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About SYO

South Yorkshire Orienteers have over 200 members ranging in age from 5 to 85. There is a wide range of ability and experience within the club from beginners to elite orienteers, who represent Great Britain all over the world. We offer a friendly and informal welcome to the sport - supporting adult and junior beginners and more seasoned orienteers alike with coaching and a programme of regular events.

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SYO do battle with the brambles in Ecclesall Woods

Published Monday, 06 February 2017 22:36

SYO members did battle with the brambles in Ecclesall Woods at the weekend with the help of the rangers.  It is going to be a long process but even the 2 hours we put in made a difference.

Tackling the bramblesThe next session is arranged for Saturday March 4th from 1 - 3.  You might not get a chance to run through the area we cleared this weekend but surely Colin Drury will put a control in it for the event in the autumn?

Win for SYO at the Robin Hood Trophy

Published Wednesday, 11 January 2017 14:44

Robin Hood Trophy

It was a great start to the year for SYO with a victory in the Robin Hood inter-club competition at The Dukeries event in Nottinghamshire on Sunday. This is the first time SYO have won the trophy since the competition began in 1998. Well done to everyone who competed, particularly the scorers: Jaimie Buckley, Lucy Wiegand, Pippa Dakin, Alex Elliott, Isobel Reuber, Jenny Lightfoot, Jill Gorvett, Megan Hill, Isabelle Groom, Andy Preston, Ryan Elliott, Seb Mobus, Euan Tryner, Jamie Lightfoot, Dom Dakin, Dave Peel, Brian Shaw, Oscar Peel and Dylan Jenkinson. It is fantastic to see some new people scoring for the club alongside our more established scorers!

Running alongside the Robin Hood Trophy was an inter-club junior competition between SYO, DVO and NOC. It was a resounding victory for SYO who scored 1198 points, with DVO in 2nd on 970 and NOC in 3rd with 670 points. Well done to all the juniors who ran - it was a fantastic team effort. Particular congratulations go to the SYO course winners:

white girls - Megan Hill
white boys - Oscar Peel
yellow girls - Isabelle Groom
yellow boys - Dylan Jenkinson
orange girls - Isobel Reuber
orange boys - Jamie Lightfoot
light green boys - Euan Tryner
green boys - Seb Mobus
short blue boys - Dom Dakin
blue girls - Yasmin Field
blue boys - Ryan Elliott


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