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British Orienteering has published updated guidance about coronavirus and orienteering, requiring that all orienteering events be cancelled at this time. SYO has therefore followed this advice and cancelled all events within the next few months.

SYO Internationals

All appearances are for Great Britain as a Senior unless shown otherwise.

J = Junior (Under M/W21), V = Veteran (Over M/W35).

** signifies appearance at World Championships, * at World Cup event.

1975 Men: M.Elgood ENG (J)
1977 Men M.Elgood ENG (J)
1978 Men: M.Elgood (J)
1979 Men: M.Elgood (J)
1980 Men: M.Elgood
  Women: C.Dyson ENG (J), J.Pearson
1981 Men: R.Pearson
  Women: C.Dyson ENG (J), J.Pearson **
1982 Men: R.Pearson, D.Stansfield (J)
  Women: C.Dyson ENG (J)
1983 Men: A.Bradley, R.Pearson
  Women: J.Pearson, S.Sahni
1984 Men: M.Patterson, D.Stansfield ENG (J), T.Tett *
  Women D.Beal ENG (J), C.Dyson ENG (J)
1985 Men: T.Tett
  Women: C.Dyson (J), W.Lightfoot
1986 Men: A.Pickles, T.Tett, M.Wainwright ENG (J)
  Women: D.Beal (J), W.Lightfoot **, J.Pearson
1987 Women: C.Dyson (J)
1988 Men: C.Adams *, T.Farnell ENG (V), D.Marston ENG (J), N.Marston ENG (J), J.Pyrah ENG (J)
  Women: C.Dyson (J), H.Gibbs ENG, M.Gibbs ENG (J), W.Lightfoot *, L.Pyrah ENG (J)
1989 Men: N.Marston ENG (J), J.Pyrah ENG (J)
  Women: W.Lightfoot **
1990 Men: P.Gorvett ENG (V), N.Marston ** (J), R.Pearson ENG, R.Stansfield ENG (V)
  Women: H.Gibbs ENG (V), J.Pearson ENG
1991 Men: R.Goddard ENG (J), D.Marston (J), N.Marston ** (J), R.Pearson ENG, R.Stansfield ENG (V)
1992 Men: P.Gorvett ENG (V), D.Marston (J), N.Marston ** (J), M.Wainwright ** (J), J.Pyrah ** (J)
  Women: G.Wainwright ** (J)
1993 Men: R.Goddard (J), A.Landels ** NZL, D.Marston ** (J),
  Women: K.Bryan-Jones, J.James **, W.Smallwood, G.Wainwright (J)
1994 Men: C.Adams ENG, A.Landels * NZL, D.Marston ** (J), G.Seaman WALES (V), T.Tett ENG
  Women: J.James *, J.Seaman ENG (J), W.Smallwood ENG
1995 Men: B.Edwards ** IRL, D.Farquhar ** NZL
  Women: K.Bryan-Jones SCOT, J.James **, D.Pelly ENG, J.Seaman (J), W.Smallwood ENG
1996 Men: D.Farquhar * NZL, D.Peel *, G.Seaman WALES (V)
  Women: K.Bryan-Jones *, K.Dalton *, J.James *, S.Soady ENG
1997 Men: B.Edwards ** IRL, D.Peel, G.Seaman WALES (V)
  Women: H.Bloor ENG (V), K.Dalton, J.James **
1998 Men: J.Stevenson *, G.Seaman WALES (V)
  Women: H.Bloor ENG (V), H.Hargreaves *, J.James, J.Stevenson *
1999 Men: C.Adams ENG, D.Peel **, G.Seaman WALES (V), J.Stevenson **, T.Tett ENG
  Women: H.Bloor, H.Hargreaves **, J.James **, J.Stevenson SCO
2000 Men: B.Edwards * IRL, P.Gorvett ENG (V), D.Peel *, B.Shaw ENG (V), T.Tett ENG (V)
  Women: H.Bloor ENG (V), H.Hargreaves *, J.James *
2001 Men: B.Edwards ** IRL, P.Gorvett ENG (V), D.Peel **, B.Shaw ENG (V), J.Stevenson **, T.Tett ENG (V)
  Women: H.Bloor ENG (V), H.Hargreaves ENG, J.James **, D.Pelly ENG, J.Stevenson
2002 Men: P.Gorvett ENG (V), J.Stevenson *, T.Tett ENG (V)
  Women: H.Bloor ENG (V), R.Hambleton WALES, H.Hargreaves *, J.Stevenson *
2003 Men: B.Hanley ENG (V), O.Johnson **, J.Stevenson **, T.Tett ENG (V)
  Women: R.Hambleton WALES
2004 Men: D.Peel, B.Shaw ENG (V), M.Sprot ENG, D.Tett ENG (J), T.Tett ENG
  Women: H.Bloor, K.Buckley ENG, J.Stevenson *, J.Whitehead *, H.Winskill **
2005 Men: C.Adams ENG (V), R.Baker (ENG), P.Gorvett ENG (V), O.Johnson **, B.Shaw ENG (V), J.Stevenson **, T.Tett ENG (V), 
    M.Ward ENG
  Women: W.Billing ENG (V), H.Bloor ENG (V), J.Peel ENG, J.Whitehead *, H.Winskill **
2006 Men: C.Adams ENG (V), R.Baker *, A.Buckley (ENG), B.Hanley ENG (V), J.Stevenson **, R.Tett ENG (J), T.Tett ENG (V)
  Women: M.Cooper ENG (V), J.Stevenson SCO, J.Whitehead **
2007 Men: R.Baker *, N.Barrable *, M.Chapman ENG (V), O.Johnson *, N.Northrop *, G.Seaman WALES (V), M.Sprot ENG, J.Stevenson **, 
    D.Tett (J)
  Women: L.Daniel ENG, J.Johnson **, H.Winskill **
2008 Men: C.Adams ENG (V), N.Barrable, M.Crane, P.Gorvett ENG (V), O.Johnson **, S.Lynch (IRL), N.Northrop, M.Sprot ENG, 
    J.Stevenson **, M.Ward ENG
  Women: F.Austin IRL,  L.Daniel ENG, G.Elson **, H.Winskill **
2009 Men: C.Adams ENG (V), N.Barrable ENG, M.Crane **, P.Gorvett ENG (V), O.Johnson **, N.Northrop *, A.Smith ENG (J), T.Tett ENG (V)
  Women: J.Gorvett ENG (V), J.Johnson ENG, C.Littler ENG (J), J.Stevenson **
2010 Men: C.Adams ENG (V), N.Barrable ENG, O.Johnson **, A.Smith ENG (J), T.Tett ENG (V),
  Women: L.Daniel, R.Elder **, K.Hall ENG (J)
2011 Men: C.Adams ENG (V), N.Barrable ENG, D.Blomquist (J), O.Johnson **, A.Smith (J), M.Ward ENG (V), Z.Field ENG (J)
   Women: L.Adams ENG (J), R.Rothman **, K.Hall (J), M.Rocke (J)
2012 Men: C.Adams ENG (V), M.Adams ENG (J), R.Baker ENG, N.Barrable ENG, D.Blomquist ENG (J), M.Chapman ENG (V), 
    P.Gorvett ENG (V), A.Smith ENG (J)
  Women: L.Adams ENG (J), C.Baker ENG, R.Rothman **, J.Stevenson SCO, L.Wiegand ENG (V)
2013 Men: C.Adams ENG (V), N.Barrable ENG, D.Blomquist ENG (J), P.Gorvett ENG (V), A.Smith ENG (J), T.Tett ENG (V)
  Women: P.Dakin ENG (J)
2014 Men: C.Adams ENG (V), M.Adams (J), N.Barrable ENG (V), P.Gorvett ENG (V), A.Smith ** (J), T.Tett ENG (V)
  Women: L.Adams ENG (J), P.Dakin (J), J.Peel SCO (V), S.Sprot ENG (V), L.Wiegand ENG (V)
2015 Men: N.Barrable ENG (V), A.Smith ** (J)
   Women: K.Baxter ENG, P.Dakin (J), J.Peel SCO (V), L.Wiegand ENG (V)
2016 Men: C.Adams ENG (V), N.Barrable ENG (V)
  Women: P.Dakin ENG (J), L.Wiegand ENG (V)
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