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British Orienteering has published updated guidance about coronavirus and orienteering, requiring that all orienteering events be cancelled at this time. SYO has therefore followed this advice and cancelled all events within the next few months.

Northern Championships

Year Date Class Name
1979 01/04/79 Strines (YH)
W11 L.Wren
W15 C.Elgood
1981 08/11/81 Bethecar Moor (NW)
W17 C.Elgood
1982 28/03/82 Roseberry Lowcross (NE)
M11 D.Stansfield
1983 16/10/83 Burbage Moor (YH)
M21A G.Sellens
W15 C.Dyson
1984 08/04/84 Torver Low Common (NW)
M13 D.Stansfield
M35 T.Farnell
1985 07/07/85 Kilnsey (YH) (Nat. Event 7)
M11 D.Marston
M13 J.Pyrah
M21E R.Pearson
1986 30/11/86 Glitteringstone (NE) (Nat. Event 10)
M10 R.Marston
M11 D.Marston
M13 J.Pyrah
1987 21/06/87 High Rigg (NW) (Nat. Event 4)
M13 D.Marston
1988 28/05/88 Wharncliffe Wood (YH)
M11 R.Marston
M17 N.Marston
M40 H.Marston
M60 E.Shimmin
W15 P.Goddard
1989 23/04/89 Kielder Burn (NE)
M21 C.Adams
1990 29/04/90 Stickle Pike (NW) (Nat. Event 2)
M17 D.Marston
W15 G.Wainwright
1991 10/03/91 Barns Cliff (YH)
M19 D.Marston
M45 H.Marston
1992 08/11/92 Kyloe Forest (NE)
M21 C.Adams
1993 28/11/93 Blawith & Torver (NW) (Nat. Event 8)
M21E A.Landels
M45 P.Gorvett
1994 17/04/94 Cawthorne & Cropton (YH) (Nat. Event 3)
W40 J.Pearson
1995 08/10/95 Carrs Top (NE)
M21 T.Tett
1997 03/05/97 Cawthorne & Deffer (YH)
M10 D.Tett
M75 O.Lawn
W35 D.Pelly
1998 15/11/98 Lumsden Law (NE)
W35 D.Pelly
1999 12/09/99 Harrop Tarn (NW)
W35 D.Pelly
2000 03/12/00 Burbage Moor (YH) (Nat. Event 7)
M55 B.Shaw
W12 C.Sutherland
2003 08/06/03 High Dam (NW) (Nat. Event 4)
M55 P.Gorvett
W21 J.Padget
2004 22/02/04 Cawthorne & Keldy (YH)
M40 C.Adams
2005 13/11/05 Kyloe (NE) (Nat. Event 6)
M10 A.Smith
M45 T.Tett
2006 23/04/06 Graythwaite (NW)
JM2 M.Adams
JM3 A.Smith
JW1 L.Adams
2008 17/02/08 Arncliffe Woods (NE)
JM3 M.Adams
M18 A.Bradbury
JW2 L.Adams
2009 19/04/09 Greythwaite (NW)
M21 O.Johnson
M45 C.Adams
W12 L.Adams
W45 W.Billing
2010 31/01/10 Big Moor (YH)
M12 P.Wiegand
M21 O.Johnson
M35 A.Buckley
M45 C.Adams
W20E M.Wester
W35 J.Havenhand
W40 J.Peel
2011 27/03/11 Ray Demense (NE)
M45 C.Adams
2012 19/05/12
High Dam (NW)
M45 C.Adams
M65 P.Gorvett
M70 B.Shaw
2013 23/06/13 Castle Carr (YH)
M35 A.Preston
M65 P.Gorvett
W16 P.Dakin
W21L E.Wood
W35 J.Johnson
2014 04/05/14 Gummer's How & Blakeholme (NW)
M18 M.Adams
M45 D.Peel
M50 T.Tett
M65 P.Gorvett
W16 P.Dakin
2015 19/09/15 Monk's Road (YH)
M12 E.Tryner
M65 P.Gorvett
W18E P.Dakin
2016 17/04/16 Mulgrave Woods (NE)
M12 E.Tryner
M20 D.Blomquist
M35 A.Rothman
M45 B.Edwards
M50 T.Tett
W10 F.Tryner
W18 P.Dakin
W21 L.Goy
W35 R.Rothman
W60 H.Bloor
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