Yorkshire Superleague 2011

There are several competitons combining scores for events across the Yorkshire and Humberbside area.  There are leagues for night events and urban events, but the main league is the Yorkshire Superleague.  Fixtures for this are scheduled as follows:

Jan 23   EPOC   Marsden Moor
Mar 06   HALO   Sledmere
Mar 20   SYO    Hugset (Middle distance)
Apr 03   Claro  Timble and Askwith (also Yorkshire Champs)
May 08   Ebor   Barnscliffe
Jun 05   Aire   Langstrothdale
Sep 17   Aire   Attermire
Oct 09   Ebor   Pickering North
Nov 27   SYO    Burbage Moor

Competitors will count a maximum of 5 races.  Rules remain the same as in 2010 and can be seen here :

UK Masters Cup - a new competition series for 2011

Following on from the UK Cup for elite runners, and the Future Champions Cup for juniors, a new national competition for over-35s is being launched this year: the UK Masters Cup. Details have been posted to the BOF website Events > Competitions > National Senior Competitions.  I am circulating to as wide an audience as possible, as details weren't ready for publication in Focus  or elsewhere in British Orienteering until the last couple of weeks.  Please do pass information on to fellow club members!

The aim of the UKMC is to organise a high quality national level competition for over-35s using a range of the alternative formats and disciplines that have been developed over recent years.  The competition is based on the five-year age bands for Men and Women.  At each race, in each age class, scoring will be 60-55-51-48-46-45-44....1.  19 races have been designated as UK Masters Cup races in 2011, with individuals able to count a maximum of 8.  Highest score at the end of the year wins!

Some races, eg the urban races, are not set up in 5-year bands.  At these races, the organisers will designate courses to age classes, and the results will be separated out by the co-ordinator for scoring.

The co-ordinator for this competition is Eddie Harwood of Moravian, on behalf of Senior Competitions Group, but if you have any queries, I'll do my best to answer them!

The races for 2011 are:

Jan 22    SOA   EUOC Edinburgh City Race
Feb 05    WMOA  British Night Championships, Tamworth
Feb 20    EAOA  Midland Champs, Sheringham
Feb 26    NWOA  MDOC Twin Peak Day 1, Middle Distance, Bleathwaite
Mar 06    WOA   Welsh Championships
Mar 13    SCOA  Southern Championships, Henley
Mar 27    NEOA  Northern Championships, Northumberland
Apr 09    SEOA  British Sprint Championships, Brighton
Apr 10    SEOA  British Middle Championships, Crawley
Apr 22    NIOA  JK Sprint
Apr 23-24 NIOA  JK Days 2 & 3 combined
May 14    YHOA  British Long Championships,  Wharncliffe
May 21    NWOA  LOC Middle Distance, Bigland
May 29    SOA   Scottish Championships
Jul 31    SOA   Scottish 6-Days Day 1, Oban
Aug 05    SOA   Scottish 6-Days Day 5, Oban
Sep 10    SEOA  SLOW City of London Race
Sep 17-18 SWOA  Caddihoe Chase (both days combined)
Oct 22    EAOA  CUOC Cambridge City Race

Andy Kelly, for British Orienteering Senior Competitions Group.

World Schools Selections

Zac on the podium at the BSOCCongratulations to Katherine Hall who has been selected to represent Britain in the ISSF World Schools Championships at the Dolomites in north Italy next May. Katherine came 3rd in the selection race on 20 November.

Well done also to Zac Field who came 3rd the British Schools Orienteering Championships at Wormley Woods, Broxbourne on 21 November.

Photo © Robert Lines.

Victory in Venice for Nick

SYO's Nick Barrable won the M35 class in the Venice street race yesterday.  Nick's time of 59:24 was a whole 10 minutes ahead of the second placed runner.  In the M40 class Martin Ward took 3rd place, 5 minutes behind the class leader from Switzerland, Sven Moosberger.  Full results are here:

Yvette Baker qualifier

SYO and AIRE juniors tied in todays Yvette Baker qualifier at Primrose Warren, with 894 points each! This means both teams will go through to the final  at Wyre Forest on 5th December. The result was so close that if AIRE had gained one more 1st or 2nd, then SYO would not have made the final. Special mention to Julian Hird running in YBT for first time, and winning the yellow boys course. Well done to the team, and good luck in the final.

The Government proposal to sell off forests

The government is proposing to sell off Forestry Commission forests.  This is the site that is running the petition about the forests - needless to say, if the forests get sold off, access rights will be much much more difficult - if not impossible if they build a Centre Parcs in every forest!

News story here:

British Schools Score Championships

Jake_Field_BSSCSYO Juniors (and particularly new members the Field family!) had great success at the British Schools Score Orienteering Championships. Medallists are listed below but well done to everyone who competed:
Year 12 boys Simon Bradbury Silver
Year 9 boys Jake Field Silver (pictured)
Year 7 girls Yasmin Field Silver
Year 5 (and he's only Year 4!) Joe Field  Bronze

Golden Boot Winner

Golden Boot 2010 WinnersA double victory for SYO on Sunday as Martin Ward retained his Golden Boot award for the fastest run in split at the Compass Sport Cup Final finishing equal first with ShUOCs Dan Hartmann. The pair took just 22 seconds for the tussocky sprint finish.

CompassSport Cup and Trophy Final

SYO CSC champs 2010

Provisional results from today's event at Burbage are available, including team scores.  Well done FVO for winning the Trophy Competition, and SYO for winning the Cup.  Thanks everyone for coming.  Comments from planner, organiser, controller will follow. Splitsbrowser. Routegadget.

Comments from the Planner.

Were the courses too long? The winning times were as expected, but I suspect some competitors were out longer than anticipated. The heather is tough on Burbage and, even if the bracken has started to die down, it still slows progress considerable. Many of the long legs did provide some path running alternative but it seemed that most opted for the straight routes through the heather/bracken. Thank you for many good comments, my favourite was ‘yes some of the controls were tucked away, but they were all in the right place’.

Thanks to Nick, Clare, Charles, Hannah and Ian for helping with the control hanging and to Bill, Guy, Jenny, Ed, Colin, Aidan and Ian for collecting the controls. All controls were collected in by 1630, with nothing going missing. Thanks also to Ian for clearing many bags of rubbish out of the valley woods to make it more pleasant for you.

Thanks also to Ray, the controller, for checking that all was in the right place and that you did not get an even longer course (Green Men in particular).

Hope you enjoyed a glorious Burbage in the autumn sun. Monika

South Yorkshire Night Cup events (updated)

Article updated 13/10/10 to change age classes

We are introducing a new series competition for the winter, similar to the Spring Cup and Park Race series. It will be night orienteering with a torch/headlight and open to all. There will be five or six night events, about one every month. At each event there will be three courses, short easy, medium hard and long hard. Everyone is welcome to run any course, please don't run a course longer/harder than you feel comfortable with.

The series result will be based on your best three events. We will have awards:

  • for each course winner if they don't get another award
  • for the long course for Open Men, Open Women, Male Juniors (M18-) and Male Veterans (M45+)
  • for the medium course Female Juniors (W18-), Veterans (W45+) and Super-veterans (W55+), Male Juniors (M16-) and Super-veterans (M55+)
  • for the short course Junior Boys (M12-), Junior Girls (W12-)

2010 age classes will be used for awards for the whole of this winter series.

Current proposed list of events is:

  • Wed 13/10/10 Loxley Common
  • Wed 10/11/10 Concord Park
  • Thur 9/12/10 Ramsley Moor
  • [Thur 6/1/11 Canklow]
  • Tue 3/2/11 Porter Valley
  • Wed 16/3/11 Burbage

All venues to be confirmed, Canklow event in early January provisional.

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