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British Orienteering has published updated guidance about coronavirus and orienteering, requiring that all orienteering events be cancelled at this time. SYO has therefore followed this advice and cancelled all events within the next few months.

Open British, JK & Harvester Relays

British Relays

Year Date Area Class Runners
1981 23/05/81 Holmbury Hill (SC) W-Open S.Sahni, C.Elgood, J.Pearson
1984 06/05/84 Wendover Woods (SC) M-Open A.Pickles, T.Tett, M.Patterson
1985 05/05/85 Clipstone Forest (EM) W-Open D.Beal, J.Pearson, W.Lightfoot
1987 04/05/87 Dipton Wood (NE) M-Open R.Pearson, C.Adams, T.Tett
1989 14/05/89 Mytchett (SC) W-Open C.Dyson, J.Pearson, W.Lightfoot
1990 25/03/90 Deffer Woods (YH) M-Open R.Pearson, C.Adams, T.Tett
1993 25/04/93 Brown Clee Hill (WM) W-Open K.Bryan-Jones, W.Smallwood, J.James
1994 20/03/94 Heyshott & Ambersham (SE) M-Open C.Adams, B.Edwards, T.Tett
W-Open W.Smallwood, K.Bryan-Jones, J.James
1995 19/03/95 Rhos & Bryngefeilian (WOA) M-Open C.Adams, B.Edwards, T.Tett
1998 04/05/98 Mytchett (SC) M-Open M.Ward, B.Edwards, J.Stevenson
W-Open K.Dalton, H.Hargreaves, J.James
1999 07/05/99 Holker (NW) M-Open M.Chapman, D.Peel, J.Stevenson
W-Open H.Bloor, J.James, H.Hargreaves
2000 14/05/00 Penyard Hill (WM) M-Open M.Ward, C.Adams, D.Peel
W-Open J.Stevenson, H.Hargreaves, J.James
2002 06/05/02 Baronscourt Estate (NI) W-Open H.Bloor, J.James, H.Hargreaves
2004 03/05/04 Cockshoot Hill (SW) W-Open J.James, K.Buckley, J.Whitehead
2005 17/10/05 Penhale Sands (SW) W-Open J.Whitehead, J.Peel, H.Winskill
2007 06/05/07 Pwll Du (WOA) W-Open L.Daniel, K.Buckley, J.Johnson
2009 01/03/09 Beaulieu Estate & Heath (SC) M-Open N.Barrable, N.Northrop, R.Baker
2013 05/05/13 Holmbury Hill (SE) W-Open K.Buckley, J.Peel, R.Rothman

JK Relays

Year Date Area Class Runners
1984 23/04/84 Clogwyn Mawr (WOA) M-Open A.Pickles, R.Pearson, T.Tett, M.Patterson
1991 01/04/91 Clumber Park (EM) W-Open C.Dyson, J.Pearson, W.Lightfoot
1994 04/04/94 Big Wood (WM) M-Open M.Ward, C.Adams, B.Edwards, T.Tett
W-Open K.Bryan-Jones, G.Wainwright, W.Smallwood
1995 17/04/95 Gilling Woods (YH) M-Open M.Chapman, D.Farquhar, D.Marston, B.Edwards
W-Open W.Smallwood, K.Bryan-Jones, J.James
1996 08/04/96 Scugdale (NE) M-Open D.Farquhar, C.Adams, B.Edwards, D.Peel
1997 31/03/97 Ladock Woods (SW) W-Open J.James, W.Smallwood, K.Bryan-Jones
1998 13/03/98 Gartwyllt (WOA) W-Open K.Dalton, H.Hargreaves, J.James
1999 05/04/99 Hawley and Hornley (SE) M-Open M.Chapman, C.Adams, D.Peel, J.Stevenson
2002 01/04/02 The Scowles (SW) M-Open C.Adams, T.Tett, D.Peel, J.Stevenson
2004 12/04/04 Graythwaite (NW) M-Open T.Tett, D.Peel, O.Johnson, J.Stevenson
W-Open J.Stevenson, K.Buckley, H.Winskill
2005 28/03/05 Hopwas Hays (WM) W-Open J.Stevenson, J.Whitehead, H.Winskill
2006 17/04/06 Bramham Park (YH) W-Open J.Stevenson, H.Winskill, J.Whitehead
2007 09/04/07 Caerwent Army Camp (SW) W-Open L.Daniel, H.Winskill, J.Johnson
2009 13/04/09 Dipton (NE) W-Open J.Stevenson, J.Johnson, G.Elson
2010 05/04/10 Braunton Burrows (SW) W-Open L.Daniel, M.Rocke, R.Elder
2013 01/04/13 Hambleden (SC) W-Open K.Baxter, A.Leo, R.Rothman
2014 21/04/14 Pwll Du (WOA) W-Open L.Daniel, K.Baxter, R.Rothman

Harvester Trophy

Year Date Area Class Runners
1980 30/08/80 Lyme Park (NW) Open R.Pearson, D.Bradley, R.Waight, M.Elgood, A.Pickles, T.Keys, T.Farnell
1988 09/07/88 The Dukeries (EM) M-Open P.Gorvett, C.Adams, T.Tett, N.Lightfoot, A.Pickles, T.Farnell, R.Pearson
1993 10/07/93 Ecclesall Woods (YH) W-Open K.Bryan-Jones, M.Courtney, J.James, W,Smallwood, H.Bloor, G.Wainwright, S.Sahni
1994 07/05/94 Star Posts (SC) M-Open N.Lightfoot, R.Baxter, C.Adams, B.Edwards, M.Ward, M.Wainwright, A.Landels
W-Open S.Soady, M.Cooper, C.Barnes, W.Smallwood, J.Gorvett, J.Deakin, G.Wainwright
1995 10/06/95 Brampton Bryan (WM) W-Open W.Smallwood, E.Pyrah, S.Basire, S.Soady, M.Cooper, J.Checkley, G.Wainwright
1998 17/05/98 Downham and Thetford Warren (EA) W-Open R.Hambleton, H.Hargreaves, S.Basire, J.James, K.Dalton
1999 11/09/99 Blakeney Hill and Soudley Wood (SW) M-Open M.Ward, D.Farquhar, D.Peel, M.Chapman, B.Edwards, C.Adams, T.Tett
W-Open J.Stevenson, H.Hargreaves, J.James, K.Dalton, H.Bloor
2000 08/07/00 Watergrove (NW) M-Open B.Edwards, D.Farquhar, D.Peel, M.Ward, C,Adams, M.Chapman, T.Tett
W-Open H.Hargreaves, R.Hambleton, H.Bloor, J.James, J.Stevenson
2005 05/06/05 Pillar Woods (YH) W-Open W.Billing, H.Winskill, C.Sutherland, J.Peel, J.Whitehead
2006 10/06/06 Teviothead (SOA) M-Open R.Guillaume, M.Sprot, T.Tett, M.Ward, A.Buckley, C.Adams, R.Baker
2007 02/06/07 Penhale (SW) M-Open M.Ward, C.Adams, T.Tett, D.Harrison, G.Candy, R.Guillaume, N.Barrable
2008 17/05/08 Park Wood & Naphill (SC) M-Open N.Northrop, A.Preston, N.Barrable, M.Sprot, R.Baker, R.Guillaume, M.Crane
2009 20/06/09 Merthyr Common (WOA) W-Open J.Peel, J.Johnson, K.Baxter, P.Klade, C.Baker
2011 17/07/11 Ecclesall Woods & Limb Valley (YH) M-Open A.Buckley, N.Barrable, N.Northrop, A.Rothman, A.Preston, M.Sprot, R.Baker
W-Open K.Baxter, J.Peel, L.Wiegand, C.Baker, R.Rothman
2012 01/07/12 Bordon Heaths (SC) W-Open K.Baxter, J.Peel, L.Ward, J.Adams, C.Baker
2013 30/06/13 Longmoor (SE) M-Open M.Chapman, D.Peel, C.Adams, M.Ward, T.Tett, D.Harrison, N.Barrable
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