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SYO CSC champs 2010

Provisional results from today's event at Burbage are available, including team scores.  Well done FVO for winning the Trophy Competition, and SYO for winning the Cup.  Thanks everyone for coming.  Comments from planner, organiser, controller will follow. Splitsbrowser. Routegadget.

Comments from the Planner.

Were the courses too long? The winning times were as expected, but I suspect some competitors were out longer than anticipated. The heather is tough on Burbage and, even if the bracken has started to die down, it still slows progress considerable. Many of the long legs did provide some path running alternative but it seemed that most opted for the straight routes through the heather/bracken. Thank you for many good comments, my favourite was ‘yes some of the controls were tucked away, but they were all in the right place’.

Thanks to Nick, Clare, Charles, Hannah and Ian for helping with the control hanging and to Bill, Guy, Jenny, Ed, Colin, Aidan and Ian for collecting the controls. All controls were collected in by 1630, with nothing going missing. Thanks also to Ian for clearing many bags of rubbish out of the valley woods to make it more pleasant for you.

Thanks also to Ray, the controller, for checking that all was in the right place and that you did not get an even longer course (Green Men in particular).

Hope you enjoyed a glorious Burbage in the autumn sun. Monika