, Simon B, Cari L, Michael A, Louise A & Katherine H, Aidan S
2008 07/09/08 13th Middleton Park (AIRE) Robin T, Aidan S, Simon B, Cari L, Katherine H, Adam B
2004 12/09/04 10th Sutton Park (COBOC) Daniel T, Dave H, Clare S, Robin T, Polly H, Mark S

Yvette Baker Trophy

2019 07/07/19 1st Sandringham (WAOC) Isabelle H, Imogen P, Freya T, Charlotte C, James B, Caspar R, Euan T, Anna T, Freddie E, Ella B, Isaac O
2018 01/07/18 1st Arrow Valley CP (HOC) Charlotte C, Freya T, Euan T, Conrad R, Imogen P, Robbie L, Anna T, Dylan J, Isabelle H, Jamie L, Isabelle H
2017 02/07/17 1st Druridge Bay (NATO) Dom D, Alex E, Euan T, Jamie L, Max M, Imogen P, Olmo C, Robbie L, Freya T, Henry M
2016 03/07/16 6th Wormley Woods (HH) Louise A, Yasmin F, Carys P, Jamie L, Alex E, Freddie E, Freya T, Euan T, Conrad R 
2015 05/07/15 12th Nottingham University (NOC) Dom D, Louise A, Yasmin F, Euan T, Alex E, Conrad R, Rachel T, Imogen P, Naomi T
    20th   Seb M, Ryan E, Joe F, Joe O, Elisabeth M, Frederick E, Jamie L, Freya T & Erin B, Alfie H
2012 09/12/12 8th Collingbourne Woods (SARUM) Dane B, Zac F, Michael A, Pippa D, Yasmin F, Louise A, Julian H, Joanna S, Dom D
2011 04/12/11 6th Mausoleum Woods (HALO) Aidan S, Yasmin F, Louise A, Pippa D, Zac F, Cari L, Michael A, Nic C, Dom D
2010 06/02/11 7th Hawkbatch (HOC) Aidan S, Zac F, Ryan W, Katherine H, Yasmin F, Rachel C, Louise A, Pippa D, Aidan S
2009 06/12/09 3rd Tilgate Park (SO) Simon B, Adam B, Aidan S, Zac F, Jake F, Michael A, Louise A, Yasmin F, Joanna S
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